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Kuca viktor yanukovych biography

kuca viktor yanukovych biography
In , Yanukovych announced his intent to run for President in the upcoming presidential election. Retrieved June 1,

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A protest against his decision to abandon a far-reaching European Union partnership deal in November morphed into a huge - and violent - campaign to push him from power.

But it was the deaths of at least 88 people, many of them protesters shot dead by uniformed snipers in 48 hours of bloodshed, that ultimately brought him down. Under EU pressure he signed a deal to transfer powers to parliament and hold early elections.

Profile: Ukraine's ousted President Viktor Yanukovych

But within hours he had fled the capital and his administration had crumbled. As Ukraine's protest leaders and opposition moved to fill the power vacuum, Mr Yanukovych, 63, maintained he was still the lawfully elected president. As he headed for neighbouring Russia, Kiev's new rulers issued an arrest warrant for his role in the "mass murder of innocent civilians".

Born into the family of a metalworker and a nurse in the eastern town of Yenakiyevo in JulyMr Yanukovych had a troubled childhood.

He was twice jailed for violent crimes in his youth - though his official biography states that his convictions were eventually quashed. Beginning his career as a transport executive in the Soviet Union's key coal-mining industry in eastern Ukraine, he became a Doctor of Economics - the equivalent of a PhD - in He became governor of the Donetsk region, home to more than three million people and the economic powerhouse of Ukraine, less than a year after entering the local administration. The then President, Leonid Kuchma, appointed him prime minister in Novemberin a government accused of corruption and economic mismanagement.

As the outgoing leader's protege, he went on to win the presidential vote. But, after huge protests in Kiev that became known as the Orange Revolution, the election was declared fraudulent and his reputation badly dented.

He rebuilt his political career while the victors ofViktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, fell into constant conflict.

He served a second term as prime minister from to and became Ukraine's most popular politician. The presidential election he won cleanly - according to international observers - defeating arch-rival Ms Tymoshenko.

The following year, she was jailed for seven years on charges of abusing her power, in a trial she insisted was politically motivated. But then, days before it was due to be signed, he rejected an association agreement in November. Street protests, the biggest since the Orange Revolution, erupted and continued for months, reaching a bloody climax between February.

How he escaped is unclear. But unconfirmed reports placed him first in the north-eastern city of Kharkiv, where he recorded a video message, lashing out at the "bandits" who had taken over Ukraine.

There he flew by helicopter to Donetsk but an attempt to fly a plane to Russia was foiled. The next reported sighting was in the Crimean peninsula. The trail then went cold, until the ousted president asked for and was granted protection in Russia. This also refers to foreign centres through which religious organizations sometimes seek to affect the internal political situation in Ukraine.

During his second foreign visit to Moscow in March, Yanukovych vowed to end years of acrimony with Russiasaying that ties between Russia and Ukraine "should never be the way they were for the past five years". On 3 Junethe Ukrainian parliament excluded, in a bill written by Yanukovych, with votes, Ukrainian membership of any military bloc, but allowed for co-operation with military alliances such as NATO. This is a violation of international law". On 22 Novemberthe European Council and Ukraine announced "an action plan for Ukraine toward the establishment of a visa-free regime for short-stay travel".

President Yanukovych and the Party of Regions wereaccused of trying to create a "controlled democracy" in Ukraine and as a means to this were trying to "destroy" main opposition party BYuTbut both denied these charges. As president, Yanukovych stated in early February that he would support the freedom of speech of journalists and protect their interests. On 21 April in KharkivYanukovych and Dmitry Medvedevthe Russian Presidentsigned the Ukrainian—Russian Naval Base for Natural Gas treatywhereby the Russian lease on naval facilities in Crimea would be extended beyond by 25 years with an additional 5-year renewal option to —47 in exchange for a multi-year discounted contract to provide Ukraine with Russian natural gas.

This treaty was approved by both the Russian and Ukrainian parliaments Verkhovna Rada on 27 April On 22 AprilYanukovych stated he did not rule out the possibility of holding a referendum on the stationing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after the necessary legislative framework is adopted for this in future.

Yanukovych did plan to hold plebiscites also on other subjects. The Euromaidan protests started in November when Ukrainian citizens demanded stronger integration with the European Union. The origins of Euromaidan began as a smaller protest that had started in Independence Square in the center of Kiev on 21 November, the day Yanukovych abruptly changed his mind on an Association Agreement with the European Union, deciding to strengthen economic ties with Russia instead.

Many people joined the protest in Independence Square, whose numbers had swelled to nearly 1 million by 8 December. The protesters refused to leave the square until their demands were met. These included items that the government should release jailed protesters, sign the EU agreement, and change the Constitution of Ukraineand that Yanukovych should resign.

The protestors were attacked by police, resulting in civil unrest across Western Ukraine. Yanukovych dismissed this as the work of his political opponents; instead, protesters called all the more for his resignation, saying he was "aloof" and unresponsive. Demonstrators occupied provincial administration buildings in at least 10 regions, sending the police fleeing through rear exits in some instances.

Verkhovna Rada lawmakers repealed nine of the 12 restrictive laws that had been passed on 16 January by a show of hands, without debate.

Янукович, Виктор Фёдорович

Outrage ensued at the limits the laws imposed on free speech and assembly in the country. In a striking concession aimed at defusing Ukraine's civil uprising and preserving his own grip on power, President Yanukovych offered to install opposition leaders in top posts in a reshaped government, but they swiftly rebuffed the offer to the delight of thousands of protesters on the streets craving a fuller victory in the days ahead. Mykola Azarovthe prime minister of Ukraineresigned on 28 January. In a statement he wrote that he was resigning "for the sake of a peaceful resolution" to the civil unrest.

Talks with Yanukovych failed in Februaryand Ukraine appeared to be on the brink of civil war. Yanukovych has been widely criticized for "massive" corruption and cronyism. By Januarymore than half of the ministers appointed by Yanukovych were either born in the Donbas region or made some crucial part of their careers there, and Yanukovych has been accused of "regional cronyism" for his staffing of police, judiciary, and tax services "all over Ukraine" with "Donbas people".

The exact distribution of wealth and precise weight of influence are difficult to gauge, but most of the country's richest men were afraid to cross the Yanukovich family, even in cases where their own economic interests favored an economically pro-EU Ukraine.

Yanukovych has denied that he embezzled funds and has said that his alleged foreign accounts do not exist. On 12 JanuaryInterpol issued a Red Notice for him, making him a wanted person, on charges of 'Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation, if committed in respect of an especially gross amount, or by an organized group. In a feature with photos on Yanukovych's Mezhyhirya mansionSergii Leshchenko notes "For most of [Yanukovych's] career he was a public servant or parliament deputy, where his salary never exceeded US dollars per month.

The property contained a private zoo, underground shooting range, hole golf course, tennis, and bowling. After describing the mansion's complicated ownership scheme, the article author noted, "The story of Viktor Yanukovych and his residence highlights a paradox. Having completely rejected such European values as human rights and democracy, the Ukrainian president uses Europe as a place to hide his dirty money with impunity. Also recovered were files on Yanukovych's perceived enemies, especially media members, including beating victim Tetyana Chornovol. Yanukovych told BBC Newsnight in June that stories that Mezhyhirya cost the Ukrainian taxpayer millions of dollars were "political technology and spin " and that the estate did not belong to him personally; he claimed that the ostriches in the residence's petting zoo "just happened to be there".

Yanukovych has been accused, by Amnesty International among others, of using the Berkut to threaten, attack, and torture Ukrainian protesters. The Berkut, recently disbanded, were a controversial national police force under his personal command. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe confirmed witness accounts of voters being blocked from access to polls and being attacked along with local election officials who tried to frustrate the Berkut's practice of falsifying voters' ballots in favor of Yanukovych's Party of Regions candidates.

Individual cases have been reported of citizens grouping together and fighting back against the Berkut in order to preserve election integrity and results. He subsequently declared himself to still be "the legitimate head of the Ukrainian state elected in a free vote by Ukrainian citizens". Two days later Ukraine's parliament dismissed five judges of the Constitutional Court for allegedly violating their oaths, who were then investigated for alleged malpractice. Yanukovych maintains that his replacement was a coup and has continued to make statements from an official perspective.

The constitutionality of Yanukovych's removal from office has been questioned by constitutional experts. However, Sindelar noted in the same article that, "That discrepancy may soon become irrelevant, with parliament expected to elect a new prime minister no later than February Yanukovych was disowned by the Party of Regions. In a statement issued by Oleksandr Yefremov, parliamentary faction leader, the party and its members "strongly condemn[ed] the criminal orders that led to human victims, an empty state treasury, huge debts, shame before the eyes of the Ukrainian people and the entire world.

On the same day that parliament removed Yanukovych from office, it voted to authorize the release of his arch-rival Yulia Tymoshenko from a prison hospital. Her release had been an unmet condition for Ukraine's signing of a European Union trade pact.

Viktor Yanukovych

A warrant for Yanukovych's arrest was issued on 24 February by Arseniy Yatsenyuk's acting government, accusing him of mass murder of protesters. Yanukovych abandoned his large estate, located in a former forest preserve in Kiev when he fled the capital. He had acquired Mezhyhirya [] inaccording to critics through a convoluted series of companies and transactions. Yanukovych did not reveal the price he paid, although he called it a "very serious price".

Protesters walked unchallenged into the former president's office and residential compounds after police and security left their posts in Kiev. Protesters had free access to government buildings, and to the presidential mansion and estate. They were amazed at the opulence and extravagance of what they found, including a private zoo, a fleet of cars, and a large boat.

Yanukovych left Kiev during the night of 21 February Assisted by Russian officials [] he moved initially to Kharkiv with bodyguards and personal effects. In his press conference in Rostov-on-Don on 28 February Yanukovych claimed that at the time he did not "flee anywhere", but that his car was shot at "by automatic rifles " as he left Kiev for Kharkiv "to meet the representatives of local parties" and he was then forced to move around Ukraine amid fears for the safety of himself and his family.

On 27 February a report stated that Yanukovych had asked the authorities of the Russian Federation to guarantee his personal security in the territory of Russia, a request that they accepted. He accused the opposition of violation of the 21 February agreements and asked the armed forces of Ukraine not to intervene in the crisis. The exact whereabouts of Yanukovych when he made this statement remains unclear. According to an April poll conducted by the Razumkov Centreonly 4. In a press conference in Rostov-on-Don on 28 FebruaryYanukovych stated that all his possessions had been legally declared and accounted for.

Yanukovych said that an "armed coup" had taken place in Ukraine, and that he was still the legitimate president because there had been no impeachment, resignation, or death. Yanukovych further stated he had been able to escape to Russia "thanks to patriotic officers who did their duty and helped me stay alive". These are people who advocate violence - the Ukrainian parliament is illegitimate". Putin "as soon as he has time". Yanukovych also claimed " eastern Ukraine will rise up as soon as they have to live without any means".

In the letter Yanukovych requested Russian military intervention in Ukraine [] to "restore law and order". In an interview with the Associated Press and Russian channel NTV of 2 April Yanukovych called Russia's annexation of Crimea "a tragedy", the Crimean referendum "a form of protest" and he stated he hopes it will become part of Ukraine again.

On 14 Marchthe General Persecutor Office of Ukraine submitted to court documents of the Yanukovych's case on state treason. At a press-conference in Rostov-On-Don on 11 March Yanukovych asked the Ukrainian military to disobey the "criminal orders" of a "band of ultranationalists and neofascists ".

He called the Ukrainian presidential election illegal, as well as U. Yanukovych stated he would like to ask the Western supporters of the Yatsenyuk Government that he referred to as "dark powers": Have you forgotten what fascism is? On 28 March Yanukovych asked the Party of Regions to exclude him. On 13 April Yanukovych again gave a press conference in Rostov-on-Don, this time accompanied by former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka and former interior minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko.

On 13 JuneYanukovych released a video message in which he criticised Petro Poroshenko 's handling of the unrest in eastern Ukrainenaming it "criminal orders to kill people On 21 Februarya year after the revolution, Yanukovych gave an interview to Channel One regarding the situation in Ukraine and promised to return to power as soon as he can.

On 18 June Yanukovych was officially deprived of the title of President of Ukraine.

kuca viktor yanukovych biography

On 22 June Yanukovych was interviewed on BBC Newsnight and he accepted some responsibility for the deaths just before his removal from power. On 26 November Yanukovych received a temporary asylum certificate in Russia for one year; later extended until November On 7 December Yanukovych announced his interest in returning to Ukrainian politics. In Russian media found out that Yanukovych is permanently living in Bakovka near Moscow, in a residence owned by Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

kuca viktor yanukovych biography

On 8 Junehe was convicted for a second time on charges of assault. On 11 Julythe office of the Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor charged Yanukovych with fraud, [] stemming from alleged irregularities in the way his convictions were expunged twenty years earlier. A warrant for Yanukovych's arrest was issued on 24 February by the interim government, accusing him of mass murder of protesters. Due to the Crimean crisis he was put on the US sanction list on 17 March After the Euromaidan events the General Prosecutor of Ukraine opened at least four new criminal cases against the former president of Ukraine.

This includes documented multiple payments cash to a number of Ukraine's top officials which are investigated as suspected bribes. On 30 September the General Prosecutor of Ukraine opened a new case against Yanukovych for using state budget money million hryvnia to establish his own private communication company based on Ukrtelekom. Since the summer of the prosecutor's office has investigated the signing the Kharkiv treaty by Yanukovych that allowed the Black Sea Fleet to stay in Ukraine for an additional 25 years.

The case of mass murder at Maidan gathered a group of Criminal Code articles which also include an attempt to relocate a headquarters of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, National Bank and Foreign Ministry to Sevastopol Articlepart 2 as well as Yanukovych's statements about the illegitimacy of higher state authorities after his overthrow Articlepart 3.

Yanukovych is also charged with property theft in a conspiracy with the chairman of the Nadra state company Articles andwhich has been under investigation since March On 16 Julysome Russian media reported that Interpol had suspended its international arrest warrant for Yanukovych.

According to the Russian website ua. However, Oleksandr Zakharov, who studied international law at the Academy of Foreign Trade at the same time as Yanukovych, contended that "individual study programs" such as Yanukovych's were commonly viewed as a diploma mill for state officials.

kuca viktor yanukovych biography

Yanukovych was married to Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna. The couple married in In February Yanukovych stated he was living in an "unofficial marriage" with then 39 year old Lybov Polezhay. In March Yanukovych stated it was "a problem" for him in to speak Ukrainian but that "once I had the opportunity to speak Ukrainian, I started to do it with pleasure".

UntilYanukovych was known as batia "Dad" among his family members, but since that time he became " leader ". Yanukovych was seen by opponents as representing the interests of Ukraine big business; they pointed out that his campaigns have benefited from backing by Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

Yanukovych drew strong support from Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the east of the country. They blamed the Orange Revolution for creating broken promises, a dysfunctional economy and political chaos. Tefftin a document dated 2 February uncovered during the United States diplomatic cables leakcalled the voters choice between Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko during the second round of the presidential election as a choice between "bad and very bad" and praised the candidate eliminated in the first round of the election Arseniy Yatsenyuk instead.

Yanukovych is not known as a great speaker. Other famous blunders by Yanukovych are his claim that Anton Chekhov was "a Ukrainian poet" in January[] [] [] forgetting on 6 January to congratulate the Greek-Catholic Ukrainian communitywhich, along with the rest of the Ukrainian peoplecelebrates Christmas that day, [] and confusing Kosovo with Serbia and Montenegroand North Ossetia with South Ossetia in March Yanukovych stated in November that he respects all Ukrainian politicians.

This is my rule of politics. Later, during the TV debates with Yushchenko he explained, "I called goats the traitors. According to the Bible, the goat is a traitor, and there are also rams, sheep. American consultant Paul J. Manafort advised Yanukovych on his election campaigns and media image from In an overview The Ukrainian Week claimed in March that Yanukovych had "failed to meet" his election promises.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Viktor Viktorovych Yanukovych. This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs ; the patronymic is Fedorovych and the family name is Yanukovych.

Ukrainian presidential election, and Orange Revolution. Ukrainian presidential election, The Ukrainian nation is wise and it will understand. Because a small handful of people, who have been plundering the country for 20 years is only a handful, from which the whole society, the whole state and our image in the world have been suffering. The interest of the Ukrainian nation is that the practice was put an end to The country has to change.

We need to reverse our approaches degrees, and we will do it. The Ukrainian nation stimulates us to. Freedom of the press in Ukraine. Ukrainian parliamentary election, Ukrainian Revolution of For more details on this topic, see Kharkiv Pact. Biography portal Ukraine portal Politics portal. Official portal in Ukrainian.

kuca viktor yanukovych biography

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Ukraine's Yanukovych to be sworn in on Feb.

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