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Ronnie van hout biography of donald

ronnie van hout biography of donald
Director Jenny Harper says Quasi is a larger-than-life work that will make people laugh, think and discuss. Strength, fragility and connection are at the heart of the second Rolling Maul exhibition, which features works by Georgie Hill and Zina Swanson. No matter which way the wind blew you were getting some kind of stink," he says.

I discovered the idea of the UFO and the idea that there was something else going on. Having a Catholic upbringing creates a relationship you have with the world, the idea that there are forces working behind reality or something. I thought they had photographed them and it was true.

Ronnie van Hout

It's a model of his childhood home and school. But a UFO watches everything from above. Artist Ronnie van Hout talks about the cinematic influences behind his artwork House and School. The UFO in his artwork was also inspired by scenes in two s films, Come and See and Empire of the Sunwhere children are overwhelmed by almost spiritual encounters with an aeroplane flying above.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

A thing is watching him and he is powerless to do anything about it. That is the image and the feeling of the image.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

I wasn't someone who was destined to carry on with religion. I was more likely to believe in aliens than God.

Christchurch Art Gallery reveals rooftop ‘Quasi’

It is more interesting as a myth. I am more interested in examining the imagery and the psychology behind it.

The idea that there is a need to believe. There is something about them that is special. Usually they are very ordinary people.

The focus was about that it could be anywhere and it could be anyone. The farm in Shirley has also been incorporated into his artworks.

InRonnie van Hout took one of his father's sheds and installed it outside the Christchurch Art Gallery. People love an old shed. They drive around the countryside and feel nostalgia for something.

In front of the art gallery it just looks like some old metal. It looks like junk something. Public artworks are usually designed to be encountered in broad daylight.

But this work by Ronnie van Hout only comes alive after dark. Van Hout is well known to Christchurch audiences for making art that's both haunting and funny, and his new video projection for the Outer Spaces programme is no exception. To see it, head along Worcester Boulevard and check out the old house opposite the Gallery, just beside the big ramp that leads up to the City Council building.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

That's Ronnie you can see in the upstairs window, hatching some strange new 'creations' Australian artist Justene Williams uses performance and ephemeral materials to produce a sensory overload of shapes, patterns and colours in the vibrantly theatrical video work.

Yes, all the big names have just arrived on the Christchurch Art Gallery forecourt.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

An immense and oddly surreal landscape glowing out from the Springboard over Worcester Boulevard is the latest addition to the Outer Spaces programme. A twisting journey through the world of Ronnie van Hout, encompassing peepholes, failed robots, doll-sized portraits of the artist and something strange and new from Antarctica. Ronnie van Hout's latest film, The creation of the worldis a nocturnal highlight on Worcester Boulevard at present.

Laurence Aberhart's photograph of Lyttelton children is displayed on our Gloucester Street billboard. When we asked Tony de Lautour to produce a new work for the Bunker—the name Gallery staff give to the small, square elevator building at the front of the forecourt on Montreal Street—he proposed a paint scheme inspired by Dazzle camouflage. Associated with the geometric near-abstraction of the vorticist movement, Dazzle was developed by British and American artists during the First World War to disguise shipping. It was a monumental form of camouflage that aimed not to hide the ship but to break up its mass visually and confuse enemies about its speed and direction.

In a time before radar and sonar were developed, Dazzle was designed to disorientate German U-boat commanders looking through their periscopes, and protect the merchant fleets. Christchurch's favourite bull can now be found at PlaceMakers Riccarton. That may sound a bit unusual, but these are strange times. The consideration of Japanese whale-hunting activity and ensuing protest in nearby southern waters has led to a reflection on our local whaling past, highlighting changing and divergent attitudes to animal life.

An exhibition of beautifully crafted, designed and hand-printed books from New Zealand's most renowned private press, The Pear Tree Press.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

A selection of typographic designs, including books, posters and ephemera, by renowned Christchurch graphic designer Max Hailstone — Christchurch audiences at last have the opportunity to experience the complexity and ambition of Cotton's latest work in this two-venue exhibition by one of the biggest names in New Zealand art. A family-focused exhibition powered by the excitement of seeing ordinary things transformed in unexpected ways. It's where we live: Geographically, it's a mapped-out city at the edge of a plain, bordered by sea and rising, broken geological features.

Zooming in further, it's a neighbourhood, a street, a shelter — all things existing at first as outlines, drawings, plans. And it's a body: Barry Cleavin is often, rightfully, referred to as a 'master printer' — a maestro of intaglio printing techniques including the complex tonal subtleties of aquatint, soft- and hard-ground etching and the creation of 'linear tension'. Mastering these complex techniques to achieve a command over the etching processes has required patience and fortitude over a career spanning some forty-seven years.

A succinct ad placed in the classifieds of the North Shore Times in March attracted some forty applicants.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

Respondents were shown a photographic portrait of an unnamed executive, and directed towards ervon. The unfolding story might not have been exactly what they'd expected, but all who agreed understood it would be something different. Next came the eliminations: The resulting images were printed at varying sizes and titled: This is The Wall of Man. An interactive installation that reveals the astonishing sounds people can make using their bodies — from lip plopping to bone clicking.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

Sculptor Glen Hayward teases out these questions in this mind-bending new sculpture, a hand-carved and painted recreation of the famous office cubicle from The Matrix. Credited with freeing video art from the 'tyranny of the monitor', Tony Oursler is regarded as one of the world's most influential artists in that medium. In recognition of the anniversary of the move of Christchurch's public art gallery from its former existence as the Robert McDougall in the Botanic Gardens to its new more central city location now eerily emptyI've been asked by Bulletin 's editor to recall some highs and lows of the last ten years.

So here goes — and stay with me during this reflection, which takes the place of my usual foreword. As everyone who has seen your works at Christchurch Airport will know, you often make big sculptures with a geometric quality. Gnomes, however large, aren't the first things viewers might expect you to be interested in. What's the appeal of these figures for you? I'm interested reinterpreting mundane objects, shapes, situations or materials.

Ronnie Van Hout on his childhood home, his dad's sheds and UFOs

In my large geometric works I do this by creating complex structures out of basic shapes—triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons. This keeps Scoop open, and licensed users enjoy additional benefits. Anaesthetic Technicians' Court Win "Significant" Anaesthetic technicians in Timaru will be paid for overnight on-call duties after a significant victory in the Employment Court. Review Of Mental Health Standards For Recruiting The mandatory automatic two year stand down period for applicants who are on, or have been on, anti-depressant medication is to be lifted and replaced by a case-by-case assessment.

ronnie van hout biography of donald

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