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Author andre dubus iii biography of william

author andre dubus iii biography of william
For the next few years, he taught and did odd jobs as a carpenter while working on House of Sand and Fog a National Book Award finalist in and movie. I am not a believer in college as job training anyway.

These are the sorts of questions that Dubus increasingly grapples with in the second half of Townie: Will violence remain his creed or will he find a better way to live? He goes to college, where Marxist history offers a new perspective on the problems of oppression and exploitation.

author andre dubus iii biography of william

After years of near-estrangement, he resumes a relationship with his dad and learns, through his example, that writing, too, can be an effective form of anger-release. Yet one of the strengths of the book is that no path is ever straightforward.

Andre Dubus III

Violence in one form or another keeps re-entering Dubus's life and matters are complicated by the fact that his father, no doubt influenced by his son, develops a taste for it too, acquiring several guns and at one point suggesting that they hire someone in San Francisco to "break the legs" of the abusive husband of Dubus's elder sister.

Townie is by no means perfect: Although he makes it clear that the way he behaved was often wrong, he also can't help but emerge from his account as something of a hero — he was, after all, the one who didn't run meekly away, who stood up to his oppressors. In a memoir, heroism is an uncomfortable space for the author to occupy.

author andre dubus iii biography of william

Yet despite its rough edges, Townie is a mesmerising work, one of the best accounts I've encountered of violence and its causes. It is worth reading just for Dubus's lengthy descriptions of fighting — passages that exhilarate even as they sicken.

Townie: A Memoir by Andre Dubus III – review

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author andre dubus iii biography of william

Whenever they moved to a new house, some version of the following scene would take place: He pushed me hard in the chest and kicked my shin. His first published short story, "Forky", was published by Playboy when Dubus was The film adaptation directed by Vadim Perelman was nominated for an Academy Award. Dubus is married to performer Fontaine Dollas. They reside in Newbury, Massachusetts with their three children.

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author andre dubus iii biography of william

I wear these headphones from my construction days, the ones that are for ear protection. Well, I do have music in one way. I write with a Ticonderoga 2 pencil, which I sharpen with a u-knife from my carpentry days.

Andre Dubus III biography

I listen to music then. The House of Sand and Fog filled 22 notebooks, after three years of writing.

author andre dubus iii biography of william

It took a whole year just to type those up. Now I spend each day rewriting and revising a little bit, and I think my writing is getting better because of it. For the philosophy, I truly believe that writing is larger than the writer. How do you balance content with form? Working on a memoir there must have been so many memories that flooded back to you. I quote Ron Carlson a lot in writing classes: If this were done in natural light or firelight, that might change what I say or what you ask. In writing this memoir, I relied on sensory details to bring me back into the memories.

That brought me deeper into my own life and I discovered a narrative arc.

author andre dubus iii biography of william

Trust the imagination to take you where it needs to go. Customer Review Publication Date Most reviews. House of Sand and Fog: A Novel Mar 31, A Memoir Feb 6, Dirty Love Jun 10, The Garden of Last Days: A Novel Jun 1, And Other Stories Oct 9, The Garden of Last Days Provide feedback about this page. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history.

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