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Yamil annum biography books

yamil annum biography books
A medieval hostelry with a chapel, set in the beautiful volcanic natural park of La Garrotxa near the picturesque village of Santa Pau. India Empowering Women in India through Belly Dance by Jasmine June and Samar The company works with less fortunate and troubled families and women, and pays the women a decent sum for their crafts as a way of helping them out.

Her dance training involves so many amazing teachers that inspired her and pushed her to get where she is today. Today she is the organizer and founder of the Miami Bellydance Convention, and the director of Dreamsbellydance Academy. Mo was born in Cairo to an educated Saiidi family who enjoyed music, dance, and the arts.

yamil annum biography books

He studied ballet as a young boy and at 11 was fond of sneaking backstage to meet singers and dancers. As a young man he studied pharmacy while continuing his interest in dancing where he meet Mahmoud Reda and was an inaugural member of the Reda Group.

He has appeared in numerous films and on TV. Mo left Egypt in when it became illegal to have two jobs — and he had more than two!

yamil annum biography books

Politics also meant he had to leave as a dancer rather than a pharmacist. He has chosen to retire from medicine and is devoting all of his time to dance, his first love. Yamil Annum is a professional male Belly dancer and master instructor originally from Argentina. He was born on April 25,and is a master in Argentinian folk dance. Inhe received a medal of honor when he graduated from the Artistic Institute of Haedo where he obtained his masters degree in Spanish Regional Dance. While he was a principal dancer for the Superior Artistic Institute of Buenos Aires, he was proclaimed the principal dancer for the Greek Ballet of Argentina.

In the same year, he was invited by Amir Thaleb to be the principal dancer of the Arabian Dance Company Yamil Annum has created his own dance style and has evolved his specific style of Oriental dance by using the well established foundations of classical Ballet, Ukrainian dance, Ballroom dancing, Celtic dances, Jewish folk-dance, Bhangra, Armenian and Argentinian Tango.

His elegance on the stage has revolutionized stages all over Argentina and Latin America. She is a sensational and charismatic performer with a reputation for bringing the house down with her powerful stage shows. Marta started her career in where she began honing her skills by taking part in many competitions in the Ukraine and abroad in Cairo. She is recognized for her unique teaching method and clear and concise explanations and regularly holds training workshops in the Ukraine and abroad.

Julia Farid is a professional dance performer and instructor from Ukraine. Known for her unique choreographies and shows, she has being taking the world of oriental dance by storm.

At this moment she traveling extensively giving workshops and performing all over the world. M eet Artem Uzunov, originally from Russia, the winner of the International Olympiad of arts, unique and creative percussionist who perfectly mastered the game of ethnic drums. He performs drum solos and writes his own solo tracks. He is often invited on local radio and TV shows in Russia. Artem is a frequent visitor and judge of various international festivals and competitionsand has played in master classes for famous dancers around the world.

yamil annum biography books

We can confidently say that this album is so versatile sounding, that every dancer around the world has performed to one of his songs already! Dance Soul Company consists of over 20 dancers of different nationalities in which they are trained in styles such as Belly Dance, Bollywood, samba, flamenco, hip-hop cabaret and more. Her work consists of a unique fusion of different world styles and special events.

yamil annum biography books

Some of his acts use swords in fire, contortion in dance and snakes. She is certified as a Broadway Dance Center teacher. And in addition, to its training also I realize theater which helps in the artistic development.


Celebrity Choreography most recently was with Nilr Rodgers. There was a scent of expensive perfume mixed with cigarette smoke. The tables were covered with flower arrangements and lavish silver platters of fruit. Ahmed Whardany and Samir Sabot brought a great energy and expertise to London. What a star indeed! Nawarra grew up in Casablanca graduating from the university there. She now lives in Leed, near Manchester in Northern England. She has a troupe there, teaches and also takes several tour groups per year back to Morocco. She explains to us the term "sha'abi" and how it is used in the Moroccan dialect of the Arabic language.

Let see how it goes! The plan is to update this page frequently. Sam starts to tell of her start with the troupe when Rachel joins the conversation briefly to help out and testifiy to Sam's talent and commitment.

Sam was discovered in Rachel's workshop in Birmingham. Sam also shows us her gig bag and her favorite skirt made by Madi Love. Sam suggestions bringing a sewing kit and tells of problems getting her belt ornaments tangled in her bracelets. Many of our festivals are held in historic sites, such as castles or ancient towns, and we are used to the surprising sound of Arabic music floating across an English lawn.

A New Direction by Josephine Wise I had a vision of the whole dance scene becoming one and being aware of one another. Not being able to prepare my planned choreography properly for the Oum Kalthoum song, which is not easy to interpret to begin with, I quickly turned to emotions in order to fill up the space.

Christina trailed behind me, feet dragging, whiney and hungry, but hanging on after a full day or of walking. Estonia Belly Dancing in Estonia by Ines Karu As in the rest of the world, the Egyptian style of belly dance is the most popular one in Estonia.

yamil annum biography books

Most of the instructors and dancers are specialized in that style. The general impression of belly dance in Estonia is glamorous, feminine, luxurious, modern and elegant. It's a time where Estonian dancers can truly say that they can be proud to be a Middle Eastern dance artist in Estonia. The following are photos from our adventures. But Leila never has considered moving to a place where the social climate might be more open.

As she puts it, "my story is France. Greece On the Road, Queen of Denial, Chapter 4by Rebaba That night, I would find out that my arrival and subsequent feelings of having "made it to the top" couldn't have been farther from the truth! Arrival by Chloe Villareal Even our exhaustion couldn't dampen our excitement and eagerness to explore our fascinating new surroundings. This movement is a never-ending energy flow full of elegance and ferocity, sensuality and femininity. I hope that I will be a part of this wonderful Oriental dance life for a long time.

Iceland Bellydance in Iceland by Sabah Recently, I was able to witness first hand how truly global the world of bellydance has become.

India Empowering Women in India through Belly Dance by Jasmine June and Samar The company works with less fortunate and troubled families and women, and pays the women a decent sum for their crafts as a way of helping them out. Last January, we made the trek over water and mountains to reach this fascinating land. Pushkar holds the only temple dedicated to Brahma, the creator, as well as many other temples.

But I had no way of knowing how much danger I was really in. Indonesia Indonesia's Introduction to Belly Dance: At first they looked at me with suspicion, not sure of my ethnicity.

I sometimes get thanked when they realize that I share the Arab blood. Until a month ago, I was a professional belly dancer in Phoenix, Arizona. Israel Eliat Festival with T and A! Despite its being overwhelmingly exhausting and loaded with material, the celebrating continued in the lobby, well into the night, with endless conversations and the exchange of tales. There we were able to get some time with Simona Minisini of Palmanova, Italy. She told us about her school, the coming World Dance Tropy Competition and her own history in Oriental dance.

She and her husband Igor have a studio called Club Sunshine with mutiple dance rooms, 2 pools and a "Bed and Breakfast". This video also included a sample of her performance at the festival in Morocco. By Tanja Waadi, Italy I had had an arrangement to meet my man, my beloved whom, for a number of reasons, I cannot see often. Surreyya interviewed Zoi while there for the benefit of Gilded Serpent readers. All my phone calls were monitored. I was not allowed to talk to or get into an elevator with an Arab man.

The majority of instructors were Lebanese and offered a diverse repertoire of Lebanese Oriental and folkloric technique with emphasis in dramatic moves, staging and communication through movement with modern dance components. The Lebanese resiliency and ability to rebound from crises is what encourages many of its citizens to live life to the fullest extent, and this passion is what lures tourists and expatriates every year.

Amani placed strong emphasis on the folklore and identity of Oriental Dance when compiling the program and offered touring to assist in blending technique with emotion. It was extremely educational for us to watch the learning process in three very diverse regions. It is an original, organic and time-honored fusion, brought about by history, geography, and most importantly, tolerance and mutual cultural celebration. One in recognition to Niral for her outstanding effort on organizing the event and welcoming her to Mexico. Raqia took about 20 minutes on the stage saying that she was so sad and angry that other teachers didn't come to greet her at the event.

Bellydance in Mexico by Martha Duran Those were tough times for us teachers. Students were very shy in the classroom but eager to learn; some of them even thought that Shakira had created Bellydance!

yamil annum biography books

Some aspiring dancers even sat through several classes just to check out what Bellydance was or if we teachers danced it as well as Shakira. Hakima is a native Moroccan dancer. She was teaching workshops an performing. She had a friend help us with translating.

Hakima now lives near Barcelona in Spain. She can also be found and contact on Facebook Check out her hair braiding during the drum solo! There are so many different cultures that live in harmony —in the same place— that it is difficult to remain indifferent.

Nepal Dance Journey to Nepal, Part 2 by Daleela The music had suddenly changed pitch from regular speed to very fast speed. They will remain etched in my mind forever. A Biography by Ekaterina This dance, having its own rules, was like the flight of a soul, especially for one who sees dance as art and not just personal exhibitionism. No coincidence then that they host the world's largest performing arts festival in their capitol city of Edinburgh each August.

Unfortunately, we find that those are the same dancers who are giving their opinions and critiquing the rest of the community and its dancers.

yamil annum biography books

I vividly remember when I was four years old and had just started ballet, the driveway became my stage and the African sun my spotlight as I did plies, twirled, and pitter-pattered on tiptoe to a growing audience of passers-by. I remember curtsying to a young schoolboy who stopped to stare. She is the prestigious and well traveled organizer of the International Oriental Dance Festival in Barcelona.

More than people take part every year in the 2 gala shows, the competitions, and in different workshops with the best international master teachers. They are all men and the dancer must always keep her distance from them.

You have to use the service of a manager who is the intermediary between you and the other persons involved in the business. It is very important to have a good manager, a good professional and good person as well. And it is not so easy to find, I can tell you. What You are Missing if You aren't in Barcelona! This year's three day event took place high up in the Catalunian Pyrenees, in a rustic hosted fed by fresh springs and bordered by a rushing river. Any snake lovers or snake dancers will have a special appreciation for this piece. Once in a while an object of desire comes along, which is deemed important by its obscurity.

Such could be the case with this hardcover, difficult to acquire tabletop adornment from Devorah Korek, an American-born Belly Dance teacher living and thriving in Spain. A medieval hostelry with a chapel, set in the beautiful volcanic natural park of La Garrotxa near the picturesque village of Santa Pau. Switzerland The Birth of a Dance Scene, The History of Oriental Dance in Switzerland by Meissoun Please allow me to introduce some of these groundbreakers so that you will appreciate what it was like to be an Oriental dancer in Switzerland in the early s. Queen of Denial, Chapter 6: More Gorgeous Georges and on to Damascus by Rebaba He kept reassuring me that everything was okay, and finally, the second time that I made for the exit, he pinned me against the wall in the darkened hallway and gave me a long, luscious kiss that made my head spin!

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