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Short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana
But reform ensued, and the first national elections were held in This plan set up a six-year primary course, to be attended as close to universally as possible, with a range of possibilities to follow.

Kwabena Darko of the National Independence Party 2. Emmanuel Erskine representing the People's Heritage Party 1. The Fourth Republic was inaugurated on January 7, with the swearing-in of Flt.

Rawlings as President and his running mate, Mr.

Kwame Nkrumah

Arkaah as Vice President. The newly elected Parliament was opened on the same day and elected, Mr. Rawlings was re-elected for a second term In the December 7, elections, John A. The NPP also won of the seats in Parliament. The NDC won 92 seats, while independent and small party candidates won eight seats.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

In the December 28 run-off election, with pledges of support form the other five opposition parties, Kufuor defeated Mills by winning Both rounds of the election were observed, and declared free and fair by a large contingent of domestic and international monitors. President Kufuor took the oath of office on January 7,becoming the first elected president in Ghanas history to succeed another elected president.

He was re-elected in December for a second four-year term, becoming the first civilian president without a military background to fully serve his tenure and go ahead to be re-elected.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

Political outlook Under Jerry Rawlings' rule, Ghana became the most politically stable and prosperous nation in West Africa and provided a model of development for the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. This may continue under President Kufuor if the new government and opposition remain mindful of the turbulence in neighbouring Cte d'Ivoire and try to quell some of the grassroots violence seen during the last general election and in Dagbon in Political instability and the intervention of the military is unlikely, particularly given Kufuor's ability to turn the Ghanaian economy around since he came to power.

Despite his outbursts, Rawlings' career as a serial coup maker appears to be over. Nevertheless, following his inauguration in JanuaryPresident Kufuor appeared to backtrack on many popular policies which brought him electoral success. Apparently more interested in appeasing Western donors and international financial institutions than bolstering his own popularity, Kufuor pledged a period of austerity measures.

He claims he is fully aware of the dangers this could pose to Ghana's political stability. In his swearing-in ceremony he warned that the ailing economy would 'put severe strains on our people's beliefs and enthusiasm for the democratic process' unless donors step up their assistance.

Busia's government was deposed in a military coup on 13 January A presidential system was instituted in when civilian rule was re-established. The post of Prime Minister was never revived. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prime Minister of Ghana Flag of Ghana. Parliament Members of Parliament. After the British jailed him in for political agitation, they allowed a new national constitution to be drafted, with elections to be held in February of Nkrumah pressed for full independence, and on March 6,the Gold Coast became the first black African colony to be liberated from British rule.

It merged with the former British Togoland to form Ghana. As the initial experiment in independent African democratic socialism, Ghana was subject to high expectations, and Nkrumah assumed a position of leadership among African as well as Western intellectuals and ideologues.

In general, the CPP was socialistic in nature and sought to centralize power and ownership in the government.

Nkrumah and the CPP set about to weaken their opposition. Opposition leaders who would not merge or compromise with the CPP were eventually harassed or placed in preventive detention. The Preventive Detention Act of enabled the government to imprison opponents for up to five years without a trial.

Press censorship was practiced, and the right to hold public meetings was sharply curtailed. Through party appointments, the CPP put its own people into positions such as regional commissioners, district commissioners, and town or local development committee posts.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

By Nkrumah and the CPP had consolidated their power and were ready to implement their political policies. He steadfastly resisted the exertion of political or economic power on Ghana from any other source. As described in Ghana: Nkrumahism became an instrument in the development of the cult of personality that surrounded Nkrumah. A broad class of state corporations was established to further industrialization and economic growth.

These state-linked corporations included agricultural units, external trade organizations, distribution networks, and marketing monopolies. The world cocoa price was falling, and imports and government expenditures increased while proceeds from exports began to decline.

When introduced in September ofthis deduction led to a general strike on the part of workers. Agricultural production stagnated and in some cases dropped.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

Nkrumah implemented an active foreign policy to bring Ghana from the periphery of world affairs to a more important role in the struggle for African liberation and unity. He was instrumental in the creation of the Organization of African Unity OAUunderwriting preliminary conferences on African unity and developing personal ties with other African leaders. He balanced his ties with the West by participating in the Afro-Asian movement and strengthening his relations with the Soviet bloc.

In the early s more than 60 ambassadors were placed in foreign capitals, and a special Bureau of African Affairs was created.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

At the same time, policy conflicts intensified within the CPP. In the trial following the Kulungugu assassination attempt, the major suspects were found not guilty. His actions alienated many of his supporters, especially the United States and Great Britain. It passed, and Ghana legally became a one-party socialist state. However, the vote on the referendum was reportedly rigged, revealing how much power was concentrated in the hands of Nkrumah. When there was a flurry of military activity around Accra, security concerns escalated. Angry demonstrations against the U.

Four American professors were subsequently dismissed from the University of Ghana at Legon. During and Nkrumah became involved in attempts to end the Vietnam War. He had good relations with the Chinese and Vietnamese leaders as well as with the Western powers. Nkrumah was forced to put his peace plans on hold, however, when rumors of more coup attempts surfaced.

Around the same time, political turmoil was brewing in the self-governing British colony of Southern Rhodesia. On February 1,Nkrumah made his last address to the National Assembly.

A Brief History of Ghana

He left the Accra airport for China on his way to Hanoi on February 21,and a few days later the Ghanaian army and police staged a coup, thereby seizing power from him.

Nkrumah learned of the coup from the Chinese when he arrived in Peking. Nkrumah accepted an offer of security from Guinean leader Sekou Toure, who made him the joint head of state of Guinea, and Nkrumah carried on the African revolutionary struggle there.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

In Nkrumah set up a publishing company to publish his books. His writings became more revolutionary and extreme. His final philosophy was published in The Class Struggle in Africa inin which he views the African revolution as part of the world socialist revolutionary process.

Later that year Nkrumah became seriously ill. Diagnosed with cancer, he went through a long period of severe suffering before he died on April 27,in Bucharest. Voice from ConakryPanaf, Hadjor, Kofi Buenor, Nkrumah and Ghana: Rooney, David, Kwame Nkrumah: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved October 10, from Encyclopedia. Kwame Nkrumah was the first president of Ghana.

Though he effected Ghana's independence and for a decade was Africa's foremost spokesman, his vainglory and dictatorial methods brought about his downfall inwith him a discredited and tragic figure in African nationalism. The career of Kwame Nkrumah must be seen in the context of the Africa of his period, which sought a dynamic leader but lacked the structures that would make possible the common goal of continental unity.

Ghana's and Africa's very inadequacies initially made them insensitive to Nkrumah's failings, conspicuous among which was the ever-widening gap between his rhetoric, which called for a socialist revolution, and his practice, which accommodated itself to the worst aspects of tribal and capitalist traditions. He was buried in a tomb in Nkroful, Ghana, but his remains were preserved in Accra.

short biography of the first prime minister of ghana

See the events in life of Kwame Nkrumah in Chronological Order. Listed In These Groups. John Dramani Mahama Ghanaian. Pictures of Kwame Nkrumah Image Credit. Michael Jackson United States. Paul Walker United States. Ben Carson United States.

Kwame Nkrumah

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