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Gbenga adeboye biography of michael

gbenga adeboye biography of michael
Gbenga Arokoyo explains why he parted ways with Gaziantepspor Gbenga Arokoyo explains why he parted ways with Gaziantepspor Gbenga Arokoyo explains why he parted. More anointing sir, God will continue to strengthen and protect you and your family in Jesus name.

In my trying times, they stood by me; they supported me financially and morally. I can never forget them in my life and it is a colossal loss to the entertainment industry to lose these titans.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

Seeing the way people are accepting my music, one would think that Yinka Ayefele is a multi-millionaire. But the way my music is seen is not the way I am reaping from it. Piracy has really affected my music. Fans who buy these pirated copies of my music do not mind, since they contain my music and picture.

Fans remember Gbenga Adeboye 14 years after death

To me, that is the greatest problem. Another problem I am faced with, especially when I go for performances here in Nigeria, is the Oraisasor Urchins. They always ask for financial settlements and after settling a group, another would insist that they are the right group to be settled. People who have said that I am a ritualist or that I have used my spinal cord to attain success are all enemies of progress. Those are all rumours.

Adeboye steps down, Oyedepo, Olukoya, Kumuyi, others to follow

I can never negotiate any part of my body for success of any kind and anybody who knows well about spinal cord injury would know that it comes with regular and persistent pain. I am very lucky to be able to make use of the upper part of my body. Recently, a soft sell magazine published my picture on its cover. But up til now i dont think any presenter can be compared to this man, even his burial was unique. Olugbenga, Funwontan, esa ogbin ara ogbojo, omo ase buruku se rere, omo osekatan tese morin.

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Just like yesterday, You are surely missed bro. I wonder where he gets his plots from.

Gbenga Adeboye

I paid my last respect to him when his corpse was brought to LTV for his lying- in- state prog in He was a kind hearted man. May God have mercy on his gentle soul. I got to knw this man when he died. Wale Dada sounded like him, I don't knw why he stopped.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

Yeah, I think I remember that name. He talks like him. Still listen to it every single week…. Gets better every time i listen to it. Gbenga Adeboye was awesome https: Egbon Gbenga Adeboye, its been 14 years but you can never ever be forgotten. You were too talented to live in oblivion. Thanks for your words of advise those early days.

Rest in Peace Comedylegend your legacy lives on. A post shared by Gbenga Adeyinka gbengaadeyinka1stgcon on Apr 30, at 5: Please use sharing tools.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this website without our consent. I thank God for His servant and for His faithfulness. I claim to be one of the chosen few to receive the containable blessings this year.

Daddy, God will continue to bless and empower you. In Jesus mighty name everyday, week, month of this year and beyond I will testify.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

And you too will testify daddy. God bless you Always. God is faithful to His word. On behalf of my family, I congratulate our dady on the occasion of celebrating new year.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

Its well with you and your family. We claim the prophecy designed for us this year in Jesus name. I believe what God is telling the world via His Prophet, We shall all be testifiers to the fulfillment of the positive out come of what God has said come end of ,if God delays His Comming. God bless you richly daddy.

gbenga arokoyo video download

May your prophesy be a blessing to us as individuals and as a country in Jesus mighty name. By the grace of God, I will come to testify during the convention and holy ghost congress oo. Our spiritual daddy keep fire burning, God Almighty shall continue empowering you more and more till d end of age in Jesus Name. I receive these and it is well with me. God bless you daddy G. Lord grant you long life with mum in your family.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

Daddy your open Heaven saved me from paralyses God bless you. May the lord continue to give you good health and open up the heavens for you to hear Him Deacon Wari Fiberesima rccg PH.

So shall it be Lord,but for the new sexually transmitted disease Lord please have mercy upon your children, shield the innocent from contacting it. Amen daddy, fresh anointing from God in jesus name amen.

gbenga adeboye biography of michael

God bless you daddy. This year i and my family will testify of the goodness of our God almighty in jesus name amen. God said and l believe it that settled it.

Daddy more anointing, Grace and strength in Jesus name amen. The anointing will run dry in Jesus name. I claim the beginning of generational blessings in my family in Jesus mighty name, Amen. May the peace, mercy and grace of our Lord be with you daddy and your family too.

Dady,I prayed for fresh auction of anointing for you this year, the grace and mercy in abundant shall be upon you IJN amen. Also may the almighty God that blesses you bless me also, ijn.

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