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The biography of martin luther king jr sparknotes

the biography of martin luther king jr sparknotes
Then, in , King and the SCLC joined a campaign in Birmingham, Alabama, to end segregation there and to force downtown businesses to employ blacks. Images of this violence, broadcast on national news, provoked outrage, and this reaction created a political atmosphere in which strong federal civil rights legislation could gain favor and passage, and the next year President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of

In college, King discovered social and political philosophy, along with theological liberalism. King came to realize that his commitment to follow Jesus Christ required fighting for social justice, particularly for racial equality. He was particularly influenced by the works of Mahatma Ghandi, and became an ardent adherent of Ghandi's philosophy of nonviolence resistance to injustice. They will eventually have four children together; she is his constant ally in the struggle for racial equality and social justice.

After Rosa Parks's arrest, the Montgomery movement begins in earnest and leads to an expanding civil rights movement all over the south.

The Montgomery movement leads to the desegregation of busing all over the South after King and his allies run a successful, extended bus boycott. King's fame increases and he travels the world. The agitation of the civil rights movement leads to the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act which end legal discrimination against blacks and secure black voting rights respectively.

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr Summary & Study Guide

King's challenges never end, however. Often the strategy of nonviolence is successful, but as time wears on and young blacks became more confident in their ability to bring about social change, many want to fight racist whites with violence. This leads to the increasing prominence of Malcolm X and the Black Power movement generally.

Reading through the hair-raising stories of Albany and Birmingham puts you on the edge of your seat, in spite of the fact that we now know the outcomes. Ling does a commendable job of conveying the extreme volatility of the times. Montgomery; Albany; Birmingham; Selma; Chicago; his increasingly vocal stance against economic injustice, white racism, and US military involvement in Vietnam; and finally, his stand in solidarity with poor black sanitation workers in Memphis.

the biography of martin luther king jr sparknotes

Each chapter is a detailed and clear presentation of events, characters, and descriptions of how events unfolded. Most importantly, we see King in the changing swirl of people who made up his universe. Ling presents so many of the countless people working on the different sides of the issues King engaged.

the biography of martin luther king jr sparknotes

This final chapter is followed by a quite comprehensive Guide to Further Reading that provides a background on how the literature on King has developed over time, with annotated references in a number of categories.

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the biography of martin luther king jr sparknotes

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the biography of martin luther king jr sparknotes

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