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Lope felix de vega carpio biography examples

lope felix de vega carpio biography examples
Marta de Nevares turned blind in and died crazy in , and one by one Lope lost his sons and daughter to tragic deaths. Poems - An index of poems by the Spanish dramatist. When I sit down to write a play, I lock up the rules with six keys and drive Plautus and Terence out of my study to stop their howling.

Lope de Vega Carpio

It is said that he could write a complete play in a single day, and we may well believe it. Born in the family of a poverty-stricken nobleman, Lope received his elementary training under the Jesuits in the Imperial College.

Before he was twelve he had written two plays which, strangely enough, are among those that have come down to posterity. As a young man he served in the campaign that resulted in the destruction of the Spanish Armada.

Military service, however, apparently was not permitted to interrupt the flow of de Vega's literary activity, for, according to tradition, he wrote steadily even on shipboard.

lope felix de vega carpio biography examples

Retrieved October 27, from Encyclopedia. Biographies Felix Lope de Vega Carpio. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright The Columbia University Press. Learn more about citation styles. A prolific writer, only c.

lope felix de vega carpio biography examples

Marta de Nevares, called "Amarilis" in his poetry, seemed to Lope to be the ideal woman he had spent his life searching for. In her middle 20s, she flattered him with the gift of her youth and beauty, and she was in turn flattered by his great fame.

His letters and his verse tell how he idolized her. In one letter to the Duke of Sessa, his patron, he wrote, "At last I have found the physician for my wounds. For weeks the scandal of the trial filled Lope and Marta with anguish.

The life of Lope de Vega

Besides, she was pregnant with Lope's child. After prolonged labor, the child was born and baptized Antonia Clara. In a letter to the Duke of Sessa, Lope expressed savage joy at the news.

Marta then moved with their daughter to Lope's house. When a string of catastrophes struck his household, Lope felt it to be divine punishment for his transgressions. The first catastrophe was Marta's blindness in Then was added the crushing burden of her temporary insanity and in her death.

lope felix de vega carpio biography examples

Two years later Lopito drowned; the same year a Madrid hidalgo abducted Antonia Clara, his and Marta's beloved teen-age daughter. Aggressive and growing competition from younger playwrights disheartened Lope professionally. The audience's tastes were changing, leaving him somewhat behind the times. In his last days professional frustration as well as personal grief, melancholy, and remorse enveloped him.

His sense of contrition was so strong that he flagellated himself regularly, following a medieval practice of atonement. He died on Aug. When I sit down to write a play, I lock up the rules with six keys and drive Plautus and Terence out of my study to stop their howling.

Lope de Vega Carpio Biography

I keep an eye on the box office, and because the common man pays the piper, I pipe the tune he likes. It is clear that Lope wrote primarily for the common man; and to judge by the structure and content of what he wrote, the common man ordered the three-act form; disavowal of Aristotle's rules; the presence of a comic gracioso to enliven the play with playful, boisterous, or farcical humor often parodying serious lines; verse rather than prose; and a rapid succession of scenes, complex intrigues, and subplots in preference to unified character development.

At seven, he was writing his first compositions, and at ten, his first plays.

Lope de Vega

Inhe left for Salamanca, where he was a student at the university. Lope de Vega was involved in many amorous relationships and participated in several military campaigns.

lope felix de vega carpio biography examples

It was upon his return that he met Elena Osorio, then unhappily married to a comic actor, and became her lover.

Elena reacted violently to his behavior, and the playwright then responded by attacking Elena and her family, once more in verse. InLope de Vega was detained by the authorities for libel, and the following year he was condemned to exile. He then ran away with Isabel de Urbina, whom he married before embarking on the ill-fated Spanish Armada.

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