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Maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham
Shabbir Ahmed Text and Context: Keep reciting "Al Mughni" during sex and the woman will love you. And I led the prayer, i.

The fatwa was also signed by other scholars including from Hijaz. The founding scholars of Deoband used to change their name while travelling on train and other transportation because there was threat to their lives due to the fact that most population of the subcontinent did not accepted their interpretation of Islam. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hamdard Islamic-us21 17— Article on Ashraf 'Ali's teachings on Sufism. Political Practice in South Asia.

Ashraf Ali Thanwi

Govt to develop Balochistan before talks: Nasim Hassan Shah in a startling press interview to the daily Jang August 23, He did not mince words to indicate the bias of the presiding judge trial court, Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain, who bore personal grudge against Mr.

The grudge was that he as Prime Minister, had him superseded by a junior judge while appointing Chief Justice of the Lahore High court. The former Chief Justice has no hesitation in averring that Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain should have avoided naming himself as a member of the trial bench to maintain the dignity of the court in the principled tradition of justice.

It was in this context that during the trial, Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain had made uncalled for personal remarks provoking Bhutto to boycott the proceedings. Nasim Hassan when confronted by the interviewer admitted that never before in the judicial history of the country any abettor was awarded capital punishment. So he should better be eliminated first and no chances taken. Emphasis by the judge on "had to be done" speaks for itself.

He had exchanged harsh words with chief justice Muhammad A. Zullah when later received Benazir at a function when she was opposition leader. He headed the bench which restored Sharif government in He had been humiliated earlier during Benazir government when Benazir refused to sit on the same table with him. The reason was that Nasim H. Shah was one of the majority justices on the bench which had given a four to three verdict of rejection of appeal of death sentence. Executive and judiciary function in their own spheres but sometimes their interests clash.

Executive tries to have some kind of control on the function of judiciary especially when its interests are challenged.

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

Executive tries to influence judiciary through favors in postings, promotions and post-retirement benefits. Najam Sethi and Mr. How conveniently the government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif has forgotten the way Mr. Javed Hashmi and Rana Sanaullah were treated by the General Pervez Musharraf regime between and and it was only the Media which came to the help of Mr.

Yet the IT Minister had the audacity to declare the apprehensions of the civil society as hearsay, in a TV Show yesterday. Pakistan is a Third World country where law enforcement agencies act as a colonial force instead of people friendly force and when a country is exploding with religious and ethnic hate, such harsh and severe regulations would open the gate of mass persecution at the drop of the hat.

Another absurdity which is added as an offence in the Bill: Is the government out of its mind or does it want to fill the prisons with all and sundry who raises his or her pen on any international issue related to foreign countries?

Islam is a religion of peace, and there is no place for these Kharijis within my faith. Why did media report like: If not it will be repeat of East Pakistan and civil war will explode any moment.

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

There are more common elements between Shia and Sunni sects than the differences. This is an international agenda to divide, create hatred and incite violence between Shia and Sunni sects. Everyone now knew the hidden agenda and who are behind the killings of Shia and Sunni ulemas. This nefarious designs are going to fail here in Pakistan.

Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi

How can you say it was a Shia mob? This is a Shia genocide because Shias are being killed for their beliefs. When was the last time a Brelvi sunni or deobandi sunni was targeted like this? In fact more sunni scholers and awaam has been killed by the same takfiri terrorists. Guys this is an indication how deep rooted thesr self proclaimed righteous are.

Lots of misconceptions here. Firstly, the killing of Sunnis is happening by their dear sunni brothers, the Taliban. There are no suicide squads of shias blowing up mosques.

Secondly, what happened in Rawalpindi was complete insanity. You do not hurl abuses at a religion whose followers who are marching past you in the thousands. Freedom of speech does not exist in this country and one should not think it does.

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

You spout reason and you get killed, one should not expect a different reaction when you spout hatred. Pls stop creating these shia sunni divisions, at the end of the day all pakistanis are getting killed WHY?

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

Chief Justice, Army, Police are allowing it. Its time we open our eyes and see the root causes of these crimes, it is the freedom given to criminals by the police and courts. Why are these terrorists not being given death penalty?? Why does the court release dreaded criminals who force witnesses to withdraw statements? Is the court that blind and stupid? You have problem with the centuries old Jaloos tradition in a country where all the extremists are given a free hand to do what ever they want to do.

Your demand is nothing but a narrow minded Wahabi thinking. Im not a musharraf supporter, but now i see how right he was in throwing out the Chief Injustice, shame on his quietness. They r not a different sect like shia.

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

We have invested our lives and money on this land, so it is our right to practice our faith the way we want it! Who cares, another person died who was making people fool using his religion. All these filthy mullahs should be killed who spread hatred.

In Saudi people do not like shia at all, hatred is times more than in pakistan! But does that mean that people go about killing shias in there??? No, law is simple kill anyone and death penalty is yours. Courts and law enforcement agencies are sleeping here so dont expect things to get better.

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

Still we have people who cannot stop to believe that this is being done by the Talibans. This Shia Sunni clashes are manufactured. If you want prove then look at what is been going on in Middle East and Africa. Every muslim country is suffering through this unfortunate episode of religious divide. ET stop spreading hatred. Also, i have seen how sunnis are also getting killed like us, you dont identify them as sunni then. We all pakistanis are suffering due to lawlessness. They are the ones declaring Shias Kafir and Wajib e qatl.

13 dead as Karachi violence spirals out of control

Why are they afraid to speak out against these criminals. Once you do that we will stop calling it a genocide.

maulana ehtisham ul haq thanvi biography of abraham

Pakistanis of all regions and religions are dying so stop suggesting its only shias and minority to spread negativity and hate. Pathetic one sided reporting. The terrorists know exactly what they are doing; by keeping Karachi in chaos they can keep Pakistan in chaos. In these challenging times, we need solidarity against this common enemy who kills without any remorse.

We condemn the senseless killings and send our condolences to the families of the Maulana Jalbani and his driver, who were killed in this attack. We also hope that the recent on-going security sweep in Karachi brings results in sustained peace in the city. Saudis Arabs and Persians Iranians open a new battlefield in Pakistan.

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