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Biography about marco polo

biography about marco polo
In he sent them to Rome as his messengers with a request that the pope send one hundred Europeans to share their knowledge with him. Khan himself was an expert in Chinese poetry. Polo travelled along with the wedding party to Persia in a ship and they stopped in Borneo, Sumatra and Ceylon, among other places.

Marco Polo traveling in a caravan, illustration from the Catalan Atlasin the …. The Yuan Mongol empire c. Frontispiece depicting Marco Polo, from an early printed edition in German of his travels. China in European exploration: The land routes of Central Asia.

biography about marco polo

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biography about marco polo

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biography about marco polo

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biography about marco polo

There was a problem with your submission. Please try again later. Tribal groups had soon reclaimed land along the once-prosperous trading route known as the Silk Road, effectively cutting off a vital artery connecting East and West. With the land route to China growing increasingly dangerous, few travelers dared set out on wide-ranging journeys for several years. In fact, Polo reportedly never left Venetian territory for the last two decades of his life.

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biography about marco polo

Print Cite Article Details: Get the latest History in the Headlines delivered straight to your inbox! He patronized scholars, scientists, astronomers, doctors, artists and poets.

Khan himself was an expert in Chinese poetry. In turn, Khan was able to take advantage of the knowledge of these foreigners in enormous projects such as efforts in water management and hydraulic engineering and warfare and siege engineering and other endeavors. When Marco was 15, his father and uncle returned home. Though the pope did not grant their request, the Polo brothers decided to return to Asia. This time, they took year-old Marco with them. The party sailed south from Venice across the Mediterranean to the Holy Land.

biography about marco polo

They had brought two friars — the best they could do for Kublai Khan's request — but upon getting a taste of difficult travel life, the friars turned back. The Polos continued, traveling primarily overland and swinging north and south through Armenia, Persia, Afghanistan and the Pamir Mountains.

Then, they cut across the vast Gobi Desert to Beijing. The journey took three or four years and was rife with hardships and adventure. Marco Polo contracted an illness and was forced to take refuge in the mountains of northern Afghanistan for an extended period of time. Polo described there being "nothing at all to eat," in the Gobi Desert. Nevertheless, young Marco Polo enjoyed a keen sense of adventure and curiosity, taking in the sights, smells and cultural phenomena with wonder.

Finally, the Polos reached Beijing and met Kublai Khan at the summer palace, Xanadu, a glorious marble and gold structure that enchanted young Marco. Khan happily received the Polos.

biography about marco polo

He invited them to stay and for Niccolo and Maffeo to become part of his court. Marco immersed himself in Chinese culture, quickly learning the language and taking note of customs. Khan was impressed and eventually appointed Marco the position of special envoy. Shizu, better known as Kublai Khan, as he would have appeared in the s Credit: Khan recognized his talents … Polo was devoted to serving the Emperor.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo and the Medieval Explorers. Chelsea House Publishers, Family business Born into a noble family of Venetian merchants, Marco Polo began his long experience with Cathay through the adventures of his father, Niccolo, and his uncle, Maffeo Polo, partners in a trading operation at a time when Venice was the world leader in foreign commerce. Years in China With the approval of Kublai Khan, the Polos began widespread trading ventures within his empire. Leaving the khan Although the Polos enjoyed the profits of their enterprise, they longed to return to Venice to enjoy their wealth.

Marco Polo

Record of his travels While imprisoned in Genoa, Marco Polo related the story of his travels to a fellow prisoner named Rusticiano, a man from Pisa, Italy, who wrote in the romantic style of thirteenth-century literature. For More Information Collis, Maurice. I think that the biography should describe Marco Polo's appearances but over all, the biography was good.

Legend has it that Marco Polo introduced to Italy some products from China, including ice cream, the pi?

11 Things You May Not Know About Marco Polo

However, these legends are highly dubious? This website is very good. I wish it could tll us any books that he wrote are still readable to this day. This website is very helpful: Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Show my email publicly.

biography about marco polo

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