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Rockin minor mike carubia biography

rockin minor mike carubia biography
It was during the strike. A plot worthy of an hour of ESPN.

The improvised section includes chord changes and a written solo as an option. This composition makes a great addition to your program and to your catalogue for future performances! This chart is sure to please both your students, and the audience. Great sax writing keeps the piece growing after the melody is started, and sets up solo sections which can be opened up for any instrument. Got a hot guitarist? There is also room for an extended drum solo at the end if you wish.

Written at a medium tempo, it is very playable. This piece opens with a 4 measure hymn, leading into the opening 16 measure melody, and then to a full band ensemble without the rhythm section. This piece is a refreshing challenge for students, and has solos written for Tenor, Trumpet, and Trombone, as well as several drum solo sections.

JW Pepper Editors Choice! Your students will love this one. Once again the solos are played over two chords. Concert G7 and C7.

Two chord solos chords make the soloing easier for your soloists. A call and response ensemble chorus between the Brass and saxes finishes this chrt of on a high point. As a faculty member at the William Patterson College in New Jersey, Pete is well in sync with contemporary big band music in all styles.

Solos are on two chords on which a blues scale may be used. One chord Blues scales for soloists.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

Plenty of unison lines and interesting rhythmic writing. Especially For You M. Every Little Beat Helps M. Everybody Needs Somebody M. Everything I Love M. Everything Must Change M. Eye Of The Tiger M. Feed The Birds M. Four, Five, Six M. Frank Sinatra Foxtrot Medley M. George Gerswhin Medley No 1 M. Georgia On My Mind M. Get It On M.

Get Out Of Town M. Get Up And Go M. Give It One M. Give Me Some Lovin M. Glenn Miller Medley M. Glenn Miller New Medley M. God Bless The Child M.

Gone With The Wind M. Good Life Medley M. Gorilla Man Blues M. Got That Basie Feeling M. Got The Spirit M. Greasy Sack Blues M. Greeting And Salutations M.

Hamp's Boogie Woogie M. Happy Birthday Samba M. Harry James Medley M. Have Yourself A Merry Litt Hawaii Five O M. Hawaiian War Chant M. Head Over Heels M. Heart And Soul M. Here Comes The Bride M. Hey Look Me Over M. Hill Street Blues Theme M. Hits Of The Forties M. Home To Emily M. Horn Of Puente M. Hot-Cha Cha Cha M.

How High The Moon M. How Sweet It Is M. How Ya' Doin' Baby M.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

I Ain't Got Nobody M. I Can't Get Started M. I Can't Give You Anything I Cried For You M. I Feel Good M. I Never Knew M. I Remember You M. I Sustain The Wings M. I Will Survive M. If I Could M. If I Didn't Care M. I'll Be Around M. I'll Be Seeing You M.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

I'll Remember April M. I'll Take Romance M. I'm A Man M.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

I'm Coming Virginia M. I'm Getting Sentimental Ov I'm So Excited M. In A Mellow Tone M. In A Minor Mood M. In A Turkish Bath M. In Apple Blossom Time M. In Full Swing M. In Her Family M. In Mellow Tone M. In The Midnight Hour M. In The Mood M. In The Stone M. Indian Love Call M. Irvin Berlin Foxtrot Medley M. Irvin Berlin Medley M. Isn't It Romantic M. It's A Blue World M. It's About Time M. It's Alright With Me M. It's Easy To Remember M. It's Not Unusual M. I've Grown Accustomed To H Ja Da Cha Cha M. Jalousie Jealousy Bloom Gade Dedrick.

James Bond Medley M. Jazz Me Blues M. Jeep Jockey Jump M. Jimmy Dorsey Medley M. John Lennon Medley M. Johnny B Goode M. Jolly Ol' St Nick M.

Jump For Joe M. Jumpin' With Rhythm M. June Is Bustin' M. Just A Gigolo M. Just You N Me M. Just You, Just Me M.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

Keep The Customer Satisfied M. Killing Me Softly M. Kiss Of Fire M. Knock On Wood M. Knowing Me Knowing You M. La Cucaracha Mambo M. La Nevada Blues M. Lament For Joy M.

Mike Carubia

Learnin' The Blues M. Les And Larry M. Let It Snow M. Let's Call The Whole Thing Let's Do It M. Let's Eat Cactus M. Let's Twist Again M. Little Bird Little Bird M. Little Brown Jug M.

Little Brown Mambo M. Little White Lies M. Livin' La Vida Loca M. Lost In France M. Love And Marriage M. Love Is Blue M. Love Potion No 9 M. Lullaby In Boogie M. Lullaby Of Broadway M. Lulu's Back In Town M. Mac Arthur Park M. Mack The Knife M. Maids Of Cadiz M. Make Me Smile M. Mambo No 5 M. Maple Leaf Rag M. Achy Breaky Heart Vocal Please Release Me Vocal Rocky Top Vocal Mustang Sally Vocal From This Moment For The Good Times Vocal Last Dance Vocal How Deep Is Your Love? Woody Woodpecker Song Irish Waltz Medley Jingle Bell Rock Christmas Time Is Here Vocal Santa Baby Vocal Charlie Brown Christmas Home For The Holidays Vocal.

Girl From Ipanema Vocal The Look of Love Vocal Hurt So Bad Vocal Zydego Limbo Jazz Europa Jeff Simmons Celebration Stuart Vocal My Way Vocal Learnin The Blues I'll Be Seeing You Ballad Where or When Vocal Sinatra Zing Went The Strings Vocal sinatra New York, New York Vocal The Good Life Riddle Vocal Anything But Love Campbell Bugle Call Rag Hest Sing, Sing, Sing Lewis.

America The Beautiful c. Battle Hymm of Republic e. God Bless the USA America The Beautiful Ray Charles God Bless America Instrumental My Old Kentucky Home Gregory Patriotic Sing Along K in the USA Be Young, Be Foolish In The Midnight Hour Vocal Carolina Girls Morvant Vocal More Holiday Music Merry Christmas Darling Finn Vocal Feliz Navidad Finn Vocal Sesame Street Theme Come Fly With Me Vocal Lady Is A Tramp Vocal Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy A Tisket A Tasket Vocal.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

More Fifties Music Splish Splash Bobby Darin Vocal Some sixties Music King of The Road Vocal Last Dance Walt Stuart Vocal If Bread tune instrumental Stuart It's Impossible Vocal Stuart Big Stuff Vocal Pick up the Pieces Lockett Underneath was a photo of Seaver, his hat backwards: I knew Pat Zachry. All they got for the family cow was four lousy beans? I put my head down on the table. My father, who daily flipped through every page of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal at the breakfast table and took them with him to the office, knew what the big story of the day was.

He did not admonish me this morning for getting too caught up in things I had no control over. He did not try to cheer me up taking me to a Mets game after my cat got run over a few weeks earlier kind of backfired when the Mets lost and I grew even sadder.

Rockin' Minor

We just sat there in silence at the breakfast table. Broadsheet pages flipping, uneaten cereal Snap-Crackle-Popping, dreams on fifth place permanently dashed. Seaver, who at that moment was doing the rounds on the morning news shows, would break down in tears at Shea Stadium when discussing the fans.

He cried for all of us. After a while, I picked up my head off the table and started reading everything Jack Lang had to say. If he was going to keep writing, I was going to keep reading. Back to top August 25, The Mets taught me something: I was a lot tougher than I looked. The other "stars" of the team were second-year players Lee Mazzilli.

God, did that team suck. The Mets had an All-Star in Pat Zachry, who after giving up a hit to Pete Rose during a game hitting streak that turned Shea into a sickening Rose garden, kicked the dugout step and broke his foot.

The team won only 66 times, a two-game improvement over That was little consolation. The Mets invariably gave way to teams that were actually good, but they did claim fifth place over the sluggish Cardinals for two-thirds of the season before an August doomed the Mets to their rightful place in the basement.

I recall seeing the Mets play the Giants during the homestand that dropped them to sixth. Skip Lockwood gave up the go-ahead run in the ninth against the Giants. I listened to the radio a lot back then, blank cassette at the ready in the family high-fi to tape the songs I liked. God, were these songs bad. I had it all that year. The morning before I was to start eighth grade, I awoke in the stillness of dawn and lay in bed listening to my clock radio.

In my sleepless state, I took note of the words for the first time and realized it described my fatal attraction to the Mets. My kingdom for a. The Yankees had thundered back from 14 games behind Boston and would overtake the Red Sox within a week. Summer ended on October 2 that year with the Bucky Dent home run. The baseball season had been over for me since April. Two teams let me down in vastly different ways.

Two miniscule crowds within one person of each other brought in the final 7, over the last two home dates to push the Mets over one mil. That's attendance not payroll, though it wasn't far off.

In the last series of the year at Wrigley Field, Kooz notched a save and got a high fly from Davey Johnson, the man whose high fly had made the Mets world champions less than a decade earlier. Davey would be back, triumphantly. Kooz would demand a trade and become a game winner again, closer to his home with the Twins. I had nowhere to go. Back to top September 2, Now take your right hand and put it on your left shoulder and your left hand and put it on your right shoulder. Everyone out there who experienced the Mets in any way, shape, or form, give yourself another hug.

By the Mets had actually gotten rid of board chair M. My memory of the summer of is of a perpetually cloudy, humid afternoon where a downpour could arrive at any minute and spoil your plans. America was in the midst of its second oil crisis. Thurman Munson died in a plane crash. Disco Demolition Night destroyed the field at Comiskey Park, resulting in a White Sox forfeit that made impressionable youths like myself wonder whether that hard-pounding beat was the best musical choice.

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The Rangers beat the Islanders to reach the Stanley Cup and then were dispatched by the last great Montreal Canadiens team. Yet Pittsburgh truly controlled the sporting landscape. There was a Francoeur load of value to be had at Shea Stadium. Low Budgetthe Kinks album and hard-rocking single, summed up a year of overpriced and rationed gasoline, inflation up the ying yang, and a year that turned out to be the last we'd see Shea in its colorfully shingled glory. Prices were low at the ballpark. It was like buying a pair of way-too-small pants because they were on clearance.

It was a summer that would never end. And it still went too damned fast. You knew the Mets would suck in Yet somehow they won their last six games after reaching 99 losses. Manager Joe Torre continued making head-scratching decisions that never seemed to work while GM Joe McDonald made plenty of bad decisions of his own. Dock Ellis, he of the LSD no-hitter, pitched for three teams in what would be his last major league season in He was with a 6. And that Mets uniform for the first time had names on the back, apparently to make it easier for them to be spotted if they escaped from the captivity of Shea Penal Colony.

The Mets drew less than 10, people 32 times and brought in justpoor souls inthe lowest attendance in franchise history it would technically be topped in whenfans came to Shea, but that was in 30 fewer home games due to the strike.

And I had no problem dragging my dad with me to Shea that summer since he was dragging me to a new school in the fall. My parents decided I should go to a high school 20 minutes away, where, after eight years in the same building at Iona, I would be the new kid. My new school assigned a summer reading list. Succumbing to the inevitable mist of nuclear fallout could even seem like an agreeable alternative to watching the Mets. A May game at Shea was fogged out. Two innings later the umpires called everyone off the field after Joel Youngblood reached third base with nobody out.

The fog never lifted, it was declared a tie, and the game was replayed from the beginning. That fell under the classification of a suspended game, so it was picked up in the ninth inning on August 27 still tied, The only other win on that nine-game homestand was yet another strange circumstance. Pete Falcone lost credit for a complete-game shutout because Ed Kranepool had left the field thinking the final out had been recorded Taveras had called time at shortstop in what was the first of four cracks to end a shutout between two lousy teams.

That lousy Mets team, believe it or not, had a product endorsement deal. Just winning once required multiple days in The losses, however, came in droves. The Mets had a 3. The worst walk of all came before games at Shea when Mettle the Mule circled the field. The Paper of Record offers proof. I even made up innocuous quotes like I read in the paper. No '79 Met in my imagining ever spoke from the heart. This is how it would have sounded: Others also received absolution.

Back to top September 8, The season has eerily paralleled But what a show while it lasted. If the United States could make history with 20 college hockey players in tiny Lake Placid, New York, then maybe 25 no-names downstate could make a million-plus people not ashamed to say they were Mets fans. If disco could be escorted out the door and Pink Floyd's Wall built to seemingly keep it out, then anything could happen. That was in an instant. The memory would make you smile, but the morning after: Another Nail in My Heart.

Anyone who survived the s as a Mets fan was elated to be in a new decade with new ownership. And the first thing Cashen did was nothing. Cashen stayed away from lavish contracts that would burden a rebuilding team.

rockin minor mike carubia biography

Mets fans in were united by the hope that this would be the team to start the way back: Yes, it all sounds crazy, but we could dream. My statement in my defense: I forgot the dream until the next afternoon at Shea. And then Frank Taveras took off for home. He was out, sure, but I was on my feet cheering. The Mets made being a fan more about hope and a little less about night sweats.

Larry Arnold was busy with his new VCR. He recently dug up the tapes and put together a highlight DVD, honoring me with an extended-length version. Parts of it have been seen elsewhere.

A few year-old memories were jogged from a recent viewing of his trove: NBC put together a Game of the Week pregame magic show with Joe Torre subjected to the tricks of a smarmy magician while three Mets players acted as assistants. It should have been humiliating, but it was kind of fun. And then Bryant Gumbel and the folks at NBC complemented the Mets for their improvement, showing a highlight reel of moments put to some insipid music with a magic theme. And the ultimate tribute came from Mel Allen on This Week in Baseball, the only such national highlight vehicle of its time.

TWIB actually showed the Mets getting key hits and making great plays as opposed to being the team victimized. I beamed 30 years later. That was first curtain call at Shea. Two of them in fact. A proud moment in a life of slights. I went to Shea a few weeks later with my dad and David Miller, a neighborhood friend from a Yankees household being covertly transformed by me into a Mets fan. The Mets began firing hits all over, winning the first game handily. The nightcap began with the Expos taking a lead, but the Mets immediately countered with an RBI triple and a two-run homer by Joel Youngblood.

The animal was out of his cage. Despite the split, I floated out of the place. Who could have imagined that kind of passion at a Mets game? Someone even threw an M or some such sonic boom device on the field in the ninth.

It scared the hit out of Jerry Morales, who bounced to short with the bases loaded. The first-ever Fireworks Night the next night would cram 51, into Shea. During their unheard of stretch, the Mets came perilously close to. The Mets were right there in a division bunched tightly together, blooping and blipping their way back from deficits. The Mets came from behind in 24 of their first 50 wins, standing at after another rally I witnessed at packed Shea on August 2 against Houston. And then the Mets reverted to type. The Mets won only 17 more times all year, losing That freefall sucked a lot of the wonder out of the season, just like a lackluster finish three decades later is doing to their Mets descendents.

During the last series of the last homestand inthe Mets took a page out of their midsummer magic book: The September win over the Pirates was just another game, viewed by only 1, many of whom had left by the time it reached extra innings. Even fewer fans showed up at Shea the next day. The magic was gone. Bythe only two Mets left from were Wally Backman and Mookie Wilson, both of whom debuted in the post-magic garbage time. It would have to be some kind of illusion. Back to top September 16, By all rights, should have been a great year.

The feel-good story ended with a thud, thanks to a game losing streak and skid in the final month of the season. But would be better, Kong and Rusty were back! There were actually minor leaguers coming up who were not just yearbook-platitude good. Mookie, Hubie, and Reardon were for-real good.

And after the humiliation of being on the first-cut list for baseball in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, I'd somehow made varsity in tenth grade. What could go wrong? That night marked the beginning of the end for the Mets, but it put a positive personal spin on my future: It pissed off my dad. That night was Adult Jacket Night and not only was there no jacket, there was no ticket.

Now the place was sold out. My dad remembered this scalper gouging as winter set in. A business associate gave him tickets for a couple of Rangers games and that piqued his interest. There was something to be said for sitting in the same seat every time you went and no longer having to deal with scalpers.

One day he announced arrangements for a business account at the big Shea. We sat in cold, empty Shea in late February. A grassless expanse without another soul in the stands. We sat in the first row of the mezzanine, section And that was all my dad had to see. I got the lecture about how these were for clients and associates and all that.

I was turning 16 the week we looked at the seats. Part of the deal was that I start working that summer. I embarked on a career as a pump jockey at a local gas station, but I would have volunteered for the salt mines for season tickets. Though based on my year-old driving record that would have endangered the tri-state area. They were for clients, employees, and people who would go to anything that was free. Even the Mets. It was also for my brothers, who were instructed to take me.

Always accompanied by an adult. The first game I saw from the seats was at the end of April against your father's Pirates. One price for games against any team back then. The Mets were down in the middle innings when some Bucco hit a foul ball directly into my hands.

But the people in the mezzanine were even crueler, taunting and throwing general debris in my direction while my brother laughed and my dad shrugged his shoulders. Mets mistake to be George Foster swatted a three-run home run for the Reds, plating the last runs I would see for two months. A few more nights going to games with my brother s and father and there would have been less trouble to get into. When they came back in August I tried to get excited, but the split season was a de-motivational plaque for me and the teams already declared champions of the first half: The Expos, who replaced Dick Williams with Jim Fanning post-strike, overcame the mediocre Mets and the rest of the NL East to slip Montreal into the postseason for the only time in franchise history.

The Brewers got their first-ever postseason berth that same day. The Astros and Royals likewise snuck in through the second-half backdoor. Meanwhile, the Reds and Cardinals, each with the best overall records on the year in their divisions, stayed home. The Mets were in the second-half race thanks to a sweep of the Cardinals in late September at Shea. Their fate was pretty much sealed by the time my brother and I, plus 4, others, saw the last homestand open against the Cubs.

It marked the first time I had a beer at a game. Maybe I had two. Older brothers can be kind of cool; sorry, Alcohol Beverage Control, the statute of limitations has run out. The beer did, however, make me have to hit the head. I was back at my seat before two pitches had be thrown. And yes, I did wash my hands! My brother was turned, looking at me, Cheshire Cat grin and holding a baseball. Bird made enough contact to foul one to the last row of our empty section, where it dribbled down the stairs to him. Forget what I said earlier about brothers and cool.

I would go that November to my only Jets game at Shea and see a football walkoff win. The Mets and Cubs played to a tie the day after my brother caught the ball.

Back to top September 24, The Mets had finally fired Joe Torre. So Joe and his whole staff went to Atlanta The Mets got snowed out.

The Mets were in Philly and snuck in one game, thanks to Astroturf. Yes, I said American League. It was a long time ago. Bambi's heart, literally, was never into managing the Mets. It was if he were repaying an old debt to Cashen and we Mets fans had to pay the interest. Everything else I sort of tuned out. I started filling in the wins and losses in my Mets calendar from calendar weekend, but I was just 17, you know what I mean.

The Mets actually stood in second place, six games over. They then embarked on three months of.

Mike Minor

The '82 Mets even approached an unfathomable record with 15 losses in a row in August. It began with the last game of a homestand, then an roadtrip, followed by losses in the first five games of the next homestand against the same teams that had just swept them. An late September stretch is all that kept the Mets from dropping games. I just watched an extensive Larry Arnold tape of the highlights. Here are some random thoughts, most of which I completely missed as they were happening. Dave Kingman, the first Met to lead the league in homers and strikeoutswas a Player of the Week in July: He finished the year with 37 homers and batted.

I still get nervous just watching highlights of Neil Allen with a late-inning lead. Lorne Brown's broadcasting makes one long for Wayne Hagen. My parents were out of town that night. Enough said of how I missed the original.

I loved Bob Bailor. Ryne Sandberg is lucky the Cubs moved him from third base to second. Wright shaky at the hot corner. Randy Jones got his th career victory. Mike Scott had some sick movement on his pitches before they traded him for Danny Heep. I had to go to summer school every morning for math, then crossed the state line to work at a gas station in the afternoon.

Fireworks Night got rained out and turned into a wild night with friends from school and the gas station, followed by a punitive doubleheader loss the next day at Shea with my family and glaring dad. My brother got married in Chicago that summer and I went to my first game at Wrigley Field. I was truly thrilled. No wonder my brothers couldn't get enough of the place during their time at Northwestern. I attended my first concert in While it turned into a pretty sour year for the Mets, it was a great year for live performances. The Kinks at Westchester Premier Theater.

Great first concert venue and band. Elton John at MSG. Reggae legends at a wrestling venue! The Who at Brendan Byrne. This new venue hosted my band for what was supposed to be their last tour. Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum. Filmed for a TV special. The Who at Shea Stadium. Not just because it was my band playing at my ballpark, but the kickass Clash played first. Luckily, someone taped the show, which one of the Clash apparently found in a box in the attic while moving to a new abode a few years ago.

Ironically, I too misplaced the CD after buying it inbut I found it, cracked the plastic for Opening Dayand have been loving it as much as Ike Davis and R. Oh, and you forget about that football strike? The Cardinals, back when they were in St. Louis, made the playoffs for the first time in my memory, but they got whacked by the Pack in the first of many rounds in a lame-o, round-robin football tourney that wound up with the Jets leaving it in the mud at Miami in the AFC Championship Game. Washington won the Super Bowl. Football strike you forget.

And they batted a lot higher than. Back to top October 2, The current Mets management mess had me thinking about back when the general manager was all powerful and the owners were silent.

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