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Never lose hope mufti menk biography

never lose hope mufti menk biography
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Remember bad days don't last forever. You know your priority. Ne pretvaraj se da si bolji od ostalih. All Quotes Add A Quote. Books by Mufti Ismail Menk. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Remember, the same technology, if used wisely, can result in all round positive unimaginable growth! We tend to be quick to point at others when we are drowning in the same or worse.

Satan makes us feel it is fine for us to sin privately but others should be exposed. The Messenger pbuh used to ask the Almighty to grant him the love for the poor. Had there been no poor people, where were we going to give our charities.

Hence we are should be thankful that through them, a great act of worship known as charity is fulfilled! Those who take care of the poor shall be taken care of by the Almighty, the Supreme! Never be upset when you really wanted a boy but had a girl.

never lose hope mufti menk biography

Those who become sad when informed of the gender of the child are forgetting that others do not have children at all. Such ingratitude is unacceptable from a believer. We pray the Almighty bless those with no offspring by creating for them that miracle! This trap of Satan affects a very large number of people.

never lose hope mufti menk biography

Why should we drop ourselves to their level when the Almighty has blessed us! We MUST value our mothers before they are taken away. Once we marry, although life changes drastically, the status of a mum should never be forgotten. Success lies in appreciating those closest to us! Satan tries to make us fail or limit our spiritual progress by making us feel we have not been forgiven or that what we did was unforgivable.

never lose hope mufti menk biography

How will we solve global issues when we refuse to address matters within us that glare us in the face daily. This is why the Almighty says the condition of a nation can only improve if each individual resolves to improve!

When a match goes into extra time, the real excitement begins.

50 Inspirational Mufti Ismail Menk Quotes On God & Success

Not only do the players strive to score that decisive goal but even the spectators roar in excitement, cheering them on. For those of us who have been blessed with an extra day of fasting, consider it a golden opportunity to be able to score the decisive goals towards the Pleasure of the Almighty in these final moments of the month!

Mufti Ismail Menk, August 30, Have a Blessed Day! Those who choose the opposite will contribute towards achieving the opposite! The fact that some people use it irresponsibly does not make it prohibitted for the rest. Great self-discipline is a prerequisite! Many a misguided person has been guided by something they came across coincidentally. When the Almighty guides, He can cause a drunkard to become a saint!

never lose hope mufti menk biography

Hence we will also bear the sin of their wrongdoings at work, school, clubs etc. It will be too late to cry then whilst we ignored them when they cried out for us! This happens because we desperately needed the message for our self improvement. The Almighty is the One who makes him choose a relevant topic that has in it a message directed to us from HIM as a reminder!

Mufti Menk – Never Lose Hope in the Mercy Of Allah

To castigate a scholar due to him conveying the truth regarding current issues in our lives makes us suffer untold loss! Thank the Almighty for the message! When a person holds on to a point that is baseless, an argument that is wrong, a position he is not fit for, a statement that is incorrect, a principle that is flawed, an opinion that has no negative effect if given up etc, he could rightfully be called stubborn! This is a virtuous narration teaching us to take pride in whatever we do.

The term pride here refers to doing a neat, proper, dedicated job rather than halfhearted, shabby job. Also, never take up a job we are not qualified for or cannot manage. Constant prayer, with full conviction, without loss of hope no matter how prolonged it may be, really does create miracles!

Mufti Menk

Many have already seen this in their lives! Let us not be from those who only worship when they are suffering or when their lives are chaotic. This can cause much harm. Friends are responsible to ensure that the friendship results in the improvement of both sides spiritually as well as in other ways. One true friend is better than hypocrites cheering us on! Assisting those suffering in the true sense would make us appreciate what we have.

We are taught to maintain strict cleanliness at all times. Many people take this for granted. If we are not yet upon the level of picking up litter thrown by others then at least WE should not be the litterbugs. A day of profit and an another of loss. Instead, it causes more damage and proves that we need help ourselves. Is it really worth wasting that mental energy? Your anger will pass. But your mean words can scar a person for life.

Ismail ibn Musa Menk

So use kind words or be silent. Seek your rewards from Him alone. Often you only see the surface. If you delve deeper, everyone faces challenges.

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