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Queen victoria biography ks1 sats

queen victoria biography ks1 sats
Victoria in Canada is a city. This product contains 28 cards with definitions and images for each term: Growing up in a palace Although they lived in a palace, Princess Victoria and her mother were not very rich.

This photo display banner is the perfect resource to head your display with! With three outstanding photos placed on this Victorians banner, it's a bright and colourful resource that will attract the eye!

Year 2 comprehension - Queen Victoria

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Queen Victoria

What would you like to know? Included is a design template that includes the iron boss on already and two pages of design ideas that might help children decide what they want to do.

A blank map activity that can be used to get children to show where Vikings originate from as well as where they settled.

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Children can then map out the potential journey the Vikings took to get to the various places through the use of arrows. Included is a map of Europe showing where the Vikings settled and raided to support children.

queen victoria biography ks1 sats

Activities that can be used when teaching the Vikings in KS2. Included is a map activity that requires children to colour the map based on Danelaw and a set of questions that then finishes with a mini-essay style question where children have to apply their knowledge to respond to a statement. Halloween history Halloween history for SEN learners. Included so far are schemes of work for: This was called the Kensington System after Kensington Palace, where they lived.

queen victoria biography ks1 sats

This was all done so Victoria would learn to depend on her mum and John Conroy, and maybe give them important roles after she became queen. But, it all went wrong — after Victoria became queen, she sent John Conroy away and gave her mum rooms that were far away from hers at Buckingham palace, so they hardly saw each other.

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She survived all of them. She was a few months older than Albert, and he was her cousin.

queen victoria biography ks1 sats

They became friends and fell in love. They were married on 10 February They even shared the same office, each with their own desk.

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ByVictoria had 42 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren. One of her great-great-grandchildren is Queen Elizabeth II! Victoria and Albert enjoyed celebrating Christmas very much. Prince Albert was from Germany, and carried on holding some of the Christmas traditions he was used to.

Queen Victoria

These included having Christmas trees — before this time, people in Britain would have just hung a bit of holly or mistletoe rather than bring a whole tree inside and decorate it. Queen Victoria sent Christmas cards, and people began doing the same.

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Victoria and Albert also had a special red and gold sleigh that Albert would drive around in the snow. Prince Albert was very involved in organising the Great Exhibition in He was interested in all the latest things to do with the arts and sciences, and celebrating the many discoveries and inventions of the Victorian era.

queen victoria biography ks1 sats

Year 3 and 4 comprehension - Christmas in Europe This resource is a non-fiction comprehension activity for lower key stage 2, perfect for using in the run up to Christmas. Contains powerpoint lessons, medium term plan, text extracts and samp Harry Potter lesson Designed as an introduction to the novels for my set 2 Year 7s.

queen victoria biography ks1 sats

Please note that this is designed for a double lesson and could easily be spread ov It is adapted from the Bible and tells part of the Christmas story, Boy- Who am I? Autobiographical writing KS3 PPT to help year 7 students write autobiographically and enhance literacy skills.

queen victoria biography ks1 sats

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