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Emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham

emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham
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Buah, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi

How can you win election with these irresponsible people in your government? No wonder the NDC lost the election.

emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham

Arrogance consumed most of the government appointees the moment they started to make money in the dubious means. Tomorrow come and make such reckless statement.

emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham

He must speak again. I laugh enter NDC's headquarters and was met by a baby with sharp teeth.

Parliament: Western

Mahama, after NPP victory The Minister for Energy and Petroleum, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, has broken his long silence on the rising outrage triggered by the recent Electricity is no more going to be some free water flowing. The survival of the utility agencies is also vital and critical.

emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham

It also has implications for future population growth. The constituency growth trend reflects that of the Regional with a higher male population of 71, as against 71, for the Females giving a sex ratio of 1: This could be explained by the high level of male — migration into the constituency due to the economic activities like fishing, farming and lately small — scale mining.

emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham

The population is concentrated in mostly the Rural Centerswithin the constituency. However, there has been a gradual increase in the Urban Population from 1.

Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah

The table below illustrates this trend since The marked increase in the side of Urban Population within the constituency was due largely to unequal distribution of socio-economic resources. Lopsided development planning activities leading to over-concentration of social amenities in few Urban Centers must therefore be consciously addressed.

emmanuel armah kofi buah biography of abraham

It is imperative, therefore to lay emphasis on rural strategy of development and at the same time providing the needed infrastructural facilities to enable the few Urban Settlements perform the roles as Service Centers. This could be largely attributed to seasonal fishing activities as well as the migrant farm labourers and the influx of people to secure jobs in mining companies or small-scale miners and refugees into the District.

Buah, Kofi Armah Emmanuel

These exert much pressure on the limited social services especially, water, sanitation and housing. The constituency is dominated by two main local groups within the following corresponding dominant Areas. The major language spoken all over the contituency is Nzema with other dialects like Evalue and Gwira, Fanti and Twi also widely spoken. Buah gives to children in his constituency. Oti John Bless, K.

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