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Manj and nindy kaur biography

manj and nindy kaur biography
Kashmir not in India: The Punjabi music industry ranks in crazy numbers whether it's private performances or collaborations. Siddhesh Joshi Editor I am a simple man trying to live a simple life!!!!!!

He is just awesome. I know every lyric for every song only the clean versions. I love drums and making beats so I really want to master the tabla. Dada always tells me that tabla is the foundation for all. Lebron James would be my favourite because I really like him as a basketball player and I also went to the game where I got to sit courtside. He can stick to walls and can scare people by jumping off the ceiling and shooting his webs.

manj and nindy kaur biography

So I could get around places by swinging and catch people with my web slinging abilities. Trap music and hip hop music is my favourite, but I also listen to old skool garage, jungle and of course Punjabi music.


My favourite is definitely trap music because the baselines are really heavy and I love them. Dad also taught me how to make music and sing.

Mummy tells me always to be humble and polite no matter how famous I get and that I should always meet everyone the same and be a good person. Laughs To take over the world with my web slinging!

I just want to make mummy and daddy proud at the same time. I love making music and playing superheroes with my friends.

manj and nindy kaur biography

Because all the kids should love it and hopefully they will play and dance to the track. I love music because it brings out my creative side and makes me happy. I love listening to music so it gives me ideas to make my own beats. I have been listening to music since I was born. But regardless of this, Nindy and I want him to be part of our journey by knowing that fame is not the goal.

manj and nindy kaur biography

The aim is to be a role model for other kids, especially Punjabi sardars who wear turbans — showing that keeping your turban can be cool. Fame is not a word that sits in her vocabulary.

I want Noopy to follow her footsteps in being a kind, beautiful, loving person and make his destiny by learning everything he can.

manj and nindy kaur biography

We thank god every day for giving us such a beautiful son. Follow Noopsta on Facebook and Instagram using the handle: He started his musical journey with RDB group singing at the gurudwarahe used to assist his father with his brothers in performing in front of the community at their local gurudwara. This gave him a great understanding of musical creativity. He actually got involved in music because of his brother Kuljeet Ral Kuli Paji. He used to sit day and night and watch his brother messing with software and machines.

manj and nindy kaur biography

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Manj Musik

I must say this I am very fortunate to have found a life partner like her. When I wasn't as big, she did everything to ensure where I am today. She does the hour travel from Canada to India for private shows at a stretch and it's creditable how she still has the energy and travels back to Canada to see Anoop for just 1 day.

She can't live without him and wants to build him an empire and a legacy to take forward. Nindy has been my backbone and pillar of strength in the label's success, finance management and an amazing housewife.

Manj Musik: Nindy dedicates her life to Anoop, then me then her career

Anoop's doing so well in school and learned to speak, read and write Punjabi as well as paat, which is what a lot of mothers even with jobs can't do.

Nindy dedicates her life to Anoop 1st, then me and then her career. She is the same as she was ten years ago and has been my backbone since day one.

manj and nindy kaur biography

When we are together it just seems normal and we behave like a normal family. Whether in the studio, traveling and performing, or being a mother to my son, she has been there in every which way. At home, she is my wife and Anoop's mom first and Nindy Kaur, the celebrity, second.

I remember when we found out Kuly paji was sick, we quickly left everything and our home behind in Toronto and moved to the UK, this was Nindy's decision straight away and she said "whatever happens Manj we need to be there for Kuly paji and for your mum, dad and family, we have to pack and go now". We've both sacrificed a lot for our family and she has always stood by me no matter what.

manj and nindy kaur biography

I respect her for that. You have made many songs and albums but which one is your favourite? I have to say that every song is my favourite, there's something unique about every production. Aaja Mahi is very close to my heart as that was the first song I produced completely on my own and the first time I sang and wrote the hook line too with some help from Herbie from Sahara.

manj and nindy kaur biography

I remember showing the song to Surj and a few friends while we would be at gigs DJing and they would say it's the crappiest song they ever heard. Today it isn't even in a Bollywood movie and is the most famous sound to date.

Nindy Kaur Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Biography & More

You have shot many videos in many countries but which country was your favourite to shoot a video? Do you enjoy travelling? Oh yes I enjoy travelling only when it's for recreation. There's no place like home so Canada I would say is the best place in my eyes.

Your wife plays an important part in the Punjabi music industry; do you feel that there aren't enough females?

Noopsta follows in the musical footsteps of his parents Manj Musik and Nindy Kaur

Nindy was a bathroom singer till we met. When the whole RDB revolution happened and at the turning point of our success in Bollywood when India opened doors to RDB, it opened Nindy who was at the forefront to it.

Nindy Kaur

RDB was pushed further than ever before after she came into the scene. She brought a lot of dynamism to the whole band and was viewed as a game changer. We were being called the Indian Black Eyed Peas. I guess there is an excess of Punjabi male musicians and they need to pave the path for the fairer sex.

Do you take time to look back at your musical journey? Every morning I like to introspect. I don't think anyone is perfect and there's always scope for improvement.

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