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Biography of rabbi yehuda glick

biography of rabbi yehuda glick
So who is the Antichrist? The Times of Israel. The senior Glick later became a leader in Meimad, a now-defunct Modern Orthodox political party that supported territorial compromise for peace in the West Bank and Gaza.

Glick was vague on just how he would continue to advocate for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount during his Knesset tenure.

biography of rabbi yehuda glick

In any event, if he were to advance legislation on that issue, Netanyahu would likely block it, said Tomer Persico, a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute. Once thought of as the domain of right-wing nationalists, the Temple Mount prayer issue has evolved under Glick into a cause wrapped in the mantle of civil rights. By framing his immediate goal as one of equal prayer, a seemingly liberal concept, Glick has widened the appeal of what was once a fringe movement.

The most dangerous man in the Middle East?

He has taken some surprisingly liberal positions in recent months. Glick views that site as a poor substitute for the spirituality of the Temple Mount itself. For many years, that movement has asserted its goal plainly: Once enough Israeli Jews sign on, it will be more difficult for the government to block efforts to build the Third Temple. It is very political.

He counts as a close ally Yehuda Etzion, who was jailed for five years for a plot to blow up the Dome of the Rock. Glick warned that if Muslims object to Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, they could risk it all. The senior Glick later became a leader in Meimad, a now-defunct Modern Orthodox political party that supported territorial compromise for peace in the West Bank and Gaza. Of all her children, Glick had the hardest time adjusting to his new life in Israel. Short and smart, he was bullied by other students in his elementary school, but he never told his parents.

Glick went on to study at yeshivas in Jerusalem and in West Bank Jewish settlements.

biography of rabbi yehuda glick

He was part of a special army program for Orthodox soldiers, where he served in a tank battalion and studied in yeshiva. Glick was as a yeshiva student in the s when he became interested in the Temple Mount. He read everything he could get his hands on about the topic.

biography of rabbi yehuda glick

His left arm was also hit. Glick admits that thoughts of Hajazi come to mind frequently. Every time I see a motorcycle, I associate it [with the assassination attempt], I immediately check what it is.

biography of rabbi yehuda glick

When I go to the Begin Center, I associate it. This is his life now, he says. At home, he has cameras and security, and two guards who travel with him everywhere in a bullet-proof car. Luckily, as an MK, the Knesset pays for it.

Rabbi Yehudah Glick and the new temple!

And not only that, he decided to put me in the Knesset, which is way beyond anything I ever expected. Ten days later, he came to vote in the primary, his left arm still in a cast, his wife pushing him in a wheelchair.

Against overwhelming odds, the year-old has made it into the Knesset, only the sixth American-born MK ever. Where once he was a fringe player, he now is a public figure. He now can fight for Temple Mount rights from the inside, as a lawmaker. But first there was the business of being an MK, of being a member of Likud, of being a part of the coalition. And what kind of MK has Glick been?

A very surprising one. To his critics, he was still the firebrand settler, the right-wing political and religious extremist looking to stir up trouble.

biography of rabbi yehuda glick

They feared that the Knesset was welcoming in another Orthodox fanatic who would lobby on the side of all the other ultra-Orthodox MKs. But we need to reach some kind of settlement where people can pray in coexistence. Since his release from the hospital, Glick had been reading an interesting book that he kept beside his bed.

The doctor now lives in Toronto, where he runs a foundation in honor of his daughters that gives scholarships to young women from Arab countries to pursue higher education. After his attack, Glick said he got a call from Abuelaish, who told him that he was praying for him.

biography of rabbi yehuda glick

I never was a hating person. I tried always to preach only for freedom, human rights, and tolerance. During his day hospital stay, Glick received treatment from both Jewish and Arab medical staff. The Muslim doctors and nurses who work in the hospital are the people who honor their religion, not the man who shot me.

I would say at least 80 percent of Muslims in the world do not support that violence. Muslim physicians bring much more honor to Islam than those who remove heads. As Glick derided extremism in all its forms, fundamentalists within his own movement immediately came to mind.

Temple Mount Assassination: Who is Rabbi Yehuda Glick? Why was he shot? What is he fighting for?

Asked to confront these elements, among them Jews who espouse the destruction of Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount in order to pave the way for the construction of the Third Temple, Glick dismissed the notion that there can be any comparison. All the violence on a daily basis comes form the Muslim side. But yes, anybody who threatens violence, Jew or non-Jew, should not be allowed on the Temple Mount.

Despite the ongoing tensions on the Temple Mount, Glick believes that it is only a matter of time before the status quo breaks.

Just this past weekend 50 major Israeli rabbis came out with a call for Jews to go up to the Temple Mount. When I began 25 years ago there was not a single rabbi who supported it. Five years ago maybe I had 10 rabbis. On 10 OctoberGlick began a hunger strike protesting a police ban forbidding him to ascend to the Temple Mount. After 12 days, the police relented, agreeing to permit him to enter the site on the same terms as other Jewish visitors, that is, only to visit, not to pray. Glick was arrested in August for allegedly pushing a member of the Muslim women's guard at the Temple Mount, and was charged in mid-October for causing the woman to fall and break her arm.

Glick's attorney said that there "was no direct evidence that Glick had assaulted" the woman.

Hardline US-born rabbi Yehudah Glick to enter Knesset for Likud

A condition of Glick's release on bail was to ban him from entering the area during the legal proceedings. The Israeli police argued in the court in December, in relation to the appeal of the ban, that "allowing Glick on the site posed a threat to public order".

Does Newest Knesset Member Yehudah Glick Fulfill Jerusalem Prophecy of Zachariah?

On 4 Junea Jerusalem district court banned Glick from entering Temple Mount, overturning a lower court decision. The judge ruled that Glick's presence was inflammatory, and that, "there is a risk of violence breaking out if the respondent returns to the compound before the end of legal proceedings in his case". American political commentator Bernie Quigley has likened Glick to Gandhi"earthy, wise, thoughtful, non-violent, and compassionate". Now a member of the 20th Knesset, Glick is continuing his Temple Mount activism campaign, but has been barred from visiting the Temple Mount itself several times over the years due to the potentially incendiary nature of his activism campaigns.

According to eye-witness Shay Malka Parliamentary Assistant of MK Moshe Feiglina man on a motorcycle who spoke with a "thick Arab accent" approached Glick as he loaded equipment into the back of his car after speaking at a conference, and asked if he was Yehuda Glick, before shooting him in the chest 4 times and speeding off. Glick survived the assassination attempt, and was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment. After having undergone several surgeries, and being heavily sedated, Glick began showing signs of improvement on 5 November.

He began to recognize family members, and to be able to communicate "yes" or "no" with a nod of the head. Israeli police said their attempts at arrest were met by gunfire, a claim Hijazi's family denies, [50] which resulted in Hijazi being shot and killed. According to Palestinian sources, [ who? Hijazi had been a member of Islamic Jihad and served 11 years in Israeli prisons for security offenses; [56] Islamic Jihad immediately published an obituary claiming him as a member.

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