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Bentinho massaro biography of christopher

bentinho massaro biography of christopher
So why do I create articles that expose teachers such as this? We can do this with ourselves. He began to trust his own feelings and insights.

Please upgrade to a newer browser. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Bentinho Massaro is the leading synthesizer of enlightenment and empowerment teachings from many sources, current and historical, offering a fresh and laser-like distillation of these teachings.

BENTINHO MASSARO: Spirituality’s New Sexy Soul Merchant

Since his early enlightenment experiences as a teenager, Bentinho has been riding the waves of an intensely awakened life. He started teaching at age 18 and today is internationally recognized, holding retreats in major US and European cities. Bentinho is the creator of TrinfinityAcademy. He is also the founder of Trinfinity Corp.

bentinho massaro biography of christopher

Are You an Author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Showing 1 Result Books: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Also, because it offers and can deliver to anyone who wants it a fully enlightened life, I view the Academy as an historical first—that will play a role in the transition of humanity to a more enlightened era.

Yet Bentinho says he feels like he is just getting started, even though creating the Academy was, at one point, the goal of his life. With that now achieved, a whole new and ambitious vision for planet Earth and human civilization has opened up to him.

He says the challenges ahead will require him to stay extraordinarily focused and in alignment with the truest part of his being.

bentinho massaro biography of christopher

Do yourself a favor, as I did, and don't waste any more time. Allow yourself to get acquainted with this guy's ridiculously complete understanding of spirituality! You have no other option. You would only think of your highest inspiration.

Glad I was able to spend some time catching up on your being.

bentinho massaro biography of christopher

Beautiful interview and a great question for setting priorities in life. I have my own version of it and for the past few months, every time there is a choice for doing or not doing something I just ask myself if I would regret not doing it at my time of death. I nearly died more than once in this life so the question makes sense to me.

How does Bentinho experience life? - Questions about him

So you relax and it becomes naturally pervasive. So just be committed, with yourself intimately.

Forget about this entire world every now and then, forget about other people, just be committed to yourself. Be completely okay in your aloneness. We can do this with ourselves. Familiarize yourself with your own presence. Get used to recognizing yourself in this depth, commitment and love, and naturally this will pervade other experiences too, in time.

bentinho massaro biography of christopher

Love yourself also there. You want to love and be compassionate. No, forget about the world totally and be in your own commitment, be in your own space; familiarize yourself with this, get accustomed to it. So whatever arises in yourself, feel love for it, and a freedom will pervade your experience more and more. You can nakedly be with whatever arises without needing to describe, define, or judge it. So you let it be, and allow it to feel however it feels.

In the beginning you might have to take a deep breath and leave all your ideas about it alone for a minute.

bentinho massaro biography of christopher

Just leave the thoughts about the world, or where it comes from, just leave it be, and just be with the feeling intimately.

Just be, get acquainted with the fact that you exist, and the fact that that is noticed. We can just relax; everything is a perfect expression. Every appearance is a perfect opportunity to relax our ideas and to be acquainted with ourselves, to be committed to not flinching and not be distracted by everything, to not believe in everything. Just to be with ourselves for a moment, with ourselves in this loving peace and silence. But everything is found there, by that presence, in that presence. That is naturally realized when we relax with deep commitment.

bentinho massaro biography of christopher

Everything is noticed; even the sense of presence is noticed. Let the world come and go within our mind field, within our experience. Let everything happen, and be fearlessly committed to this most intimate presence of being.

Bentinho Massaro

It just goes unnoticed and if we relax its self-recognition flourishes, awareness gets used to itself. So drop your complicated ideas about what awareness is, how to achieve it, what steps to take, how many lives it will take; you are that already.

Prioritize: Epic Interview with Bentinho Massaro

Even that is perceived by the seer as already seen. Through natural relaxation and recognition to the deepest, most stable, relaxed, effortlessness, through that natural commitment, the recognition is allowed to flourish. The realization is allowed to flourish all by itself.

We love ourselves nakedly without judgment. We are just truly committed to this naked, natural, shining presence. We relax as we are, we stay as we are.

Let everything happen…even effort appears effortlessly, if you relax and be stable beyond the effort. Everything is always a confirmation of awareness. Even your most non-recognizable and confused states are not confirmation of non-recognition. They are evidence of awareness, because you could not know the experience otherwise. They are already allowed, or you would not experience them.

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