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Joe reegan biography

joe reegan biography
The best actors ever. Joe is recently wrapped filming CSI: Any time someone writes or tweets about something I have been a part of, or stops me on the street, I feel very grateful.

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Version 35 Other Link 14 Play Movie. Feast Of The Gods Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror Runtime: Scott Wilson, Justin Lukach Release: Adventure, Animation, Japanese Runtime: Einzbern Counseling Room Genres: Food wise, I eat pretty much meat, vegetables and fruit.

My favorite soda is Diet Dr. Pepper and I would drink a six pack of it every day if I could. Worst Audition I have ever had I think I have buried that deep in my psyche. I enjoy performing live in a room, the nerves, the adrenaline. And all of the great casting directors, who respect actors and love the art, are a pleasure to audition for. I once accidentally kicked a huge hole in a wall in the middle of an audition. It was a total accident and I was shocked, the casting director was shocked, and it was um However, the director loved my audition and I almost got the job, but it went to a guy 25 years older than me.

What is your work ethic that made you so successful? This business is incredible competitive and also totally subjective. I was trained to view the craft just like a pro athlete.

Joe Reegan

And train, and train and focus on what you want out of your life. If all that is firing, then you know you are on the right path. I started off writing little short stories that popped in my head. I journal a lot and the genesis of the short stories, often, come from that. I recently finished my first screenplay. I've notice I usually find myself writing about very dark things, some personal, some not Writing is new to me, so at the moment, it's been a great outlet for me. Working on Chicago P. I was actually buying a pair of slippers yup slippers at a store in Los Angeles and I got a call asking if I could be in Chicago to shoot the next morning at 5am.

I thought they were joking because it was 12pm on the West Coast.

Actor Joe Reegan of Alien Outpost & Chicago P.D. Tells Us Lots and Lots of Juicy Stuff

So I drove home, didn't have time to shower, packed a bag and was on a plane by 2: I got to my hotel room in Chicago, read the script, slept for an hour, finally took a shower and was then on set shooting Chicago P.

I'm sorta feeling lonely right now. I think we all have moments of loneliness. Its part of being human. I think we all have our bad days. However, it's incredibly "easy" to be mean and criticize.

It takes much more bravery to be open and kind-hearted in life. I've found that most often mean people are very stricken with fear about their own lives and life choices, and so I try to not take anything too personal.

Easier said than done. I'm working on a couple shows at the moment that will air in the Spring. I'm also prepping for a film that begins in a few months. It's a passion project, indie low budget sort of film.

joe reegan biography

I do my very best to save our planet. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Why are you an actor?

joe reegan biography

What type of role would you turn DOWN? How long ago did you complete AlienOutpost?

joe reegan biography

What was the most difficult scene you did and why? Seriously, how did you get verified for Twitter? Is there a difference between sci-fi fans vs. What types of music are your favorites? If you could date any musician, singer, who would it be, and why? I plan on marrying Rihanna. I think we would make beautiful children.

What's your workout and food routine? What was the best and worst audition you ever had? You like to write. What do you write? Is it a passion or an outlet for you? Tell us about your audition for one of my favorite shows, Chicago P.

joe reegan biography

Share a time with us when you felt really lonely. What do you think about people with mean streaks?

joe reegan biography

What's next on your acting agenda? Anything else you would like to say: Follow Ilana Rapp on Twitter: Go to mobile site. Sign up to get updated on our latest coverage of race and hate.

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