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Bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william

bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mama Wanjiru reaps from a wide range of the field with huge crops in the circles of creed, tribe and race.

As if being in the dingy cells of Milimani law courts rubbing shoulders with suspected hardcore criminals was not enough for Wanjiru, the bishop had no way of monitoring the tallying of her votes and those of her son Stephen Kariuki who was vying for Mathare MP.

bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william

Wanjiru was in a bitter contest with Mike Mbuvi sonko and Peter Kenneh for the Nairobi governor's seat. Away from the glamour of her pulpit where attendants were at hand to proffer sanitised handkerchiefs, at the dock she sat pensively alone as the charges were read out, throwing occasional motherly smiles to her son, Kariuki.

The Star, Kenya

A number of her supporters and faithful were also in court to comfort her at her darkest hour. Wanjiru faced a first count of malicious damage to property where it was alleged that on Wednesday during the Jubilee party nominations at City Park Market in Nairobi, she destroyed ballot boxes and assorted ballot papers worth Sh30, In the second count, she was charged with creating disturbance during the party primaries by allegedly storming the Jubilee party polling station at City Park Market and disrupting the voting exercise.

bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william

She denied all the charges but the prosecution through investigating officer Shadrack Mbila filed an affidavit to persuade the magistrate to deny her bail, stating that her release will compromise ongoing investigations.

They scared the polling clerks who fled for their safety and we are yet to trace them to record statements," said Mbila.

bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william

The prosecution further hinted of preferring more charges against Wanjiru, and pleaded with the magistrate to detain her as a measure of maintaining peace during the ongoing party primaries. Jubilee primaries across the counties - 24th April Bomet Provisional Results: Mama Wanjiru aspires to inspire hard work and realization of relevant realities. That is what she has demonstrated over the years, and in the last five years she served as the MP for Starehe when she coined and helped sustain successful community based programs for womenfolk, men and youth.

George Aladwa tears into Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

That is what she aspires to extend in an expanded mandate as a Senator. Mama Wanjiru reaps from a wide range of the field with huge crops in the circles of creed, tribe and race.

bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william

She beholds blessings of welfare groups which consider her as a symbol of faith, stability and prosperity. The lady bishop is ahead of the rest in the race due to the fact that she is a darling of the people of the capital city due to her evident discipline and determination to address societal needs.

Newsmakers: Focus On Margaret Wanjiru

That has seen her stand out of the crowd clad in decency. Unlike others who thrive in uncultured audacity, Bishop Wanjiru commands clean track record.

Daily Nation

You can trust in her promises. Apart from Mbuvi and Omtatah, the other rivals of Bishop Wanjiru pass for mere jokers. While Mbuvi thrives in handouts of mysterious monies and theatrics, Omtatah pose as a man standing in shadows of justice for man and property; shadows only rivaling lawlessness and mischief.

bishop margaret wanjiru biography of william

While Mama Wanjiru enjoys those vote advantages her closest rival, Mbuvi, has slippery anthills ahead and baggage of worms on his head. Major Christian and Islamic denominations have, separately, met and resolved to keep the city safe from thuggish manipulations by electing a decent person with proper knowledge of Nairobi and dominant leadership track records.

How Bishop Wanjiru Will Win Nairobi Senate Race

This does not include Mbuvi whose profile is spoilt by theatrics that include splashing of maize-flour over his body in disguise that he protested high cost of life essential commodities. He passes as one writing curse upon the city without really realizing his misdemeanor.

Margaret Wanjiru

Am not a prophet of doom but, Wanjiru will not carry the day! She will lose heavily to Sonko the man of the people! Mum, you are assured of what I told you.

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