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jose luis inciarte biography template
The news that people had survived the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight on 13 October had also leaked to the international press, and a flood of reporters began to appear along the narrow route from Puente Negro to Termas del Flaco. The survivors lacked equipment such as cold-weather clothing and crampons footwear suitable for the area, mountaineering goggles to prevent snow blindness although one of the eventual survivors, year-old Adolfo "Fito" Strauch, devised a couple of sunglasses by using the sun visors in the pilot's cabin, which helped protect the survivors' eyes from the sun , and medical supplies, and the death of Dr. The Andes Plane Crash Survivors".

This incident was compounded by Polly's disruptive history, which included smoking in her bathroom a fact she admitted during a Community Group therapy session and giving mood stabilizers to Shelly.

Algo Contigo - José Luis Inciarte 18 de Julio de 2017

Shelly told staff that Polly had given her Neurontin after the pills were discovered in her room during a routine check for contraband.

She is described in the epilogue as still having trouble with purging and weight loss.

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