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Nicko goncharoff biography for kids

nicko goncharoff biography for kids
Popel played soccer, volleyball, and ping pong, and after living with the Zeta Psi fraternity since his arrival, he joined. It is worth mentioning that the WIPO does not grant patents as this a prerogative of the national or regional patent authorities.

Flight 60 Flight Flight 58 Flight 61 Boeing Dreamliner battery problems Shiodome City Center Kasumigaseki Building. Retrieved from " https: Coordinates on Wikidata Articles containing Japanese-language text. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 22 Juneat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tallest building in Japan m ft — It's wonderful that the Sentinels of Science awards celebrate and recognise these efforts".

She is one of the founders of Peer Review Week and has written and spoken widely on the topic - as well as on scholarly communications issues more generally. She spent over 10 years at the academic publisher De Gruyter in Berlin in the fields of biology and chemistry in both journals and book publishing. Phil Hurst is Publisher at the Royal Society.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

He is responsible for developing high quality and innovative publishing services to meet the needs of both researchers and science.

This has included the recent launch of the innovative journal, Royal Society Open Science.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

In the future, open journal peer review reports might be used as evidence for policy makers, as a communication tool to the public and as valid research output in awarding grants and tenure. He is responsible for the overall relationship between Digital Science and the publishing industry. From Germany, they came to the United States where his father found employment in Seattle, Washington.

Distributed Usage Logging working group

While he was a student, Mr. During the s, he served in the diplomatic service of Latvia and as a representative to the United Nations.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

Since at leastLatvian students have formed at least two different student organizations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. Prior to the formation of the first Latvian student group, Latvian students performed dances and music at multicultural events on campus, when not excelling in athletic competitions too. All that is known is that the group began with ten Latvian members inbefore disbanding due to low enrollment in All that is known is that the group began with five Latvian members in before disbanding in Greater Latvian student enrollment continued through the s; however, enrollment from Latvians abroad has decreased.

Since, at least the s, many future Latvian students have been born outside of Latvia. While peak enrollment of Latvian students may have been after World War Two, Latvian students near and far continue to come to the University today. Are you a Latvian Illini? Do you know someone who is? Please send us a message or leave a comment below. We want to include you and your story, as we celebrate the first years of the University of Illinois. David Cooper who gave feedback on an early version of this work.

A photo of both men is included. The resulting compounds are registered if new to a chemically aware relational database ChemAxon JChem.

Illini Everywhere: Latvian Illini, Since 1920

At the same time, in a different branch of the pipeline, the images attached to a patent document are submitted to an image-to-structure converter Keymodule CLiDE 19 and the successfully converted structures are similarly processed and stored in the chemical database. In addition to the images, the pipeline also processes chemical structure drawings encoded as molfile. Finally, the full querying and data exporting functionality is exposed to the end users via a dedicated web interface www.

The whole pipeline is comprised of several virtual machines which communicate with each other via a message queue system and are hosted in the Amazon Web Services AWS cloud. Instead, it contains at least the bibliographic information title, abstract, publication year, etc. Both annotated and unannotated patents are fully searchable and accessible on the SureChEMBL interface, as described later.

With regard to structure extraction from images and attachment CWUs, this is available for patents published in onwards. It is worth mentioning that the WIPO does not grant patents as this a prerogative of the national or regional patent authorities. DocDB refers to a database provided by the EPO, containing comprehensive bibliographic information for patent documents released worldwide. The most important entity types within SureChEMBL are the patent documents from which the chemical annotations are extractedthe chemical named entities the chemistry-related mentions in the text and compounds which are converted from chemical entities.

For each annotated patent document, the locations in text in which chemical entities were identified are recorded along with the chemical entity identifier.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

In case of images and molfile attachments, a second table holds the source and chemical entity information. A dictionary of unique chemical entities is in turn mapped to one or more compounds though the name and image-to-structure tools.

A dictionary of standardized compounds is maintained along with additional representations and properties, such as connection table, standard InChI and InChI Key 20molecular weight, calculated logP and global frequency, i.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

Compound uniqueness and allocation of new identifiers is handled by ChemAxon JChem during registration to the database. Thus, different stereoisomers and tautomers of the same structure will be given different identifiers. This format is consistent with the internal identifiers used by the patent content provider.

Illini Everywhere: Ukrainian Illini, Since 1907

At the moment of writing, the SureChEMBL database contains more than 17 million distinct compounds extracted from more than 14 million patent documents, spanning a time range from to present. The daily patent feed coupled with the fully automated pipeline allow for rapid annotation and indexing of chemical structures, extracted from new patent documents.

In most cases, the turnaround time from the publication of a patent by an authority to the patent and its associated compounds being accessible and searchable on the SureChEMBL interface is between 1 and 4 days. Incremental updates of new compounds are added quarterly. This interface allows users to search for compounds and patent documents of interest with a very high degree of granularity, as well as filter and retrieve the desired subset of results. More specifically, the interface has the following querying capabilities:.

Keyword-based searching against the full text of patent document, including title, abstract, claims and description sections. This is complemented by keyword-based searching against bibliographic and other metadata, such as patent identifier, patent authority, kind code i. All keyword-based searches are powered by a Lucene index backend, which is updated nightly. The interface also provides two alternative ways to input the query, either using the field search modal window or as a combination of Lucene query fields in the main search box Figure 2.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

Finally, more advanced querying features, such as wildcards, and exact and proximity searches are also supported. Since only compounds are currently extracted from SureChEMBL patent documents, the keyword search provides a mechanism by which users can search for patents relating to other entities of interest such as targets, diseases or biological processes.

Searching using a chemical structure or substructure as query. Similarity search at a given Tanimoto threshold and substructure search of the compound database are both supported and are implemented using the ChemAxon indexing technology. The query can be drawn using the javascript-based drawing tool available. Additional faceting of the search results is also provided by indicating the specific source of the compounds section of patent, images or molfiles Figure 3.

nicko goncharoff biography for kids

This additional granularity allows users to specify the exact location the compounds were extracted from during a chemistry search, e. A combination of both a keyword-based and a chemistry-based query. For example, a user may search for compounds that:

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