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Ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher

ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher
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ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher

Upcoming Events Tricks of the Marketing Trade. By The Drum - 19 February Related Articles UK designers republic Design. Video Hunger, passion, curiosity: Video 'Creatives are suspicious of rules' Steve Henry on what it takes to be a great creative. Video Direct Line looks to make roads safer with first smart pedestrian crossing. Video How eBay has been reading shoppers' brains to understand consumer cravings. Do you still think that? Some designers read books on typography or collect foil samples.

I like to relax dismantling the mechanics of Capitalist Imperialism, putting them back together so we may all become better consumers.

ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher

There is no one truth. I do think people should like to feel challenged, so that something has been achieved though their interaction with the design. It requires a certain kind of client who sees value in engaging with the designer on a creative level, a client who enjoys a meeting of minds and a frank, sometimes explosive exchange of ideas. I want to know why they set that brief, or at least why they think they need such a solution. The best relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, honesty, passion, confidence and the freedom for the designer to deliver.

It is about articulating their brand, accurately and creatively delivering their message with verve and passion to inspire their market.

ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher

The responsibility lies as much with the client as it does with the creative. And, once this relationship is established it becomes all about the idea.

Ian Anderson's Republic

It is the idea and the work that needs service from all parties. I will fight a client to protect the idea if I strongly believe it is the right thing to do. Why do you think the expanded consultancy model failed there? Ultimately, TDR was trying to be something it was better not being. How did that work when you had a studio of up to thirteen people? I had a new business manager attempting to direct brand articulation, so I chose to take a step back.

ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher

Yes; a small, perfectly formed and purpose-friendly team. You often take criticism personally.

ian anderson designers republic biography of christopher

Is that what made it difficult for the expanded version of the company, with account handlers, to succeed? I believe passionately about what TDR does.

When I took a back seat to allow it to grow beyond me, it died; its creative spark was crushed under the weight of business self-interest. We originate and develop the creative content, direction and vision. Did you ever feel that this legacy was making it difficult to move forward? I see the legacy of TDR more as a resource: I do want to reconnect with the principles on which its success was founded. It is available from all good design bookshops and online at the Eye shopwhere you can buy subscriptions and single issues.

You can see what Eye looks like at Eye before you buy on Vimeo. So, you made the plan up as you went along? How does this fascination with brands translate into your creative process? How did you deal with the shift to non-music clients? They can have it … There are more important things.

Interview with Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic™

We are all the marks we make and the where and the why… and sometimes, for creatives, the how. I was a working-class boy in a very middle class school. I was a young socialist among the Stepford wives and Midwich cuckoos of consumer belt sweet suburbia.

I never felt at home with Mr clean, so I became a southerner in The North with little in common, culturally, with the people I aspired to align myself with.

I liked the contradictions. My parents were very different from each other, and ultimately, because they did so much for me, different from me. Of course I am — but then I would equally be a product of wherever I lived and whatever I experienced. More of everything … never stop. Visit AGDA for more information and tickets. Click here to subscribe to fluoroNotice for advanced news into a world where art, fashion, architecture, history and innovation come together. We spoke to iconic UK artist Ian Davenport about his beginnings, evolution and recent collaboration with Swatch, which saw him create a large-scale installation and work with his smallest canvas to date.

Your email address will not be published. The Internet already presents your history really well. There is your amazing success. You started infresh out of college and your first job was a record cover. You became known for your bold design and work in the music industry… There were tribulations.

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