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Henie sonja biography of martin

henie sonja biography of martin
Her innovative skating techniques and glamorous demeanor transformed the sport permanently and confirmed its acceptance as a legitimate sport in the Winter Olympics. She therefore made the most of it and she won her third Olympic medal.

Most skating stars are either fast or graceful.

henie sonja biography of martin

Erna uses interpretive ballet technique with skating speed, easily performs leaps. She was also particularly complimentary towards North American skaters stating that "the standard of skating on this continent is higher than in any other country in the world.

Хени, Соня

So we already know they were both blonde Norwegian skaters who grew up with the same coach in the same club, competed against each other, both appeared in skating movies and both came to the U. Now, get this one. I'm not sure how I feel about that particular claim. Genuine maybe, but one-up-manship perhaps? The Brooklyn Daily Eagle explained that Andersen was "selected by a committee of famous illustrators as the possessor of the 'Legs of Tomorrow.

henie sonja biography of martin

Andersen's legs were described by Flagg as "the most beautiful legs I've ever seen. Better even than Marlene Dietrich.

henie sonja biography of martin

Perhaps it's possible that someone just had a bit of crush. That's where Erna Andersen's story seems to fade away into the annals of figure skating history. Sonia Heney competed in Lake Placid in and won the gold medal, her second of three gold medals. When she was only 11 years old, Henie first competed in the Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France, where she finished in last place. But that last place finish really propelled her drive for excellence and wanting to succeed.

She really had a passion for gold. The exhibit is broken down into four different sections: Alison and Andy examine the Artistry and Beauty section, in which there are a few very colorful items. The flashy colors and the sequins in this case really catch the eye. The dress in the case from Sonja was a really good example of the tighter dresses that she preferred to wear. She was one of the first figure skaters to really change the way figure skating was seen on the ice. It really became an entertainment sport. The dresses became a little shorter and a little more revealing.

henie sonja biography of martin

It enabled the figure skaters to perform more easily and dramatically. You could really start to see their intricate moves on the ice. But figure skating started out more as a technical sport. Niels Onstad — was an active football player, peaking during the Norwegian Championship in during which he played for the Lyn football club.

Niels Onstad was best known for his prowess as shipowner and art collector. After two years of preparation, the centre was finished insignalling a new type of institution in Norway.

The space not only housed the extensive art collection of Henie and Onstad, but also served as a vibrant centre for interdisciplinary activities. Sonja Henie died of leukaemia one year after the inauguration of the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. She donated all of her awards and private documentation, which included photographs and films, to the art centre archives. This extensive premium collection consists of nearly individual items exhibited in a dedicated room at the centre. Today, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter is still one of the leading art performance and exhibition centres in Oslo, with 60, visitors a year.

Sonja Henie and Niels Onstad: A Norwegian Fairy Tale

Inshe published her autobiography Mitt livs eventyrwhich was translated and released as Wings on My Feet inwhich was republished in a revised edition in At the time of her death, Henie was planning a comeback for a television special that would have aired in January She was to have danced to " Lara's Theme " from Doctor Zhivago. Henie's connections with Adolf Hitler and other high-ranking Nazi officials made her the subject of controversy before, during, and after World War II.

During her amateur skating career, she performed often in Germany and was a favorite of German audiences and of Hitler personally.

henie sonja biography of martin

As a wealthy celebrity, she moved in the same social circles as royalty and heads of state and made Hitler's acquaintance as a matter of course. Through the years, her shows and later art exhibitions drew the attention and meetings with such people as Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden to name but a few. Controversy appeared first when Henie greeted Hitler with a Nazi salute at the Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and after the Games she accepted an invitation to lunch with Hitler at his resort home in nearby Berchtesgadenwhere Hitler presented Henie with an autographed photo with a lengthy inscription.

She was strongly denounced in the Norwegian press for this. In her revised biography [note 1] she states that no Norwegian judge was in the panel for the Olympics - as she was entitled to as a Norwegian.

Sonja Henie

She therefore made the most of it and she won her third Olympic medal. Hugo Norden Maurice Moscovich. Norden, a Nobel Prize winner, was supposedly murdered by the Gestapo, but is rumored to be in hiding and writing anonymous dispatches advocating world peace. When Geoffrey and Ken track Dr. Norden to a small village in the Swiss Alps, they soon find themselves competing over the affections of beautiful Louise Heniewho has a deeper connection to the missing Nobel laureate than the reporters realize. When Geoffrey and Ken get so distracted by romance that they begin to neglect their assignments, it almost leads to disaster as the Gestapo sets out to silence Dr.

Norden once and for all. Released on December 22,it was banned by Nazi-Germany. Through her marriage to Dan Topping she had become an American citizen.

Spartacus Educational

However, the attack soon afterwards, saved him from being deported. From then on, when America was no longer neutral, Sonja pulled in uniform and visited and gave money to Little Norway. All Norwegians got free tickets to her shows during the war and repeatedly paid and held parties for them. Henie became a naturalized citizen of the United States in Like many Hollywood stars, she supported the U.

henie sonja biography of martin

After the Japanese attack, she invited the boys from Little Norway to her iceshows, gave the mechanics a plane as well a substantial sum of money to their educational fund.

But her first rejection before the US entered the war was never to be forgotten. For this, she was condemned by many Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans. After the war, Henie was mindful that many of her countrymen considered her to be a quisling.

henie sonja biography of martin

However, she made a triumphant return to Norway with the Holiday on Ice tour in and The Norwegian Royal Family attended both incidents and indeed attended her funeral in The Royal Family were very mindful of whom they supported after the war and Norwegians looked to them as role models in that respect.

In addition to her marriages, Henie had a variety of love interests, including her skating partners Jack Dunn and Stewart Reburncelebrated boxing legend Joe Louisa much-publicized affair with Tyrone Powerand a later romance with actor Van Johnson and a very high-profile relationship with Liberace. Henie was diagnosed with leukemia in the mids.

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