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Grace chin jimmy chin biography

grace chin jimmy chin biography
Most I loved, a couple I disliked, but this podcast with Jimmy Chin has been my favorite so far, hitting home with my passion of ski mountaineering. Please upgrade your browser. His ease on rocks and snow in the high mountains has allowed him to become the ultimate practitioner of what the late photographer Galen Rowell termed "participatory photography.

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Elizabeth Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin

Notify me of new posts via email. Remember what Fonzie was like? Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. Tim I think a follow up podcast is in order with Jimmy.

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Also it is totally fascinating that besides the fact he is climbing impossible mountains he is filming it all……. OMG, how does he do that!!! Like Liked by 1 person. Hey Tim, First I want to say that me, my brothers, my dad, and a lot of my friends are all listeners, so thank you so much.

I listen to your podcast on my daily walks a lot; it makes for a great combo of education and vitality. So I know your interested in drums. He has an awesome voice with which he spits endless wisdom. Please check him out if you can find the the time, you kind of have to hear him talk.

grace chin jimmy chin biography

He did a TED X talk relatively recently that highlights just one of his influential branches. He just seems too fitting for the show. When the idea came to me I had to at least try and get it your way. Thanks a lot Tim. Could I have like 10 minutes?

Tim LearyLet me know if you still need some help. Never written books or put up podcasts, but willing to listen. Thank you Tim for bringing Jimmy in. Keep pushing the limits! Jimmy was talking about ways to get started climbing, but most of those ways assumed you are out west. If you are in New England there are also some amazing climbing locations up here to get started with.

The Appalachian Mountain Club chaoters around here tend to run a rock climbing and ice climbing program. The major advantage over going out with a guide is the classes are taught by volunteers many of whom are very experienced. It is a good way to make climbing friends and people who will climb with you for the cost of gas and a beer.

grace chin jimmy chin biography

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Step A rousing documentary about gifted young women, with just a hint of unneeded gloss. As a photographer, one of the great challenges is trying to be creative under fairly stressful conditions. You try to be smart about what you are shooting by anticipating the key moments and being efficient with your creative energy as well as your physical energy.

Chin participates in and shoots about three or four major expeditions a year. Often, I will make a shot list before a trip and continually revise and add to it during the trip.

These lists help remind me of potential conceptual photos that might capture such ideas as teamwork, overcoming challenges, discovery, adventure, and success.

Photographing an expedition is like building a film—it's storytelling. I always look for transitional moments such as arriving at base camp, establishing climbing camps, the big storm, and summit day.

grace chin jimmy chin biography

If I run ahead of the group to shoot, I'll photograph them walking toward me, then I'll drop to the ground and shoot wide to get close-ups, cutaways, or an interesting angle of the boots and crampons as they walk past me, and then I'll recompose for another shot as they walk away into the landscape. From one position I have shot three unique compositions.

Chin's favorite photo moment was at the end of an expedition to discover the birthing grounds of the endangered chiru antelope on China's Chang Tang Plateau. Among the expedition members was Chin's mentor Galen Rowell. When climbing a nearby mountain, Chin's team had to chop a hole through a snow cornice just below the summit. My feet were dangling in space but I had my arms, ice axe, and camera free. I should have climbed out of the hole for a more secure footing, but I knew the moment would be lost, so hanging on by one arm I squeezed out three shots.

By five, he was competing in swimming and tae kwon do, winning nearly every match he entered. One day when he was six, Chin came home from a particularly grueling tae kwon do practice after a snowstorm.

grace chin jimmy chin biography

His father was waiting for him at the end of their long driveway, which was covered by a foot of snow. The Chins were intent that their children would know their heritage, and each summer the family would travel to Taiwan, where their son was immersed in a culture deeply infused with the principles of Taoism and Confucianism.

He spent long days in the classroom hunched over his calligraphy brush working diligently to master the thousands of characters that make up one of the world's oldest written languages.

When Grace and Jimmy weren't in class studying Mandarin, the Chins toured the country and visited relatives. Sometimes my dad and I would practice with them. Whatever the endeavor—calligraphy, academics, or athletics—the unwavering mantra in the Chin household was push harder, accomplish more.

grace chin jimmy chin biography

Saturdays were reserved for swimming and martial arts competitions, followed by orchestra training. On Sundays in the winter, if he'd toed the line all week, his parents would let him go to Mount Kato, a tiny ski area only a few miles from their home. With only feet of vertical it's more of a hill than a mountain, but Mount Kato was where Chin could escape from the pressures of his regimented existence, a place where he could run free—as fast as his skis would carry him. One day when Chin was 14, he called Grace and asked her to come pick him up because he'd hurt himself skiing.

When she pulled up to the mountain, Grace was horrified to discover that the minor injury he'd mentioned on the phone was actually a broken leg. As often happens when a child is put under too much pressure by an overbearing parent, Chin eventually rebelled. In middle school he was stealing his parents' car in the middle of the night to party with his friends.

The showdowns with his father—and sometimes the local police—escalated until his mother decided to ship Chin off to Shattuck-St. Mary's, an elite Episcopal boarding school in Faribault, Minnesota. For years, Shattuck had been famous for its Crack Squad—one of the oldest, most decorated military drill teams in the country.

Jimmy Chin

The squad was essentially a secret society run entirely by students. By his junior year, Chin was captain of the squad, only the second time in the group's history the honor had been given to a nonsenior.

But as popular as he was with the students, Chin had ongoing issues with authority that frequently put him at odds with the school's administration. At the beginning of senior year, he was caught with a girl in his room. It was the kind of offense that normally warranted a brief suspension, but the headmaster decided to expel him.

He'd expected to apply to Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. Then suddenly his life veered in a new and unexpected direction. Chin enrolled in a more liberal prep school and fell in with a group of beatniks with whom he started rock climbing and smoking pot.

For the first time in my life I was able to chill out. In a comparative religions seminar, he was introduced to the Tao Te Ching and the I Chingancient Chinese texts that form the religious and philosophical basis for Taoism.

Taoism taught me to focus on the process and not to be attached to preconceived ideas of what I thought the outcome should be. We're staring up at what they call the Spooky Face on Nez Perce. It's the first face we've planned to ski on our traverse. To get here, we spent the morning trudging under pound packs loaded with four days' worth of food plus climbing, skiing, and camping gear.

Our plan had been to reconnoiter Nez Perce this afternoon and then establish a high camp from which to explore the best possible descents.

But the Spooky Face looks more like a serious alpine climb than a ski descent—a 2,foot rock wall with a few token patches of snow. And suddenly, exactly what we're up against sinks in, because this nightmare is just one of the nine peaks on the traverse, and even an animal like Chin wouldn't try to ski it in its current condition.

We always knew that pulling off the Grand Ski Traverse would depend on the conditions, and this winter there hasn't been enough snowfall to cover this face. But the key to success—and survival—as a ski mountaineer is to know when to push and when to back off. So we decide to see how much of the project we can complete and turn instead toward the middle and highest part of the range. By late the next day, we find ourselves standing on the summit of the Grand Teton.

The line I'm staring down between my skis is the exact route pioneered by Bill Briggs more than 40 years ago, and I silently tip my hat as I stare down at Jackson Hole, where he still lives to this day.

Film Review: ‘Meru’

This ski run is almost as steep as the Spooky Face, but since it's at a higher elevation there's a lot more snow, and the conditions are close to ideal. This time he's not teasing or exaggerating. It's a simple fact. If one of us were to blow a turn, we might be able to self-arrest with the ice picks attached to the grips of our ski poles, but there's a reason they call this ski mountaineering—we're skiing down a degree incline that's more suited to alpine climbing.

That doesn't stop Chin from swooping down onto this hanging panel of snow high on the Grand as if he were at the resort, and he deftly jump turns his way through an obstacle course of boulders jutting from the wind-blasted slope. After 15 perfectly scribed turns, he traverses onto a rib of snow and pulls out his camera. But instead of waving us on, he holds his poles up in a X-pattern. The summit is coming in and out of the clouds, and he wants us to wait for the right light to get pictures of us coming down. This is one of the curses of skiing with a filmmaker-photographer—the light is always key.

grace chin jimmy chin biography

As Kit and I fidget anxiously on the summit, our ski tips hanging over the lip of a 7,vertical-foot ski run, I ask her about skiing Everest with Chin and her husband, Rob, in At the time, it had never been skied before. We were all so focused on finding our own line that we got split up, and we each ended up on these different tendrils of wind-blasted snow.

Chin told Kit to wait and then skied down a ways to get in position. Kit saw him take off his pack and remove his camera, but then he immediately put it back on and kept going.

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