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Christopher columbus family biography poems

christopher columbus family biography poems
In the second Decade , book I: In Columbus made his first considerable voyage to the Aegean island of Chios, and in he sailed on a Genoese ship through the Strait of Gibraltar. Borch Sannes further points out that two of Columbus' father's neighbours had the name Bondi.

Getting a crew together was very difficult, since people thought that the Earth was flat and they were sure they would sail off of the end of the world. Columbus and about 40 men manned the Santa Maria, with between 20 and 30 men on each of the other two ships.

What Are Some Facts About Christopher Columbus?

I should not proceed by land to the East, as is customary, but by a Westerly route, in which direction we have hitherto no certain evidence that any one has gone. They did not take soldiers, priests, or settlers because this was primarily a voyage of exploration. After seven days he had sailed to the Canary Islands and stopped for provisions and repairs. On September 6th he set out for the Indies. Soon, the natives that lived there greeted Columbus and his crew.

christopher columbus family biography poems

The natives were eager to trade and the Spaniards, thinking they had found the Indies, called the natives Indians. On Christmas Daythe Santa Maria ran aground and was abandoned. Columbus went back to Spain on January 15,leaving 39 men in the settlement he founded which he called La Navidad.

When he got back to Spain, he gave Ferdinand and Isabella some gold nuggets and jewelry and told them he thought he had found islands that were close to Japan or China. Columbus set out later that same year,with instructions from the King and Queen to establish friendly relations with the native people. He arrived at Dominica on November 3, and after exploring for a while, went on to the Greater Antilles, landing in Puerto Rico. On November 22, Columbus traveled to La Navidad to find that his men, who he had left their eleven months before, had been killed.

christopher columbus family biography poems

He established a new settlement on the coast of Hispaniola called Isabella. InColumbus enslaved people against the wishes of the King and Queen. He shipped them to Spain. They brought back some blacks as slaves, and this was the beginning of the slave trade. In the Portuguese took possession of the Azores, the most western points of the Old World. Step by step they advanced southward, and became familiar with the African coast. Bold navigators were eager to find the East, and at last success came.

Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506)

Under the king's orders, in August,three caravels sailed from the Tagus, under Bartolomeo Diaz, for southern discovery. Diaz was himself brave enough to be willing to go on to the Red Sea, after he made the great discovery of the Cape of Good Hope, but his crews mutinied, after he had gone much farther than his predecessors, and compelled him to return. He passed the southern cape of Africa and went forty miles farther.

christopher columbus family biography poems

He called it the Cape of Torments, "Cabo Tormentoso," so terrible were the storms he met there. But when King John heard his report he gave it that name of good omen which it has borne ever since, the name of the "Cape of Good Hope.

In the midst of such endeavors to reach the East Indies by the long voyage down the coast of Africa and across an unknown ocean, Columbus was urging all people who cared, to try the route directly west. If the world was round, as the sun and moon were, and as so many men of learning believed, India or the Indies must be to the west of Portugal.

The value of direct trade with the Indies would be enormous. Europe had already acquired a taste for the spices of India and had confidence in the drugs of India. The silks and other articles of clothing made in India, and the carpets of India, were well known and prized.

christopher columbus family biography poems

Marco Polo and others had given an impression that there was much gold in India; and the pearls and precious stones of India excited the imagination of all who read his travels. The immense value of such a commerce may be estimated from one fact. When, a generation after this time, one ship only of all the squadron of Magellan returned to Cadiz, after the first voyage round the world, she was loaded with spices from the Moluccas.

Origin theories of Christopher Columbus

These spices were sold by the Spanish government for so large a sum of money that the king was remunerated for the whole cost of the expedition, and even made a very large profit from a transaction which had cost a great deal in its outfit. Columbus was able, therefore, to offer mercantile adventurers the promise of great profit in case of success; and at this time kings were willing to take their share of such profits as might accrue.

The letter of Toscanelli, the Italian geographer, which has been spoken of, was addressed to Alphonso V, the King of Portugal. To him and his successor, John the Second, Columbus explained the probability of success, and each of them, as it would seem, had confidence in it. But King John made the great mistake of intrusting Columbus's plan to another person for experiment. He was selfish enough, and mean enough, to fit out a ship privately and intrust its command to another seaman, bidding him sail west in search of the Indies, while he pretended that he was on a voyage to the Cape de Verde Islands.

He was, in fact, to follow the route indicated by Columbus. But, fortunately for the fame of Columbus, she met a terrible storm, and her officers, in terror, turned from the unknown ocean and returned to Lisbon.

Columbus himself tells this story. It was in disgust with the bad faith the king showed in this transaction that he left Lisbon to offer his great project to the King and Queen of Spain.

In a similar way, a generation afterward, Magellan, who was in the service of the King of Portugal, was disgusted by insults which he received at his court, and exiled himself to Spain. He offered to the Spanish king his plan for sailing round the world and it was accepted. He sailed in a Spanish fleet, and to his discoveries Spain owes the possession of the Philippine Islands.

Twice, therefore, did kings of Portugal lose for themselves, their children and their kingdom, the fame and the recompense which belong to such great discoveries. The wife of Columbus had died and he was without a home. After facing a lot of problems with the ship and the crew, Columbus sailed back to Spain in After arriving there, he went on to settle in Seville with his son.

His major accomplishment was the discovery of Hispaniola where he also helped establish permanent settlements. This led to the beginning of Spanish colonization in the New World.

Christopher Columbus - Mini Biography

With the help of his son and brother, Columbus wrote two books. The book gave details of the rewards which he was entitled to from the Spanish Crown. In this book he used the passages from the Bible to fit his achievements as an explorer in the Christian context. Columbus married Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, who was the daughter of Bartolomeu Perestrello, the governor of the Porto Santo, in or The couple had a son, Diego Columbus.

christopher columbus family biography poems

Columbus died due to illness at the age of 54 in Valladolid, Crown of Castile which today lies in Spain. In his honour, Columbus Day is celebrated in the Americas every year on the second Monday in the month of October.

See the events in life of Christopher Columbus in Chronological Order. Listed In These Groups.

christopher columbus family biography poems

Giovanni da Verrazzano Italian. Henry Morton Stanley British, Welsh. Alexander Henry The Elder Canadian.

Christopher Columbus

Vasco da Gama Portuguese. The first land sighted had three hills in view, which suggested the Holy Trinity, and Columbus promptly named the island Trinidad. The welcome discovery of pearls from oysters in the shallow waters of offshore islands caused the name "Pearl Coast" to be applied for a time to Venezuela, which Columbus even then recognized as a land of continental proportions because of the volume of water flowing from one of its rivers.

The Admiral had left Hispaniolan affairs in bad condition 2 years earlier and now hastened to return there and relieve his hard-pressed brother. But so many letters of complaint had gone back to Castile regarding the Columbus brothers that the rulers sent out a royal commissioner, Francisco de Bobadilla, with full powers to act as he saw best. Bobadilla was honest and meant well, but he had already formed a bad opinion of the Columbus family. He put the Admiral and the adelantado in chains and sent them to Spain.

On arrival in Cadiz in late NovemberColumbus went to court to receive a kind welcome and assurance by the monarchs that the chains and imprisonment had not been by their orders. In the Admiral began preparing for a fourth voyage. The fleet, consisting of four ships, left Cadiz on May 9,arriving in Santo Domingo on June When Columbus learned from the natives about another saltwater body, the Pacific, not far away, he felt certain that he was coasting the Malay Peninsula, of which he had learned through the writings of Ptolemy. A strait or open water should permit entry to the Indian Ocean.

Although Columbus followed the coast nearly to the Gulf of Darien, he found no strait. In April the ships left the mainland, but the hulls were thoroughly bored by teredos and had to be abandoned as unseaworthy in Jamaica. The Admiral and his crews were marooned in Jamaica for a year, during which time Diego Mendez and Bartolomeo Fieschi fetched a small caravel from Hispaniola.

Columbus had 18 months of life remaining, and they were unhappy. Though only 53 he was physically an aged man, a sufferer from arthritis and the effects of a bout of malaria. But financially his position was good, as he had brought considerable gold from America and had a claim to much more in Hispaniola. He died in Valladolid on May 20, A Life of Christopher Columbus 2 vols. Marianne Mahn-Lot, Columbus ; trans. Nunn, The Geographical Conceptions of Columbus: A Critical Consideration of Four Problemswhich has not found general acceptance.

The Northern Voyages Writings devoted to unusual theses are Henry Vignaud, Toscanelli and Columbus: The Letter and Chart of Toscanelli ; trans.

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