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Juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack

juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack
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Marquess of Viana; D. Diego de Valmayor,HermitageSt Petersburg.

Exhibition: "From Zurbarán to Rothko"

Pantoja besides scoring a great success as the foremost portraitist of his time, was a highly versatile painter at home in all genres. Thus, he supplied the Spanish court and the aristocracy with religious paintings, mythological canvases, and historical compositions. Pantoja's religious paintings are executed with a more realistic and dramatic style than his portraits. They range from a coldly distant academicism to a more advanced tenebrism close to the Baroque.

Пантоха де ла Крус, Хуан

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz was held in high esteem as an animal painter; was also known as a landscape and still life painter who exploited the new secularized art forms that spread across Europe at the close of the sixteenth century. Acclaimed as a gifted artist by contemporary writers, Lope de Vega and Francisco de Quevedo have left eloquent evidence of their admiration for Pantoja. In La hermosura de Angelicaan imitation of Ariosto 's Orlando Furioso, Lope de Vega couched his praise in the following couplet: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Approaching the microphone, Lunsford cleared his throat and nervously addressed the crowd.

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz Cuadros

It has been an exhilarating and cooperative labor of love between Meadows, the Museu, and the City of Barcelona. When the ceremony ended, the mayor linked hands with the Texans, parading them through the room as though they were rock stars.

juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack

The crowd parted and cameras flashed. A red velvet rope marking the entrance to the stairs leading to the exhibit space was unhooked, and the Meadows group and the local dignitaries descended the stairway to view the collection privately. Exhibited on dark crimson walls, the 27 Meadows paintings generated a magnificent, bold statement.

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz

Under the gothic-revival ceiling, Lunsford and Brandt accompanied Cuyas as she discussed the importance of each painting with the mayor. But once the Spanish government and museum officials received a generous sponsorship from Fundacion Caja Madrid, the project took off. Meadows first shipped key pieces from its permanent collection to the prestigious Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid.

juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack

It was the first time a special exhibit had been displayed in the grand hall. When the exhibit was unveiled, the consensus of the European art world was that the Meadows collection was among the most significant Spanish collections in the world. The reaction stunned the Meadows Foundation.

juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack

After 30 years, the reputation of Algur Meadows, the Georgia-born Texas oilman, had come full circle. Before his tragic death in a traffic accident, Meadows knew that he had created a significant collection of Spanish art.

Eleven years earlier, however, Meadows found himself at the center of an international art scandal.

juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack

The first five rooms of the exhibition are painted in a light grey shade; this choice compliments the paintings well, as many of them are painted in delicate blues and greens.

Each of the rooms also include quotes from some of the most famous artists showcased, which helps understand the artists behind the paintings and their motivations. The last three rooms are painted in pure white, which complements the strong color combinations found in the more modern pieces of the collection.

Spanish Acquisitions

The exhibition takes the audience on a small trip through art's collective history, so it's a perfect way for an art newbie to gain an understanding of how art has developed hand in hand with society. On top of that, the collection is also a reflection of its owner, which gives it an extra personal edge.

juan pantoja de la cruz biography of barack

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