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Keith richards autobiography life

keith richards autobiography life
This is pretty much a no-holds-barred memoir that details Richards' relations with his band mates, particularly of course, Mick Jagger. Maybe not in his music. It's no wonder then that he doesn't walk a straight path, even and especially when it comes to a purity like music:

By turns earnest and wicked, sweet and sarcastic and unsparing, Mr. Richards, now 66, writes with uncommon candor and immediacy. But the book will also dazzle the uninitiated, who thought they had only a casual interest in the Stones or who thought of Mr.

keith richards autobiography life

Richards, vaguely, as a rock god who was mad, bad and dangerous to know. The book is that compelling and eloquently told. Just as the Stones perfected a signature sound that could accommodate everything from ferocious Dionysian anthems to melancholy ballads about love and time and loss, so Mr. Richards has found a voice in these pages — a kind of rich, primal Keith-Speak — that enables him to dispense funny, streetwise observations, tender family reminiscences, casually profane yarns and wry literary allusions with both heart-felt sincerity and bad-boy charm.

Keith Richards: the Keef facts

In these pages we see Keith through the scrolling chapters of his life. The former art student, dedicating himself like a monk to mastering the blues:. That was your gig. Every other moment taken away from it was a sin.

The programme covered "his childhood in Dartford, his passion for music and the decade that catapulted the Rolling Stones from back-room blues boys to one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands in the world". The programme was repeated on 12 November The book was generally well received by critics, with several commenting on the honesty of the work.

It captures the true spirit of rock and roll, the nitty-gritty of life on the road, and just what it feels like to be a heroin addict who doesn't know where his next fix is coming from.

It also movingly captures Richards' extraordinary love of music—an even more powerful addiction for him than smack—and perhaps more surprisingly, his manifest destiny as a human being.

Richards writes with disarming introspection about his childhood, family and fame. And it's quite likely that no rock musician has ever written so keenly about the joys of making music.

A Writing Stone: Chapter and Verse

With a warm sense of humor and willingness to share his grief, Mr. Richards in "Life" defies almost every public perception about him.

Sometimes it sounds like a man ranting into a tape machine; sometimes, in the tidier and more reflective sections, you can detect the hand of his co-writer, James White Mischief Fox.

life the book

But the watchwords of this book are honesty, confessionalism, telling it straight. The New Yorker said of Life"Half book, half brand extension, it's an entertaining, rambling monologue, a slurry romp through the life of a man who knew every pleasure, denied himself nothing, and never paid the price.

Life by Keith Richards

Richards, now 66, writes with uncommon candor and immediacy. He's decided that he's going to tell it as he remembers it, and helped along with notebooks, letters and a diary he once kept, he remembers almost everything. The popular press focused on the relationship between Jagger and Richards.

keith richards autobiography life

Graham Smith in the Daily Mail said, "Unsurprisingly, The Rolling Stones guitarist isn't entirely complimentary towards his childhood friend. But Fox did not speak to the other Stones. Life is ultimately two stories: He goes quiet for a moment. Jagger read LifeRichards says, "and he was a bit peeved about this and that. He and Jagger talked over the summer about new Stones action in There is another of those earthquake cackles.

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keith richards autobiography life

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keith richards autobiography life

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