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Darrin bell biography of william

darrin bell biography of william
Bloom County and The Far Side too. We lost our collective mind.

Catering to that steadily shrinking demographic doesn't strike me as a great business model if growth is what you're after.

But what do I know? This week, your strip amusingly uses the bailout meetings in Washington to spoof, if not directly comment on, current challenges in the comics industry. How do you size up the comic-strip business right now? Newspapers are dying, largely because of the skyrocketing cost of newsprint and other economic pressures, but also because of self-inflicted wounds. Papers let themselves be snapped up in a great journalistic fire sale and merged into huge conglomerates. When has there ever been a corporate merger that didn't eventually result in job losses?

Distant corporate offices have eviscerated newsrooms across the country. It's been a massacre. If the corporations thought readers wouldn't notice the steady increase in wire articles, the steady closures of foreign bureaus and the increasing lack of local coverage and local autonomy, they were delusional.

The Interview: 'Candorville' Cartoonist Darrin Bell

Not a week goes by that my grandfather doesn't complain about how his local paper is a shadow of its former self. He's been a loyal newspaper reader for decades. It's been part of his daily routine for plus years.

darrin bell biography of william

Yet the only reason he continues to subscribe is to get "Candorville. Cartoonists have suffered along with reporters and columnists. Papers that once ran four pages of comics now run only a handful of strips. Opinion pages have been jettisoning their editorial cartoonists.

I believe those who believe Condi Rice is pictured have been mistaken. This is really Michelle Obama; I have done double takes on pictures of her that could be mistaken for being of Rice. For the three unidentified at the top center, I believe these would be the three civil right workers killed by the KKK and buried in an earthen dam. They made the ultimate sacrifice trying to get African Americans registered to vote. Found under Black History on Goggle. I knew I had seen the young man next to Atucus before. Lincoln was a product of his times who believed blacks were innately inferior.

Both were relics, in a sense, but both contributed in vastly different ways to the empowerment of black Americans. The appearance of Malcolm X in this poster is quite laughable.

Malcolm X had a word for people like Obama: I teach middle school and would like to see how many of the figures my students could name.

It was interesting that you included Eisenhower but no Kennedys and one writer, one athlete, and one musician, and probably not the ones that most of us would have chosen.

The three men between John Brown and A. They were Civil Rights workers killed on June 21, in Mississippi. No, I agree with you — I have quite a few of those collections. I loved how she would juggle several different storylines, and how characters would grow apart, and come back into each others lives in unpredictable ways. They made mistakes, learned lessons sometimes the wrong onesetc.

That is what makes us go back again and again — because we like the characters, they are real to us, and we want to know what happens to them. Afterward, we all went out to lunch.

darrin bell biography of william

So I went with him while he drove to find an ATM. Stephan seemed to see it, but also seemed not to think anything of it. I turned that discussion into a Candorville storyline the next year the Stephen King story. I came out of the one so enthusiastic for the future of our country, and now….

darrin bell biography of william

Republics end when the citizenry loses respect for both their intellectuals and their government. What scares me is how pervasive the hatred toward specialists, intellectuals, and teachers has become. And it is a death spiral. The anti-science crowd and the pro-death crowd scares me. But I saw this coming. Do you think Obama will be any different if he wins re-election? Will he be more aggressive? Presidents rarely exceed the achievements of their first terms. The perception of him as a weak leader has taken root among his base, and that is usually the death knell.

darrin bell biography of william

I would so love to be proven wrong. So why he keeps trying to appeal to those who will never support him while ignoring his base is beyond me. I come from a similar background. My dad left when I was a kid, and I spent years dealing with abandonment issues. I see the same trait in Obama that I have in me, the same irrational urge to win the approval of those who will never give it to him. The same urge to reach out an open hand to people who are going to respond with a fist.

Darrin Bell

Good conclusion, and unexpected. Even though I was a huge Bell fan before this, I learned a lot about him and appreciate him even more than before. Thanks for a great interview! You are commenting using your WordPress.

Darren B. Watts

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November 1 — 4: But then Babylon 5 came along. So did you decide to be a comic artist first or a storyteller first? But you went to school for political science… BELL: I actually thought about law school. For a minute or two.

How did that get you into doing comics as a career? In a roundabout way… I was in gifted and talented programs in Jr. So I joined the school paper, and quickly became the Opinion page editor, then editor in chief. How did you end up with Matt Richtel? Which one has wider circulation? You plan on ending the strip? We nerds get that stuff. And I assume it is no coincidence that he wants to be a writer.

Stephen King touched on that in a Candorville storyline last year. Candorville currently has four collections and Rudy Park has two. He started drawing when he was 3.

He's been published in the Daily Californian sinceduring his freshman year in college, and in major papers across the country. He was an editorial cartoonist during the s for the Los Angeles Times and other California newspapers. He currently is a syndicated editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post Writers Group.

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