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Harald kujat biography of michael

harald kujat biography of michael
But it is also a collective-defense organization. Und die Russen antworten mit der Stationierung von

So I would like to share my thoughts on this topic, particularly on three important points: It is important to realize that there is no single risk that is the most dangerous to our societies; what is most dangerous is a combination of risks, both those linked within a short time frame and those that have a common purpose though they are posed by different actors. With this understanding, I believe that the ability to engage in armed conflict will remain the ultimate instrument of state power. Though interstate conflict is likely to become less frequent, it will be more risky and more dangerous when it does occur.

It will also have increased consequences for international security. For example, very recently we saw a degradation of the overall security situation in the Philippines. By virtue of their fusion with the societies that harbor them, terrorist groups claiming an affiliation with Islam continue to elude eradication and remain able to acquire weapons and ammunition.

Because information and technology continue to flow across borders at an accelerated pace, and because technological advances make manufacturing processes more efficient than ever before, many countries and many non-state actors with limited resources have access to the material and expertise necessary to develop weapons of mass destruction.

harald kujat biography of michael

This trend will continue to accelerate over time, because no developing nation will want to compete militarily with developed countries in the traditional way when WMDs are inexpensive force equalizers and can mitigate the relative huge technological edge potential adversaries have. Simply put, possessing WMDs allows nations to project greater national power than they could in any other way. However, while the proliferation of WMDs and the growing capabilities gap between actors are causing a shift toward asymmetric threats, such threats are not caused only by WMDs.

Harald Kujat

Some traditional threats are also asymmetric and also facilitated by advances in technology. Actually, asymmetry relates more to a method of action than to use of unconventional weapons. The series of deadly explosions in commuter trains that rocked Madrid in Marchleaving scores of dead, was also way beyond what European countries have experienced in contemporary times short of total war. To meet the increasing threat posed by terrorist organizations using asymmetric methods, all levels of intelligence and security agencies must share information as well as have unity of thought and unity of action.

Operations will become increasingly complex and no action will be exclusively military or civilian.

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Whatever the threats and challenges, we must keep insecurity from being imported into our societies. At NATO, we believe that the only way to predict the future is to have the power to shape the future, and it is in that spirit that we tackle all our challenges.

harald kujat biography of michael

NATO has been and continues to be a defensive alliance, an expression of transatlantic cooperation and of the common values of freedom, democracy, and free enterprise. To support the new Strategic Concept, to position ourselves for success in the 21st century, and to give real force to the need to transform our capabilities, we created, on June 19,the Allied Command for Transformation.

harald kujat biography of michael

The Supreme Commander has been tasked to find innovative and more effective ways to conduct operations and to create a culture that continually seeks better ways of working. Since its inauguration, the Allied Command for Transformation has worked diligently analyzing lessons learned from both NATO and non-NATO operations and drawing conclusions for force planning and force structures.

These lessons and conclusions are being applied in turn to planning future operations.

harald kujat biography of michael

The command has also sponsored numerous seminars and exercises at the highest military and political levels, one of which was held in January in Norfolk, Virginia; 93 operational commanders from the NATO Response Force met for three days of war games centering on the deployment of an NRF in a crisis-response operation.

This high-technology combined force is rapidly deployable and will integrate air, land, and maritime components, and is being trained, equipped, and certified to meet common NATO standards.

harald kujat biography of michael

But the NRF is more than that. It is a catalyst for transformation. Because contributing to the NRF is a source of pride among the nations, they are encouraged to subscribe more fully to meeting expeditionary capabilities. And through the NRF, which includes U.

Richard David Precht spricht mit General a.D. Harald Kujat, 22.05.2017

NATO members will be able to deploy more rapidly and fight more effectively, a very important requirement if we are to continue fulfilling our mission to provide collective defense. However, the NRF is not a mere toolbox from which you can extract specific capabilities.

harald kujat biography of michael

It is an entity that will be tailored to a specific mission but will always be engaged as the NRF, which needs collective capabilities to do its job properly. This collective approach to capabilities is the only reasonable one for an intergovernmental organization to take for several reasons: It is the first engagement the Alliance has undertaken out of its area, and, as such, the eyes of the international community are fixed on it, with expectations running very high.

Therefore we must match our political ambitions with the military capabilities required to do the job. While we can never afford to fail in any crisis-response operation, this is especially true in Afghanistan, particularly as the country prepares for fair and free elections.

The North Atlantic Alliance: A Vector of Peace, Stability, and Security

But stability is not a given in Afghanistan. Warum gibt es heute immer noch keinen Weltfrieden? Staaten suchen kaum mehr nach dem Verbindenden, sondern nach der Abgrenzung zueinander. So gut wie alle Staaten dieser Erde haben sich dort zur Gewaltfreiheit verpflichtet.

harald kujat biography of michael

Das wussten schon die deutschen Philosophen Kant und Fichte. Harald Kujat wurde in Mielke heute Polen geboren.

Ewige Kriege

Kujat steht im Rang eines deutschen Generals a. Kujat wuchs in Hannover und Kiel auf und beganndirekt nach seinem Abitur, einen Ausbildung bei der Luftwaffe. Harald Kujat wurde mit zahlreichen Orden ausgezeichnet: Seit Juni ist Kujat im Ruhestand. Er bildet bis heute die Grundlage der Charta der vereinten Nationen und gilt damit zu Recht als einer der bedeutendsten Texte der deutschen Philosophie.

A theoretical analysis University Press, 5. Die Nato stationiert jeweils Soldaten, entgegen jeder "Absprache" mit den Russen. Und die Russen antworten mit der Stationierung von Indem man die Russische Antwort verschweigt? Also nur Volksverdummung und Verschleuderung von Steuergeldern? Und kindhafte Provokation der Russen? Die Russen antworten immer 1: Was will man damit erreichen? Die USA sind ja weit entfernt, so dass es Europa treffen wird, sofern es zu kriegerischen Handlungen kommen sollte.

Falls es jemals zu einem dritten Weltkrieg kommen sollte, wird es keine Gewinner geben. Gegen diese Terroristen sollte man gezielt vorgehen!

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