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Norio azuma biography template

norio azuma biography template
B-1 cell lymphoma in mice lacking the steroid and xenobiotic receptor. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.

Exsanguination was conducted after anesthesia administration. The GST fusion protein was expressed in E. The antibody was affinity-purified, and cross-reaction to murine GGCX was confirmed by Western blot analysis.

After rinsing with PBS containing 0. Semi-thin sections from decalcified samples were observed under a light microscope after toluidine blue staining Merck, Darmstadt, Germany. After calibration, duplicate cycles of four scans were obtained.

The region of the femoral bone was selected and analyzed. Bone histomorphometry was performed on nondecalcified sections with the Villanueva Bone Stain. For the measurement of cortical bone, a horizontal section of the diaphysis at the center of the femoral bone was used. Single- and double-labeled surface and labeled thickness were measured under a fluorescence microscope.

norio azuma biography template

The supernatants were diluted 10 times with 0. The mechanical properties of the diaphysis of femoral bones were evaluated by a three-point bending test. The femur was positioned so that the loading point was at the center of the femoral diaphysis and bending occurred in the medial-lateral axis.

Differences between mean values were analyzed using the unpaired Student's t test.

norio azuma biography template

Previous studies have shown that Cre recombinase in Col1-Cre mice is expressed specifically in the osteoblast lineage throughout the differentiation stages, from preosteoblast to osteocyte. Black arrows indicate osteoblasts.

No apparent gross difference was observed. Microscopic views under incandescent light upper panels and fluorescent light lower panels are shown.

Norio Azuma

Yellow and green lines of tetracycline and calcein labeling were visualized under fluorescent light. Microscopic views under fluorescent light are shown.

Upper direction in the figure corresponds to lateral direction Lat and right direction in the figure corresponds to anterior direction Ant in the actual setting.

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The activities were analyzed after treatment with bone morphogenetic protein 9 BMP-9 for 21 days. TEM observations of nondecalcified tibial trabecular bones from the control mouse showed a normal mineralization process in osteoids adjacent to the active osteoblasts in the primary trabecula, where mineral crystals were formed within structures of mineralized nodules Fig.

norio azuma biography template

This aberrant mineralization process was observed in multiple fields in the mineralization front. In the osteoid of control mice, mineral crystals were formed normally within mineralized nodules, whereas in the GGCX-deficient mouse, dispersed small crystals were observed outside mineralized nodules black arrows. Magnified views of a mineralized nodule are shown in the insets.

norio azuma biography template

To determine whether the GGCX deficiency in osteoblasts affected bone strength, mechanical properties of the femoral bones were evaluated by a three-point bending test. Involvement of GGCX in bone metabolism has been inferred because of the bone-protective effect of vitamin K. However, our results do not support the hypothesis that the bone-protective effect of vitamin K is mediated by GGCX in osteoblasts. Future studies using an increased number of animals would be necessary to confirm these results in male mice. However, the weakness of this work is absence of measurement of osteocalcin in the bone tissue.

We detected no difference in Ob.

norio azuma biography template

Osteocalcin-knockout mice showed enhanced Oc. In osteocalcin-knockout mice, OVX causes greater bone loss compared with the wild-type mice, presumably because osteocalcin deficiency results in higher osteoclast numbers.

Osteoblast-Specific γ-Glutamyl Carboxylase-Deficient Mice Display Enhanced Bone Formation With Aberrant Mineralization

Bone phenotype in the estrogen-deficient state remains to be elucidated in future studies. Despite a previous report demonstrating that MGP was not expressed in osteoblasts,[ 25 ] a recent report refuted this.

norio azuma biography template

Examples of such candidate proteins include GAS6 and protein S, as they were reported to activate bone resorption by binding to the TYRO 3 receptor on osteoclasts. Millions of references for pricing research Or, register for Free Alerts To track 10 artists.

Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications

Norio Azuma is known for printmaker, geometric abstract painting. What's my art worth? Museums 18 - partial list: Art Institute of Chicago. Butler Institute of American Art. Des Moines Art Center. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

norio azuma biography template

National Academy Of Sciences. National Museum of American Art-Smithsonian. New Jersey State Museum. Volumes —, Part 1 - selected pp. VolumeIssue 4 pp. EX1-EX2, 15 September VolumeIssue 3 pp. VolumeIssue 2 pp. EX1-EX2, 15 August VolumeIssue 1 pp.

norio azuma biography template

EX1-EX2, 1 August Download and Export 0 checked results.

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