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Prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher
He soon began to influence matters which had nothing to do with healing. Oh, I don't know about that.

It was during one of these meets that I first had a sinister foreboding when I saw this curious cloud creep over one of my friends who was sitting opposite me.

A few hours later, on jumping a hurdle, he fell and was so severely injured that his life hung in the balance for several days. Shortly afterward, a friend of my parents who was passing through Oxford came to lunch with me.

During the meal, I suddenly saw him through the cloud. In writing to my mother, I mentioned this, adding that I was convinced that some danger threatened our friend. A few days later, a letter from her announced his death. When I happened to meet an occultist at a friend's house in London, I told him the story. He said that he was not surprised, that it was a form of second sight, and that he had heard of several similar cases, notably in Scotland. For a whole year, I lived in dread lest this horrible cloud should hide the face of someone I loved.

Fortunately these visions ended as suddenly as they had begun. London society was split into several sets.

The Oxford alumnus who helped to assassinate Rasputin

I preferred the more unconventional ones, where I could meet artists and where a certain amount of informality was permitted. The Duchess of Rutland was the leader of one such set, She had a son and three daughters; I was particularly friendly with two of the latter, Margery and Diana. One was dark, the other fair; both were lovely, witty and full of imagination. It would be hard to say which was the more attractive of the two; I was under the spell of both. Lady Ripon, a celebrated beauty of the Edwardian era, was a woman of great breeding, and still very attractive in a very English way.

Extremely intelligent, shrewd and astute, she could carry on a brilliant conversation on topics which she knew nothing about. Her sparkling wit had sometimes a touch of malice, concealed under her deceptively angelic air of innocence. She entertained a great deal at Coomb Court, her magnificent house near London, and she possessed the unique gift of giving her receptions the right atmosphere. The King and Queen were received with pomp and ceremony; politicians and men of learning found themselves in a correct if rather solemn atmosphere, and artists in a vie de Boheme that was free from all vulgarity yet easy and unconventional.

Lord Ripon was a racing man with little taste for society, and put in brief and infrequent appearances at his wife's receptions.

Sometimes his head could be seen peering over a screen, behind which it almost immediately disappeared. In spite of the disparity in our ages, Lady Ripon had a great liking for me; she often telephoned, asking me to help her with her receptions and week-end parties. One day she had invited Queen Alexandra and several other members of the royal family to lunch, and arranged a party for the same evening at which Diaghilev, Nijinsky, Karsavina and the entire Russian ballet were to appear.

The weather was very fine and the Queen gave no signs of leaving. At five, tea was served; six o'clock, seven o'clock came and still the Queen did not go. For some unknown reason Lady Ripon did not wish the Queen to know that she was having the Russian ballet at her house that evening.

She begged me to help her avoid a "collision"-a somewhat tricky task. So when Diaghilev and his artists arrived I took them straight to the ballroom where an array of bottles of champagne had been put on ice.

My first trip to England - I return to Russia - I meet Rasputin - Departure for Oxford - Anna Pavlova - Life at the University - London society, fancy-dress balls, etc. - Farewell to Oxford Last few days in London - The English at home.

I locked the door and entertained them until the Queen left-when we all staggered out. Lady Ripon's daughter, Lady Juliet Duff, was very like her mother in many ways.

She had the same charm and spontaneous kindliness that made her so popular with all her friends. I also met King Manuel of Portugal there, and we remained fast friends until his death.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

Although I went on studying at Oxford, I became more and more absorbed in the amusing and frivolous life I led in London. I took a great deal of trouble over the decoration of this flat, and the result was most satisfactory. I kept Mary, my macaw, and several other birds in the entrance hall, which I furnished with plants and wicker chairs and tables.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

To the right of the hall was a white dining room decorated with blue Delft pottery; the carpet was black, the curtains of orange silk, the chairs were covered with toile de Jouy in the same shade as the pottery. The room was lit by a blue glass bowl hanging from the ceiling, and by silver candlesticks on the table with orange shades. This effect of double lighting was very becoming to women, and gave to their faces the delicate semi-transparency of porcelain.

To the left of the hall was a large drawing room divided by a recess. It contained a grand piano and mahogany furniture covered with chintz of a Chinese design in the same shade of green as the walls.

The Home of the Last Tsar - Romanov and Russian History

On these I hung English colored prints. A white bearskin was stretched on the black carpet in front of the fireplace. The room was lit entirely by table lamps.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

Next door was a smaller drawing room; it was modern, the color scheme green and blue, the furniture by Martine. The walls of my bedroom were hung in two shades of gray cretonne, and blue curtains formed a sort of alcove; my icons were placed on either side of the bed in glass cases, and were dimly lit by night lights. The furniture was lacquered gray, and the carpet was black with a design of flowers. My third year at Oxford was almost up, and I had to abandon my frivolous life for a few months to prepare for the final examinations.

How I succeeded in passing them is still a mystery to me. I was very sorry to leave Oxford and all my friends, and I felt quite melancholy when I got into my car, with my parrot and my bulldog, and set out for London. I had taken such a fancy to life in England that I decided to prolong my stay there until the following autumn.

Two of my cousins, Maya Koutouzoff and Irina Rodzianko, came to stay with me. Both were very beautiful women and I enjoyed going about with them.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

For a performance at Covent Garden they wore, at my suggestion, tulle turbans with a big bow which made a perfect frame for their lovely faces. The whole audience stood up to stare at them, and during the interval all my friends flocked to our box, asking to be introduced. A handsome young Italian diplomat, known as "Bambino," instantly fell in love with Maya. He never left us from that moment, spent all his time at my flat, and had himself invited wherever we went. He continued coming round to the flat after my cousins left, and we remained excellent friends.

Prince Paul Karageorgeviteb, later Regent of Yugoslavia, was then in London and stayed with me for some time. He was a very pleasant fellow, a good musician and excellent company. I was asked to take part in a charity performance organized at Earls Court. This included a pantomime in which ambassadors from various countries were to make a formal entre'e before the queen of an imaginary country. The period chosen was the sixteentb century, and the beautiful Lady Curzon, seated on a throne and surrounded by courtiers, was to be the queen I was to impersonate a Russian ambassador from the Court of Moscow and made my entrance on horseback, followed by a retinue.

My Russian costume was exactly right for the part, and a circus supplied a magnificent full-blooded, snow-white Arab horse.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

The first entrance was that of Prince Christopher, dressed as a king, his ermine-lined mantle trailing on the ground, a crown on his head and To my astonishment, as I entered the ring, my horse on hearing the music began to dance.

Everyone thought this was part of the program and when my horse had finished his act I was greeted with loud applause. But was I embarrassed! After the performance a number of friends had supper with me.

Prince Christopher draped in his royal mantle, crown on head and monocle in eye, sat astride the hood of my car as I drove home, to the delight of the crowd. We drank so much that night that not one of my guests was in a fit condition to go home. The next day at about twelve o'clock I was awakened by the arrival of a chamberlain of the Greek Court in search of his Prince.

He searched among the bodies lying in armchairs, on sofas and even on the floor, but there was no Prince Christopher. I was becoming quite alarmed, when I suddenly heard snores which seemed to come from out of the piano.

I lifted the silk cover and there was the Prince, rolled in his royal mantle, his crown by his side, his eyeglass in his eye, sound asleep. My last year in London was the gayest of all. Fancy-dress balls were the rage and there was one almost every night. I had a wide range of costumes but my Russian one was always the greatest success. But, at the last minute, the costume struck me as being altogether too ostentatious, so I passed it on to the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and attended the ball, not as the King of France, but as the humblest of his subjects, a simple French sailor.

The German prince looked magnificent: I was on very friendly terms with dear old Mrs. King Edward VII took her with him wherever he went; she amused him so much that he could not do without her. Her country house, Coomb Spring, was named after a fountain to which Mrs. Williams attributed rejuvenating powers; she used to bottle the water from the so-called Fountain of Youth and sell it to her friends for fabulous sums. Week-ends at her house were always extremely gay. Her friends were all free-and-easy, and sometimes a trifle questionable. They would turn up unexpectedly, and were always sure of a warm welcome at any time of the day or night, or might even find her ready to set off with them for an evening jaunt to London.

Lost Splendour and the Death of Rasputin by Prince Felix Yusupov

Once I spent a few days in Jersey and, as I was always interested in livestock, I stopped by a meadow to admire a magnificent herd of cows, One cow came up to my car, and looked at me so touchingly with her great eyes, that I was seized with an irresistible desire to buy her. Her owner at first demurred, but ended by agreeing.

As soon as I reached London, I entrusted my cow to the care of "Madame," who welcomed her with enthusiasm. The Emperor and Irina's father gave their blessing.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

Felix was a frequent visitor to Aleksandra's Mauve Boudoir and she considered him one of her proteges. He in return criticized her taste in interior decor, art and clothes behind her back. She gave him advice and attempted to develop his spiritual side. Felix, the master manipulator, lead Aleksandra to believe that he heeded her advice and appreciated her spiritual guidance. He was genuinely responsive to the influence of ElizabethAleksandra's saintly sister, who also took him under her wing. Felix and Irina had one daughter and lived in his parents palace on the Moika in the area he and his brother had occupied.

They lived an charmed life until the outbreak of WWI, which put a damper on the whirl of high-society life in St. The story of Felix' involvement in the assassination of Rasputin is well known from Felix' own account of the murder. Over a period of time Felix ingratiated himself with Rasputin, who was constantly pursuing contacts among the Tsar's family and wealthy Russian society.

Felix claims he allowed himself to me mesmerized by Rasputin on at least one occasion. There is considerable mystery about the relationship between Rasputin and Felix. Since Felix was the only one to live to tell the tale it is his account that has survived.

Although Felix claimed he participated in the murder of Rasputin - which happened in the basement of the Moika palace on a dark, cold mid-December night in - out of political considerations and to 'save' Russia, his real motives remain elusive.

Felix had never shown any interest in politics or the country, so this claim of his is questionable.

prince felix yusupov biography of christopher

It seems that there may have been some scandal Rasputin intended to take to Aleksandra involving Felix. Perhaps it involved Nicholas' first cousin and ward, Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov.

Nicholas and Aleksandra were concerned about Felix' bad influence on Dmitri, although they never explained what their concern was specifically. Felix intimates an intense relationship with Dmitri in his memoirs, without illuminating the full extent of their attachment. It seems obvious something was being concealed. Dmitri and Felix teamed up with a sympathetic, conservative Duma deputy, Purishkevitch to murder Rasputin. Felix lured him to his palace with the promise of an introduction to his wife.

Arriving at the door to Felix and Irina's apartments, Felix received Rasputin and then led him downstairs via a small, winding staircase which stopped at a dark basement chamber with a big stone pillar in the middle. What happened then is not clear. Felix claims they tried to poison Rasputin with rose cream cakes laced with cyanide and Madeira spiked with the same. Learn more about Amazon Prime. If you already have an account, sign in. Check your Internet connection and go to your cartor try again.

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Felix Yusupov

Unable to add item to List. The disclaimer that now screens at the end of every American film, "The preceding was a work of fiction, any similarity to a living person etc. The claim was that some events were fictionalized, and under a New York City statute, his commercial rights in his story had been misappropriated.

The last reported judicial opinion in the case was a ruling by New York's second highest court that the case could not be resolved upon briefs and affidavits but must go to trial. She condemned both men as murderers and said any decent person would be disgusted by the ferocity of Rasputin's killing. The French court ruled that it had no jurisdiction over a political killing that had occurred in Russia. Irina and Felix enjoyed a happy and successful marriage for more than 50 years.

When Felix died inIrina was stricken by grief and died three years later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 5 August Fuhrmann The Untold Storyp. Atlantic Magazine; Lost Splendour, p.

Retrieved 4 January Love, Power, and Tragedy, Leppi Publications,p. Moe Prelude to the Revolution: The Murder of Rasputin, p.

Paresp. Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. Ennis 6 September The New York Times. Retrieved 15 September — via www. Archived from the original on 31 December Retrieved 3 January Retrieved from " https:

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