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Mohamed lamine chakhari biography

mohamed lamine chakhari biography
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A medical doctor who graduated in from the University of Strasbourg, France, he later moved back to Tunisia and was a professor of community medicine at the University of Sousse from until He started his political and rights activism in after he joined the Tunisian League of Human Rights.

mohamed lamine chakhari biography

However, the league was dissolved in June after it opposed a new law on associations. Marzouki, determined not to be intimidated, set up in the national committee to defend opinion prisoners.

Mohamed Lamine

The authorities immediately banned it, arguing it was illegal. Even though the league was reinstated inMarzouki said that he was not interested in a position within the group. The activist then announced that he wanted to run for president in His decision marked a new series of punitive actions against him that included prison terms and the confiscation of his passport.

mohamed lamine chakhari biography

Marzouki was member of the Cairo-based Arab human rights league, Amnesty International — Tunisia section, chairman of the Arab human rights commission and spokesman for the national council for freedoms in Tunisia.

Marzouki founded the Congress for the Republic in and was selected its chairman, even though the authorities did not recognize it. He went to Paris in Marzouki has published 16 books in Arabic and four in French, covering wide topics that ranged from medical ethics to human rights and the problems of democratization in the Arab world.

Marzouki won in the elections of October 23rd, as head of his party list in the governorate of Nabeul II, 60 km to the east of Tunis.

mohamed lamine chakhari biography

His political party arrived in 3rd place with 20 seats at the Constituent Assembly. Returning from France, Ben Jaafar founded the Council of Liberties with other former members of the Destour Socialist Party the sole governing party of Tunisia in Although the activities of the council did not last long, it was the Council of Liberties that initiated the Tunisian Human Rights League, inthe first human rights league in Africa and the Arab World.

Med Amine Chakhari

Ben Jaafar was also a founding member of the Democratic Socialist Party. InMustapha Ben Jafaar decided to run for the elections even though everybody knew that Zine-el-Abidine Ben Ali, then 73 years old, was going to win the elections.

mohamed lamine chakhari biography

Hamadi Jebali, head of the Government, was born on October 13, in Sousse. After having obtained his Baccalaureate in the technical high school of Soussehe continues his higher studies in France.

Mohamed Lamine - Nabghik Ya Danya

He occupied during four years the post of head of department of energy in an engineering and design department in Tunis. Between andMr. Inhe is member of the executive committee of the MIT after the release of Mr. Ghannouchi who takes again the direction of the party. Sentenced to death in at the end of the lawsuit of the members of the MIT, Mr. Samir Dilou - Noureddine El Khademi - Mohamed Lamine Chakhari - Elyes Fakhfakh - Khalil Zaouia - Abdellatif Abid - Abdellatif Mekki - Abdelwahab Maatar - Abdelkrim Harouni - Mongi Marzouk - Mohamed Salmane - Jameleddine Gharbi - Tarak Dhiab -

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