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Primo proceso toto riina biography

primo proceso toto riina biography
The Godfathers of many Mafia Families were often highly visible in their communities, rubbing shoulders with politicians and mayors , protecting themselves with bribes rather than violence. Although his scorched-earth policy neutralized any internal threat to his position, Riina increasingly showed a lack of his earlier guile by bringing his organization into open confrontation with national authorities. The mansion was subsequently converted into a school for local children.

While that helped them become the most powerful clan in Sicily, the Corleonesi's tactics backfired to some degree when, ina convicted double-killer named Tommaso Buscetta became the first Sicilian Mafioso to become an informant to repent; become a pentitoand cooperate with the authorities. Buscetta was from a losing family in the Mafia war and had lost several relatives and many friends to Riina's hitmen; becoming an informant was a way both to save himself and get his revenge on Riina. Buscetta provided a great deal of information to prosecutor Giovanni Falcone and he testified at the Maxi Trial in the mids that saw hundreds of Mafiosi imprisoned.

Riina picked up another life sentence for murder at the Maxi Trial, but it was another in absentia sentence as he was still a fugitive. In Riina arranged the murders of a number of his allies, including Ciaculli boss Vincenzo Puccio and Puccio's two brothers. Apparently Vincenzo Puccio had been planning to overthrow Riina as head of the Sicilian Mafia, but the Corleonesi boss had found out about the plot. Riina's tenure as 'boss of bosses' was marked by changing public attitudes to organised crime.

Traditionally, Sicilians did not acknowledge the existence of the Mafia as a coherent organised group, assertions to the contrary by other Italians were often seen as 'attacks from the north'. This attitude was enabled by the traditional-minded previous bosses. Prior to Riina' faction becoming dominant the Sicilian Mafia were based in Palermo where they controlled large numbers of votes, enabling mutually beneficial relationships with local political figures such as mayors of Palermo, Vito Ciancimino and Salvatore Lima.

Ciancimino, who was born in Corleone, corruptly allowed untrammelled property development on a famous valley known as " Conca d'Oro " Golden Bowlamassing a vast fortune in the process. Lima granted a valuable monopoly concession on tax collection to mafioso businessman Ignazio Salvoand was instrumental in Rome -based Giulio Andreotti becoming a force in national politics.

In his turn Salvo acted as financier to Andreotti.

These connections caused some to suspect that Riina had forged similar links to Andreotti, however the courts acquitted Andreotti of associations with the Mafia after [4] Baldassare Di Maggio alleged that Riina met with the then Prime Minister Andreotti at Salvo's home and greeted him with a "kiss of honour" [5] [6] [7] Andreotti dismissed the charges against him as "lies and slander … the kiss of Riina, mafia summits … scenes out of a comic horror film. Whereas his predecessors had kept a low profile that caused some in law enforcement to question the very existence of the Mafia, Riina ordered the murders of judges, policemen and prosecutors in an attempt to terrify the authorities.

A law to create a new offence of Mafia conspiracy and confiscate Mafia assets was introduced by Pio La Torresecretary of the Italian Communist Party in Sicily, but it had been stalled in parliament for two years. La Torre was murdered on 30 April However, not long after arriving, on 3 Septemberhe was gunned down in the city centre with his wife, Emanuela Setti Carraroand his driver bodyguard, Domenico Russo. In response to public disquiet about the failure to combat effectively the organisation Riina headed, La Torre's law was passed 10 days later. Buscetta was the first ever Sicilian Mafiosi boss to become an informant pentito ; he revealed that the Mafia was a single organisation led by a Commissionor Cupola Domethereby establishing that the top tier of Mafia members were complicit in all the organisation's crimes.

It became known as the 'Christmas Massacre' Strage di Natale and was initially attributed to political extremists. Riina and other mafiosi were convicted at the Maxi Trial.

Salvatore Riina

This was a blow to Riina as, although he was already a fugitive, he aspired someday to enjoy his vast wealth living openly as a free man. Riina pinned his hopes on the lengthy appeal process that had frequently set convicted mafiosi free, and he suspended the campaign of murders against officials while the cases went to higher courts.

The convictions were upheld by the Supreme Court in January The council of top bosses headed by Riina reacted by ordering the assassination of Salvatore Lima on the grounds that he was an ally of Giulio Andreottiand Giovanni Falcone. Lima was killed on 12 March Investigating magistrates Giovanni Falcone and his colleague Paolo Borsellino 's prosecutions against the Mafia had meant they were under the constant threat of death. Both saw the murder of Lima as an indication they would be killed. On 23 MayFalcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and three police officers died in the Capaci bombing on highway A29 outside of Palermo.

Two months later, Borsellino was killed along with five police officers in the entrance to his mother's apartment block by a car bomb in via D'Amelio. Both attacks were ordered by Riina. Ignazio Salvowho had advised Riina against killing Falcone, was himself murdered on 17 September.

Риина, Сальваторе

The public were outraged, both at the Mafia and also the politicians who they felt had failed adequately to protect Falcone and Borsellino. The Italian government arranged for a massive crackdown against the Mafia in response. Giovanni Brusca later claimed that Riina had told him that after the assassination of Falcone, Riina had been in negotiations with the government.

Former interior minister Nicola Mancino said this was not true. Mori was later investigated on suspicion of posing a danger to the state after it was alleged he had taken a list of Riina's demands that Ciancimino had passed on. Mori maintained his contacts with Ciancimino were aimed at combating the Mafia and catching Riina, and there had been no list.

Mori also said Ciancimino had disclosed little beyond implicitly admitting he knew Mafia members, and that key meetings were after Borsellino's death. Riina reprimanded Balduccio Di Maggioan ambitious Mafioso who had left his wife and children for a mistress, telling him he would never be made a full boss.

primo proceso toto riina biography

Knowing Riina would order the death of subordinates whom he considered unreliable, Di Maggio fled Sicily and collaborated with the authorities. At the entrance to a complex of villas where a wealthy businessman who acted as Riina's driver lived, Di Maggio identified Riina's wife.

primo proceso toto riina biography

He had been a fugitive for 23 years. On 14 May, television host Maurizio Costanzowho had expressed delight at the arrest of Riina, was almost killed by a bomb as he drove down a Rome street; 23 people were injured. The explosion was part of a series. On 27 May a bomb under the Florence Torre dei Pulci killed five people: Fabrizio Nencini, wife Angelamaria; their daughters; 9-year-old Nadia and two-month-old Caterina, and Dario Capolicchio, aged 20; 33 people were injured.

Some investigators believed most of those who carried out murders for Cosa Nostra answered solely to Leoluca Bagarellaand that consequently Bagarella actually wielded more power than Bernardo Provenzano who was Riina's formal successor.

Provenzano reportedly protested about the terroristic attacks, but Bagarella responded sarcastically, telling Provenzano to wear a sign saying "I don't have anything to do with the massacres".

The public's delight at Riina's arrest one newspaper had the sensationalistic headline "The Devil" pasted over Riina's mugshot was dampened somewhat when it was revealed that, during his thirty years as a fugitive, Riina had actually been living at home in Palermo all along. He had obtained medical attention for his diabetes and registered all four of his children under their real names at the local hospital. He even went to Venice on honeymoon and was still unspotted. According to Brusca, Bernardo Provenzano "sold" Riina in exchange for the valuable archive of compromising material that Riina held in his apartment in Via Bernini 52 in Palermo.

The Carabinieri's ROS Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale persuaded the Palermo Public Prosecutor's Office not to immediately search the Riina's apartment, and then abandoned surveillance of the apartment after six hours leaving it unprotected.

The apartment was only raided 18 days later but it had been completely emptied. According to the Carabinieri commanders the house was abandoned because they didn't consider it to be important and they actually never told the prosecutor to be willing to maintain the surveillance during the following days.

Mori, however, confirmed that channels of communication were opened with Cosa Nostra through Vito Ciancimino — a former mayor of Palermo convicted for Mafia association — who was close to the Corleonesi. When Ciancimino was informed that the goal was to arrest Riina, he seemed unwilling to continue. At this point, the arrest and cooperation of Balduccio Di Maggio led to the arrest of Riina. Police sent Vito Ciancimino maps of Palermo. One of the maps was delivered to Provenzano, then a mafia fugitive.

Ciancimino said the map was returned by Provenzano who indicated the precise location of Riina's hiding place. Although he already had two life-sentences, Riina was nonetheless tried and convicted of over a hundred counts of murderincluding sanctioning the slayings of Falcone and Borsellino. In Octobernine months after his capture, Riina was convicted of ordering the murders of Vincenzo Puccio and his brother Pietro.

InRiina was given another life sentence for the high-profile murder of Salvo Limaa politician who had long since been suspected of being in league with the Mafia and who had been shot dead in after he had failed to prevent the convictions of Mafiosi in the Maxi Trial of the mids. Riina is currently held in a maximum-security prison with limited contact with the outside world in order to prevent him from running his organization from behind bars, as many others have done.

The mansion was subsequently converted into a school for local children. In it was reported that Riina had suffered heart attacks in May and December the previous year. Nella primavera del subisce un intervento chirurgico per problemi cardiaci e nel maggio dello stesso anno viene ricoverato nell'ospedale di Ascoli Piceno per un infarto [65].

primo proceso toto riina biography

Sempre nela settembre, viene nuovamente ricoverato per problemi cardiaci [65]. Il 22 maggionell'udienza del processo di Firenze per la strage di via dei Georgofiliaccusa il coinvolgimento dei servizi segreti nelle stragi di Capaci e via d'Amelio, e riferisce dei contatti fra l'allora colonnello Mario Mori e Vito Cianciminoattraverso il figlio di lui Massimo, al tempo non convocato in dibattimento. Nel novembre trapela la notizia di minacce da parte di Riina nei confronti del magistrato Antonino Di Matteoil pm che aveva retto l'accusa in numerosi procedimenti penali a suo carico [69].

Il 4 marzo viene nuovamente ricoverato. Nelgli avvocati di Riina fanno richiesta al Tribunale di sorveglianza di Bologna per il differimento della pena a detenzione domiciliare, sottoponendo come motivazione lo stato precario di salute dello stesso Riina.

Il 19 luglio il Tribunale si pronuncia negativamente su questa istanza, spiegando che Riina "non potrebbe ricevere cure e assistenza migliori in altro reparto ospedaliero, ossia nel luogo in cui ha chiesto di fruire della detenzione domiciliare". Tuttavia i legali di Riina smentirono che il loro assistito abbia partecipato a una trattativa fra Stato e mafia: Il 24 luglio la Procura di Palermo, sotto Antonio Ingroia e in riferimento all'indagine sulla Trattativa Stato-Mafiaha chiesto il rinvio a giudizio di Riina e altri 11 indagati accusati di "concorso esterno in associazione mafiosa" e "violenza o minaccia a corpo politico dello Stato".

Dall'unione nacquero quattro figli: Maria Concetta nata il 19 dicembreGiovanni Francesco nato il 21 febbraioGiuseppe Salvatore nato il 3 maggio e Lucia nata l'11 aprile Il 2 ottobredopo aver scontato completamente la pena di 8 anni e 10 mesi, viene nuovamente rilasciato sotto prevenzione con obbligo di dimora a Corleone [79] e comincia a trapelare la notizia di un suo piano per fare un attentato all'ex Ministro della Giustizia Angelino Alfano per via dell'inasprimento del regime dell'articolo bis [80].

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. URL consultato il 6 febbraio URL consultato il 20 ottobre URL consultato il 12 marzo URL consultato il 4 marzo URL consultato il 19 luglio URL consultato il 16 marzo URL consultato il 22 luglio Riina Jr progettava di uccidere l'ex ministro Alfano Corriere.

primo proceso toto riina biography

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primo proceso toto riina biography

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