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Harry main bmx biography books

harry main bmx biography books
Birthplace Liverpool , England. He turned professional when he was 18 years old. If they don't break on camera in one of those gnarly flairs, then I'm not worried about it.

His selfishness is not needed in the Bmx community. Education is how Bmx is going to pick back upnot another brand. All I know here is he showed his true colors and shot himself in the foot. The older scene will not support him but these new kids getting into it will still continue to suck his dick cause they have yet to understand and realize a healthy industry looks like and what BMX really is… Which is a family not a fucking jock sport like football or some shit.

harry main bmx biography books

I think Harry has the right idea, it is a fact. By dropping monster and all them he is taking out a big source that has a lot to do with extreme sports in our world today. Its going to take more than one person with a lot of money to do it.

Harry Main's New BMX Sponsors + Recent Travels, Catching Up Alli Sports

We need to get the sport out there more. There needs to be more jams more awareness of the sport. Thqts what we need to get out there, not make bmx cheap in price. We need to come up with the same thing Rob dyrdek did for skateboarding we need something like that in bmx. A big competition for just bmx. We need to do something. It is quite sad that all this is taking place. I wont hide, but I am one of the people that as soon as I saw the mafia news I was blown away. I dont really like park riders, or ever do follow them.

But Harry Main I respected alot, even though i was never into the thing he was doing. I like his tucking at the end of a and his flairs… I dont like the philosophy aspect though. We all ride BMX because it is special for each and everyone in our own way. A BMX Philosopher, we do not need. And if there was one in need i think there are more imporatnt figures in the sport than Harry main to occupy this space.

You dont stamp yourself a title, it is given to you.

harry main bmx biography books

The gap is measured from the topmost part of the lip, horizontally to the topmost part of the far side of the landing.

Gaps typically range from only a couple of feet to over twenty feet. A moderate gap is around twelve feet. Trails riding is sometimes also referred to as " dirt jumping ". Most trails riders maintain that a subtle difference exists in the style and flow of "dirt jumps" and "trails"; trails riders focus more on a flowing smooth style from one jump to the next while performing other stylish tricks.

While dirt jumpers try to perform the craziest tricks they can over larger, less flow-oriented jumps. Although many regard trails and street as being completely opposite, the attraction is similar — trails riders build their own jumps so their riding is limited only by their creativity and resourcefulness. Trails riders usually run a rear brake only as they have no use for a front brake, and usually a rotor gyro to make it easier to do barspins, so they do not have to spin the bars back the other way to untangle them, which is hard to do on trails.

People who ride in the above disciplines will generally take part in at least one of the others, but flatlanders tend to only ride flatland. They are often very dedicated and will spend several hours a day perfecting their technique. Flatland also differs from the others in that the terrain used is nothing but a smooth, flat surface e.

Tricks are performed by spinning and balancing in a variety of body and bicycle positions. Riders almost always use knurled aluminum pegs to stand on to manipulate the bike into even stranger positions. Flatland bikes typically have a shorter wheelbase than other freestyle bikes. Flatland bikes differ from dirt jumping bikes and freestyle bikes in one way. The frames are often more heavily reinforced because the people riding flatland often stand on the frames.


This shorter wheelbase requires less effort to make the bike spin or to position the bike on one wheel. One of the primary reasons flat landers often ride only on flatland is the decreased stability of a shorter bike on ramps, dirt courses and streets.

harry main bmx biography books

A variety of options are commonly found on flatland bikes, because its in an open space. The most unifying feature of flatland bikes is the use of four pegs, one on the end of each wheel axle.

Let’s Talk About Harry Main

Flatland riders will choose to run either a front brake, a rear brake, both brakes, or no brakes at all, depending on stylistic preference. Come see why so many pros have made this their home away from home! View the embedded image gallery online at: Daily Instruction is not only educational but also fun when done the "Woodward Way.

Two and a half hours a day will be spent with some of the best BMX Staff from around the country, navigating the vast complex and working on improving your riding.

harry main bmx biography books

Take your shot at winning some really great prizes from our sponsors and the worlds top BMX companies. The standard for Camp Woodward facilities has always and will continue to be held at the highest level. Our campus is constantly changing and evolving with the feedback from the people that know best, our professionals, staff, and campers. Harry Main markets his products at kids cos that's the market. What so bad about that?

harry main bmx biography books

Spencer's not hating on cheap bikes. He's hating on how they're marketed and sold. Mafia are only available online. It's all aimed at kids. Other brands aren't aiming their products directly at an age group. You can't get Mafia at your LBS.

harry main bmx biography books

He even mentions that at the end of the video. There's always people around with all the gear, but no idea I've been around bikes a long time too. Mafia is ahead of the game and people hate on them for it, also Spencer cracked his Sunday frame with his shit riding about a month before this and Harry has never cracked a Mafia frame when he is throwing 's. Harry Main could easily come back to competition scene and get sponsors out the ass, but he is supporting BMX in a way he feels is better, buy online and if you need upgrades or any repairs you take it to a LBS, it's simple and the way the world is moving.

I dont think I've been so politely insulted before. I'll respond to the only point in your post that warrants one: Harry Main gets a new frame every 5 minutes so they don't get a chance to break. If they don't break on camera in one of those gnarly flairs, then I'm not worried about it. Bike Shops are dead. Yeah it's sad, but it's the modern age. And what's wrong with his brands?

Freestyle BMX

Rockers look shit to me but if you don't want one don't buy one. You can have a much better frame for the same price. I understand what you're saying with it opens up the community, but the thing about Mafia is this:. They create bikes out of the cheapest parts they can, they know this and know that no one who is seriously into the sport will buy them.

harry main bmx biography books

That's why the slap on some super siq jet fuel color schemes, some 2. This appeals to the younger audience. They're just a cash grab for the youngins who don't do research, or the parents who see the word "aftermarket" and think it's up to par with safety standards. Obviously I can't tell you what you should be for or against, but the companies that are solely preying on kids and dumb parents like this are about the equivalent to:.

Here's the thing though, everyone who's saying they're shit has never ridden one.

harry main bmx biography books

They're basing their opinion on nothing. Or like 'I saw some kid at the skatepark snap one' We've all seen people snap every brand. Made in the USA means nothing nowadays. Everyone's shit breaks or isn't made well. I'd say having a bike with the same geometry as the one Harry Main uses is a big plus point for a lot of kids. Isn't that worth anything?

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