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Jayant paranji biography

jayant paranji biography
Everybody knows about Ram Gopal Varma. Unfortunately, the release date was fixed as 14th of October.

But the post-production definitely needs a lot of time. It's pretty important to fine-tune the film after production. They watch the TV and switch the channels.

jayant paranji biography

He is exposed and has seen more films than any of us do. If he looks at the first three or four scenes, he can tell what is the interval going to be and what's the climax would be like. They are so smart today. Audiences got used to the remote control mentality, which means, subconsciously, that if something does not hold interest for more than one minute, they change channels.

Over the last two years, they are tuned to that. That remote-control mentality has come in, which means that the concentration level of the Telugu cinema viewer has reduced to two minutes. In an auditorium, unfortunately, they do not have a remote. If they did, the whole Telugu cinema industry would sink. Unless you give them something new every two minutes, they will want to change channels. You have done four films so far. Except for ' Preminchukundam Raa ', English and Hindi films inspire all other three films.

Do the remakes influence you? For Bavagaru Bagunnarawe just took one point of this man pretending to be somebody's husband from 'walk in the clouds'. We took that point and changed the entire story.

This theme has come in lot of Telugu films in the past like Missamma. So I would not say 'Walk in the clouds' was not an inspiration. I always liked 'Walk in the clouds'. We took a love story and added this point to it. I always wanted to remake it. It is one of my favorite films. So I did ' Ravoyi Chandamama '. That way, even ' Preminchukundam Raa! The boy goes to Karnool and he meets the girl next door and falls in love with her.

The father of girl turned out to be a faction leader. Boy knows that faction leader does not allow their marriage. He elopes with her and comes back. Faction leader comes back and takes the girl back. Boy goes back and gets the girl again.

jayant paranji biography

You can't call that a story. Success of the film depends more on narration than story.

Jayanth C Paranji

There are people who can tell go story badly and there are people who can tell a bad story really well. It's eventually story telling that works in pictures. Eventually, you are the one who set the ball rolling for films with Rayalaseema faction's backdrop in Telugu. How did you manage? Audio clip - 0: That character of Jaya Prakash caught on. It is the first film somebody has used Ramayalaseema faction as the backdrop.

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The characterization of Jayaprakash caught on with masses very well. Suddenly everybody seems to be taking Rayalaseema as a point in the film. Definitely, Preminchukundam Raa is the first film with this backdrop.

How did you fix JP Jaya Prakash for the villain character in that film? He has done small character before. But I always liked him. He did a small role of tribal king in that. But there is something about his personality and stature. I suddenly remembered him when I was working on Preminchukundam Raa. He went off to Guntur.

jayant paranji biography

I told Suresh to try him out. Suresh got him down and we did a screen test again for JP. I changed his looks. We gave him thick eyebrows, hair in the ears and tough mustache. I told him to change his voice from high pitch to low. His did tremendous homework. Hats off to him. He went off to Rayalaseema for a month and picked up the dialect.

He was terrific with that and the total credit goes to him. He surprised me on the sets when he told me that he picked up the accent. I gave him the script and asked him to convert the dialogues into Rayalaseema dialect and he did. Now, nobody is speaking in Telangana anymore. Earlier the villains used to speak Telangana. Everybody is hooked to Seema language now. The total credit goes to Jaya Prakash. What went wrong with ' Ravoyi Chandamama '?

There are too many reasons. We have started off with wanting to make a good film. It was a great script. But somewhere, during the making of the film we went wrong. We were little rushed. We were pushed by the release date. Unfortunately, the release date was fixed as 14th of October. And it harassed me to no end. I did the entire second half in 12 days. That's not the way to make the film, which is why I decided to turn producer. For the current film, I am going along with the way we are working. Once the film is ready, I will think of release date.

I will aim for some particular date. But it's not sacrosanct to release on that day. They told me that October 14th was a great muhurtham as any film released on that date would become a super hit.

It was a disaster. A bad film is a bad film. That brahma muhurtam did not work. How is it like working with youngster like Mahesh Babu? Tell us about the film too Audio clip - 2: He is a kid, basically. He is around 24 to 25 and very young thinking. It is nice to be working with someone who is young. He has tremendous spirit, which hopefully should work to project it on the screen. He has tremendous energy. I am taking advantage of that. The film itself is a high-paced film. There is hardly any storyline to it. It's just one adventure.

I do not want to reveal the story.

Director Jayanth C Paranjee Exclusive Interview

The whole film is a journey. It has one incident leading to another incident. It is something new that I am trying. The whole film is going to be like MTV music video. I am hoping to catch that audience who are used to the remote control watching TV at home.

Basically it's a fun film. It is about three characters caught up in circumstances they are not in control of. And the girls in this film are wonderful. They are working hard and both of them are very good looking. Mani Sharma has come up with some good music. It will be a different Mani in this film. Both of us started off our careers at the same time. I am 4-films old and he is done 30 films so far. Everyone is working hard. What is the budget of the film? I will find out once the copy comes. Are you going overboard with the budget?

జయంత్ సి పరాన్జీ

Everything is under control. I am cost conscious. Budget of all my films including that of Ravoyi Chandamama is much lower than what has been anticipated. You can check with any of the producer. I have never overshot the film. What is the release date of Mahesh film? But I am not sure. It depends on how the things would work. Since it is adventurous one, its not a comfortable film to do.

Each scene requires a different location. Because of the kind of film it is, even if I have to do a small scene, I have to put up a set. I have to get horses. I have to get props. I have to get guns. You are witnessing what's happening out here.

If I need a shop in the film, I can't go to Lifestyle and shoot. I have to put up one set. That is what is taking time. This is not an easy film to do. And everybody is kind of working hard. You are producing this film. Don't the production chores bog you down? I am finding it now. Its difficult and I am new. I am fairly an easy-going guy.

jayant paranji biography

I have roped in my brothers to handle the production work. They are very good though they are from different field. They have got good business sense. Hopefully, it should work!.

Aishwarya Rai

Then he switched over to directing Telugu serials for the television. He shot to fame when his serial Tenalirama began to be telecast by Doordarshan. Shot in expensive sets, this serial quickly climbed to the number one spot.

Paranji also contributed documentaries and advertising films before getting into feature films. His directorial debut was Preminchukundam Raa with Venkatesh playing the lead role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Times of India. Retrieved 29 June Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed.

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jayant paranji biography

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