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Bill haley and his comets biography sample

bill haley and his comets biography sample
Sales of "Rock Around the Clock" started slowly, since it was the B-side of the single, but it performed well enough that a second Decca session was commissioned. Haley's first wife has been quoted as saying, "He would call and ramble and dwell on the past, his mind was really warped".

A month later it re-entered at number 1.


Haley soon had another worldwide hit with " Shake, Rattle and Roll ", which went on to sell a million copies and was the first ever rock 'n' roll song to enter the British singles charts in Decemberbecoming a Gold Record. He retained elements of the original which was slow bluesbut sped it up with some country music aspects into the song specifically, Western swing and changed up the lyrics. Haley and his band were important in launching the music known as "Rock and Roll" to a wider audience after a period of it being considered an underground genre.


When "Rock Around the Clock" appeared as the theme song of the film Blackboard Jungle starring Glenn Fordit soared to the top of the American Billboard chart for eight weeks. The single is commonly used as a convenient line of demarcation between the "rock era" and the music industry that preceded it. Billboard separated its statistical tabulations into — and —present. After the record rose to number one, Haley was quickly given the title "Father of Rock and Roll" by the media, and by teenagers who had come to embrace the new style of music. With the song's success, the age of rock music began overnight and ended the dominance of the jazz and pop standards performed by Frank SinatraJo StaffordPerry ComoBing Crosby and others.

Later on inHaley became the first major American rock singer to tour Europe.

Bill Haley & His Comets

Haley continued to score hits throughout the s such as " See You Later, Alligator " and he starred in the first rock and roll musical films Rock Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Rockboth in Haley was already 30 years old and so he was soon eclipsed in the United States by the younger, sexier Elvis Presleybut continued to enjoy great popularity in Latin America, Europe and Australia during the s. Berle predicted that the song would go no. This was one of the earliest nationally televised performances by a rock and roll band and provided the new musical genre with a much wider audience.

The band made their second appearance on the show on Sunday, April 28, performing the songs " Rudy's Rock " and "Forty Cups of Coffee". Bill Haley had at least ten children. Haley, his eldest son, wrote Sound and Glorya biography of Haley, [10] and had another child, Sharyn, with his first wife, Dorothy Crowe. His youngest daughter, Gina Haleyis a professional musician based in Texas. His youngest son Pedro is also a musician. He also had a daughter, Martha Maria, from his last marriage with Martha Velasco.

In Februaryhe formed a tribute band "Bill Haley Jr. An admitted alcoholic as indicated in a radio interview for the BBCHaley fought a battle with alcohol into the s. Nonetheless, he and his band continued to be a popular touring act, benefiting from a s nostalgia movement that began in the late s and the signing of a lucrative record deal with the European Sonet label.

Before the South African tour, he was diagnosed with a brain tumorand a planned tour of Germany in the autumn of was cancelled.

Bill Haley Biography

The October 25, edition of the German paper Bild reported that Haley had a brain tumor. It quoted British manager Patrick Malynn as saying that Haley "had taken a fit and went over the seat. He didn't recognize anyone any more" after being taken to his home in Beverly Hills. It also reported that a doctor at the clinic where Haley had been taken said, 'The tumor can't be operated on any more. The Berliner Zeitung reported a few days later that Haley had collapsed after a performance in Texas and been taken to the hospital in his home town of Harlingen, Texas.

bill haley and his comets biography sample

In a interview with BBC RadioHaley said Turner's career was in a slump at this time, so he used his then-considerable influence with Orfeon to get Turner a recording session. Byas related by Haley in an interview with radio host Red Robinson in that year, the group was "a free agent" without any recording contracts at all, although the band continued to perform regularly in North America and Europe.

During this year, Haley—without the Comets—recorded a pair of demos in Phoenix, Arizona: Neither recording would be released for 30 years. In order to revive his recording career, Haley turned to Europe. By the late s, Haley and the Comets were considered an "oldies" act. The band's popularity never waned in Europe. The group signed a lucrative deal with Sonet Records of Sweden in and recorded in a new version of "Rock Around the Clock", which hit the European charts that year.

bill haley and his comets biography sample

The band recorded a mixture of live and studio albums for the label over the next decade. In the United States inpromoter Richard Nader launched a series of rock and roll revival concert tours featuring artists of the s and s. At one of the first of these shows, held at the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Haley received an eight-and-a-half-minute standing ovation following his performance, as Nader related in his recorded introduction to Haley's live album Bill Haley Scrapbookwhich was recorded a few weeks later at the Bitter End club in New York. The band appeared in several concert films in the early s, including The London Rock and Roll Show for which Haley's —66 lead guitarist, John Kay, briefly rejoined the band —he's the one with the eye patch and Let the Good Times Roll.

Aftertax and management problems prevented Haley from performing in the United States, so he performed in Europe almost exclusively, though he also toured South America in The band was also kept busy in the studio, recording numerous albums for Sonet and other labels in the s, several with a country music flavor.

InHaley's original Decca recording of "Rock Around the Clock" hit the American sales charts once again, thanks to its use in the film American Graffiti and the television program Happy Days. In FebruaryHaley's saxophone player and best friend, Rudy Pompillidied of cancer after a nearly year career with the Comets. Haley continued to tour for the next year with a succession of new sax players, but his popularity was waning again, and his performance in London was critically lambasted in the music media, such as Melody Maker.

In earlyHaley announced his retirement from performing and settled down at his home in Mexico. According to the John Swenson biography of Haley, the musician was quoted as saying that he and Pompilli had an agreement that if one died, the other would retire. InHaley was persuaded to return to performing with the offer of a lucrative contract to tour Europe.

An almost completely new group of musicians, mostly British, including saxophonist Pete Thomaswere assembled to perform as the Comets. Haley appeared on numerous television shows and in the movie Blue Suede Shoesfilmed at one of his London concerts in March A few days later, a performance in Birmingham was videotaped and aired on UK television; it was released on DVD in It was also the last time he performed in Europe and the last time most fans saw him perform "Rock Around the Clock".

InBill Haley and His Comets toured South Africabut Haley's health was failing, and it was reported that he had a brain tumor. The tour was critically lambasted, but surviving recordings of a performance in Johannesburg show Haley in good spirits and good voice.

bill haley and his comets biography sample

Nonetheless, according to the Haley News fan club newsletter and the Haley biography Sound and Gloryplanned concerts such as a fall tour of Germany and proposed recording sessions in New York and Memphis were cancelled, including a potential reunion with past members of the Comets. Haley returned to his home in Harlingen, Texaswhere he died in his sleep of an apparent heart attack on February 9,at the age of At that time, supporting bands were not also named to the Hall of Fame.

This policy was subsequently changed, and in a special committee of the Hall of Fame inducted the Comets. In Julythe surviving members of the —55 Comets see below represented Haley when Bill Haley and His Comets were inducted into Hollywood's Rockwalka ceremony also attended by Haley's second wife and youngest daughter. The Comets placed their handprints in cement; a space was left blank for Haley. Only one group was sent out to perform by Haley himself and his management and production company, consisting of musicians who had played with Haley throughout the s and s—lead guitarist "Nick Masters" Mathias Nicholas Nastosbassist Ray Cawley, singer Ray "Pudge" Parsons, and drummer Buddy Dee—and who had continued to perform as the Comets between gigs and during Haley's retirement.

The Cometsfeaturing musicians who performed with Haley in —, reunited in and are still touring the world as ofplaying showrooms in the United States and Europe.

They have also recorded a half-dozen albums for small labels in Europe and the United States. Live in London '74 Greatest Hits Live In London Haley's Juke Box Rock Around the Clock - Live See You Later Alligator '64 Bill Haley died in his sleep on February 9,in the small town of Harlingen, Texas. Singles; with the Saddlemen "Rocket 88," Holiday, Singles; with the Comets "Rock the Joint," Essex, Rock Around the Clock, Decca.

Rock 'n' Roll Stage Show, Decca. Rockin' the Oldies, Decca. Rockin' Around the World, Decca.

bill haley and his comets biography sample

Rockin' the Joint, Decca. Shake, Rattle and Roll, Decca. Bill Haley's Chicks, Decca. Haley's Juke Box, Warner Bros. Bill Haley's Scrapbook, Kama Sutra. Rock and Roll, Crescendo. Rock Around the Country, Crescendo.

bill haley and his comets biography sample

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