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Biography captain edward john smith

biography captain edward john smith
Rare film shows Titanic captain. Smith Character from Titanic I never saw a wreck and have never been wrecked, nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort.

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biography captain edward john smith

You have successfully emailed this. Thank You for Your Contribution! As he rose in seniority Smith gained a reputation amongst passengers and crew for quiet flamboyance. Some passengers would only sail the Atlantic in a ship commanded by him. After he became commodore of the White Star fleet init became routine for Smith to command the line's newest ships on their maiden voyages. It was therefore no surprise that Smith took Titanic in her maiden voyage in April Smith was married to Eleanor and they had a young daughter Helen Melville.

The family lived in an imposing red brick, twin-gabled house "Woodhead" on Winn Road, Portswood, Southampton. On April 10 Edward John Smith, wearing a bowler hat and a long overcoat, took a taxi from his home to Southampton docks. He came aboard the Titanic at 7 am to prepare for the board of Trade muster at 8. He immediately went to his cabin to get the sailing report from Chief Officer Henry Wilde. After departure at Quick action from Smith helped to avert a premature end to the maiden voyage. The unfortunate incident was seen by some as an ill omen and it was reminiscent of the Hawke incident in when that vessel collided with the Olympic which was under the command of Captain Smith.

Captain Smith on the bridge of the Olympic.

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During the voyage Smith normally took meals at a small table in the dining saloon or in his cabin, attended by his personal valet, or "Tiger", Arthur Paintin. He died a hero. A friend of Smith's, Dr. Williams, asked Captain Smith what would happen if the Adriatic struck a concealed reef of ice and was badly damaged.

A boyhood friend, William Jones said, "Ted Smith passed away just as he would have loved to do. To stand on the bridge of his vessel and go down with her was characteristic of all his actions when we were boys together. When working to free Collapsible B, Junior Marconi Officer Harold Bride said he saw Captain Smith dive from the bridge into the sea just as Collapsible B was levered off the roof of the officers' quarters, [18] a story which was corroborated by first class passenger Mrs Eleanor Widener, who was in Lifeboat No. Several accounts say that Smith may have been seen in the water near the overturned Collapsible B during or after the sinking.

Colonel Archibald Gracie reported that an unknown swimmer came near the capsized and overcrowded lifeboat, and that one of the men on board told him "Hold on to what you have, old boy. One more of you aboard would sink us all,"; in a powerful voice, the swimmer replied "All right boys. Good luck and God bless you. Harry Senior, one of Titanic's stokers, and second class passenger Charles Eugene Williams, who both survived aboard Collapsible B, stated that Smith [20] swam with a child in his arms to Collapsible B, which Smith presented to a steward, after which he apparently swam back to the rapidly foundering ship.

Williams' account differs slightly, claiming that, after Smith handed the child over to the steward, he asked what had become of First Officer Murdoch. Upon hearing news of Murdoch's demise, Smith "pushed himself away from the lifeboat, threw his lifebelt from him and slowly sank from our sight. He did not come to the surface again. Death of a Dream. Lightoller who survived on Collapsible B never reported seeing Smith in the water or receiving a child from him. There is also no way in which survivors on Collapsible B would have been able to verify the identity of the individual concerned under such dimly lit and chaotic circumstances.

It is more likely based upon wishful thinking that the person they saw was the Captain. For many years, there were also conflicting accounts of Smith's last words. Newspaper reports said that as the final plunge began, Smith advised those on board to "Be British boys, be British!

biography captain edward john smith

Because Steward Brown's account of Smith giving orders before walking onto the bridge was the last reliable sighting, this would make Smith's last words simply "Well boys, do your best for the women and children, and look out for yourselves. Born in Hanley, 27th Janydied at sea, 15th April Whilst in command of the White Star SS Titanic that great ship struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean during the night and speedily sank with nearly all who were on board.

The Myths Around Captain Smith and the Titanic

Captain Smith having done all man could do for the safety of passengers and crew remained at his post on the sinking ship until the end. His last message to the crew was "Be British. The plaque was removed ingiven to a local school and then returned to the Town Hall but remounted in the interior of the building in As a member of the Royal Naval ReserveSmith wore his two decorations when in uniform: Priscilla died from polio three years later; neither of them had children. Although the blame was legally placed on the Olympicand the White Star Line faced with large legal costs as well as the costs of repairing the ship and the losses resulting form the disruption of services, the solace was that the ship had survived a major collision the Hawkeafter all, was designed to sink enemy ships by ramming them and had remained a float and stable despite serious flooding.

A friend of Captain Smith's, Glen Marston, said that while returning from Europe on the Olympiche remarked to the Captain on the small number of lifeboats carried by such a large passenger steamer. It was then that the Captain spoke of the life preserving equipment on the Titanicwhich was then under construction.

Marston quoted Smith as saying he thought the lack of equipment for saving lives was not due to a desire of the steamship owners to save money, but rather because they believed their ships to be safe.

biography captain edward john smith

Lifeboats were thought to be required only in cases in which passengers were to be landed. Over the years, White Star Line had built up a clientele of passengers who would not dream of crossing the Atlantic on a liner commanded by anyone other than Edward John Smith.

In later years, the description of Smith would be an avuncular man with a gray beard and a barrel chest, he was the epitome of an old sea dog.

Captain Edward John Smith

He may have looked fearsome, but in truth he was soft-spoken, gentle and a leader in whom passengers and crews had great confidence. He had a pleasant, quiet voice and a ready smile. A natural leader and a fine seaman, Captain Smith was popular alike with officers and men. Charles Lightoller, one of his officers, related, "I had been with him many years, off and on, in the mail boats, Majesticmainly, and it was an education to see him con his own ship up through the intricate channels entering New York at full speed.

One particularly bad corner, known as the South-West Spit, used to make us fairly flush with pride as he swung her round, judging his distances to a nicety; she heeling over to the helm with only a matter of feet to spare between each end of the ship and the banks. Among the passengers, the veterans of the smoking room swore by him. He enjoyed the confidence alike of millionaires and bishops 'he never took a risk, was the considered opinion of the Bishop of Willesden. Children, too, adored him, and were sure of being noticed by him. He was known affectionately as "E. On account of E. A maiden voyage without Captain Smith in command was almost unthinkable.

Edward Smith (sea captain)

The American congressman, six years later, would lead the US Inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic. Congressman, he had been invited to dine at the captain's table, Captain E.

The conversation had turned from railway regulation to steamship safety. Subsequently, EJ had invited him to the bridge, where he viewed the mechanism that activated the watertight doors.

The captain had then conducted the Congressman and his son on a tour through the ship, explaining everything in detail.

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William Alden was duly impressed - as impressed as he was later dumbfounded - "EJ was no fool, nor was he "reckless" as some editors would suggest after the Titanic disaster. Although it is accepted from sources that Smith had made plans to retire after the return voyage to Southampton, the Haliafax Morning Chronicle on 9 April said that Smith would remain in charge for a few more years before the White Star Line decided to let him retire.

He had earlier took command of Titanic 's sister ship, the Olympic and was actually filmed inspecting the vessel.

biography captain edward john smith

When Titanic left Southamptonshe displaced so much water that she caused the laid-up liner SS New York to break her moorings and swing towards her. Captain Smith's quick action and experience helped to prevent a premature end to the maiden voyage. During the voyage, Smith had been given several ice warnings from other ships in the Atlantic, telling him that there was a huge ice field in the Titanic 's path.

He handed one of the warnings to the chairman of White Star, J. Bruce Ismaywho was on board as a First Class passenger. Smith normally took meals at a small table in the dining saloon or in his cabin, attended by his personal valet, or "Tiger", Arthur Paintin. On the night of April 14, however, he attended a dinner party held in his honour by George Widener and his family.

The party was attended by the cream of society as it was represented on the Titanic.

Titanic: Captain Edward John Smith's legacy

However Smith was possibly concerned that the ship was entering the ice zone about which he had received ample warnings during the weekend. He excused himself early and went to the bridge. Smith told Lightoller to alert him immediately if he was at all concerned. He then retired to bed. When the Titanic hit the berg shortly after Worried, he ordered Fourth Officer Boxhall to go on a quick inspection to see how much damage the ship had reviced. He came back and said he didn't find any serious damage, but right after the carpenter and a postal clerk rushed onto the bridge.

Smith then went on inspection himself with the ship's designer, Thomas Andrews.

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