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Banisadr biography of william

banisadr biography of william
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Abolhasan Bani-Sadr

A reference to Bani-Sadr's sister's telephone number in one cable according to Bani-Sadr, the number is off by one digit led them to believe that SDLure-1 was Bani-Sadr. However, Bani-Sadr was by then a leading candidate for president. Since the militants had no evidence that Cassin had ever arrived or that Bani-Sadr had been contacted, they did not release the material.

The Persian commentary claims that militant investigators learned that Bani-Sadr accepted the offer, although he never received any money, since the embassy takeover ended all contact with him. But, with the Iranian presidential campaign still under way, the militants' commentary explains that they feared this was misinformation and decided not to rely on the hostage answers. They painstakingly matched the edges and rows of type for each strip in order to piece together the documents.

By January,Bani-Sadr had been elected president of Iran.

Iran Documents Give Rare Glimpse of a CIA Enterprise

Although the newly reconstructed cables did not mention him by name, the militants immediately recognized that the details about SDLure-1 matched Bani-Sadr: Still, they did not move against him.

According to the captured cables, Bani-Sadr passed on trivial information on the mechanics and future of the Iranian revolution to the CIA officer, but may never have been fully aware of Cassin's connection with the U.

banisadr biography of william

Embassy who is interested in economic affairs. The effort to recruit Bani-Sadr really began earlier, when the Khomeini revolutionaries were still in exile and preparing to return to Iran.

Cassin had first met with Bani-Sadr in January,in Paris, and the initial contact had been promising. There was no opportunity to follow up on it during the revolutionary regime's chaotic seizure of power.

banisadr biography of william

The effort to recruit Bani-Sadr apparently was revived in June,when another CIA source, code-named SDRotter, mentioned that his cousin had recently had dinner with Bani-Sadr, who had been complaining bitterly about the activities of Ibrahim Yazdi, then foreign minister, and Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, then director of national radio and television.

SDRotter urged the CIA to get in touch with Bani-Sadr, who he said was very ambitious and considered "himself as ministerial, if not presidential, caliber. During their three Tehran meetings in late August and early September,Cassin's efforts to solicit Bani-Sadr's reflections on the revolution do not seem to have elicited much that was not available in the press at the time. Bani-Sadr noted, according to Ahern's paraphrase of Cassin in one cable, that the Revolutionary Council "is not operating as efficiently as it could and should be.

At one point Cassin took what he called an "opportunity to provoke," asserting "that all important decisions are left to Khomeini and that without him things would fall apart quickly. He made it clear that Khomeini is not capable of running the country alone and must rely on others. Bani-Sadr told Cassin that Iran was not interested presently in purchasing more arms, but that it was "interested in obtaining spare parts for previously acquired U.

Other conversations appeared to focus on economic matters, such as plans to impose foreign exchange restrictions minimalto increase tariffs only on luxury items and to nationalize industries and businesses only those created as result of abuses of shah's regime.

banisadr biography of william

Cassin's assessment of Bani-Sadr was summed up in a cable after their third meeting: Cassin noted that, while the Bani-Sadr he had met in Paris "was a revolutionary working on the outside, he now finds himself dealing with the fine points of running the administration of a country.

He, in reality, appears to be more of a bureaucrat than a revolutionary. Although always a soft-spoken intellectual, he nevertheless seems to be mellowing now that he is ensconsed sic in Tehran. No longer does he seem to have a ragtag group of students in his home as during the days in Paris. The above is not to say that subj sic has lost his drive as a reformer; it is to note that with each passing day he seems to be more entrenched in the bureaucracy of the revolution that succeeded and is now facing the challenge of making the state function smoothly. In the same cable Cassin offered his pro and con estimates of Bani-Sadr's potential as an informer:.

For example, he stated that all members of the Revolutionary Council are not equally competent but that he has to live and deal with them.

banisadr biography of william

This uncertainty will probably cause him to keep a few doors open. He probably started his newspaper in order to use it as a power base for future political objectives. Contact our editors with your feedback.

banisadr biography of william

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Quandt described the book as "a rambling, self-serving series of reminiscences" and "long on sensational allegations and devoid of documentation that might lend credence to Bani-Sadr's claims. Banisadr, in a interview with the Voice of America on the 29th anniversary of the revolution, claimed that Khomeini is directly responsible for the violence originated from the Muslim world and that Khomeini did turn against his promises stated in exile following the revolution.

In published articles on the Iranian election protestshe ascribed the unusually open political climate before the election to the government's great need to prove its legitimacy. Banisadr lives in Versaillesnear Paris, in a villa closely guarded by French police. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

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