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Room to read john wood biography

room to read john wood biography
As we work together, we can stamp hunger out. In few places will you see the kind of honest, direct reporting of what money went where that you will at Room to Read.

It is hard to beat these numbers: And what is the mark of John Wood and his charity?

room to read john wood biography

Well the impact on the millions he has already touched is immeasurable, and it will continue to grow. But there is more. John has been challenged on spending the money in Asia instead of at home. We live in a time where America has, frankly, alienated most of the world and caused rifts that may take many generations to heal. If we can help their communities build schools and libraries, the parents and their kids will be friends of America forever. If we spent 1 per cent of that on building schools and libraries abroad, we might never have to bomb people.

Room to Read runs on local volunteer organizations.

John Wood: "Creating Room to Read"

You can find out more about what they are doing and how you can help at www. John Wood — Room to Read.

room to read john wood biography

Wells T his amazing story starts with no fanfare. He was now a CEO.

room to read john wood biography

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room to read john wood biography

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Wood has received the following honours: Wood lives with his wife Amy Powell in Hong Kong.

Room to Read's John Wood on finding inspiration in Nepal

He travels roughly days per year for media, public speaking and fund-raising opportunities. His hobbies include running, skiing, hiking, travel, reading, and wine.

room to read john wood biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help improve it by revising it to be neutral and encyclopedic. I was trekking in Nepal as a little bit of a holiday from Microsoft back in I met a headmaster who asked me to come visit his school. He had children showing up every day in this kind of ramshackle little building with dirt floors.

So the headmaster, thankfully, like me, was an action-oriented optimist. So I went back to that village a year later with my year-old father in tow as my unpaid right-hand man, 3, books.

Вуд, Джон (активист)

I left about two months after that return trip to go set up that first library. Well, it took me a little time to work up the courage, because I think so much of society, your status is who you are, what you do, what the title on your business card said, and so it was a difficult time to do that. The best ideas in the world can be found in the graveyard. What he meant was that too many of us go to our graves with good ideas that we never do anything with. We never implement or activate the good ideas that we have. We take them to our graves with us.

Room to Read

So I wonder if you might say even more about that. Yeah, I would love to. But I think for me the whole point of leaving Microsoft when I was 35 years old, I always wondered what would I — I would never know what might have been possible if I stuck with my job and did the safe thing. Seven hundred and eight million illiterate people in the world — what a lost opportunity. It started very slowly — one library here, a second library there, a third library there. But around year three, year four, a lot of great people joined on, joined what we call the caravan.

You kind of get more people involved. Over six million children have access to them.

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