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Jibril rajoub biography channel

jibril rajoub biography channel
Is the Palestinian leadership really willing and able? He has also authored a number of books on security. The State Department recognized Rahim as a victim of torture in the Palestinian Authority and demanded that Yasser Arafat apologize to the family and investigate the incident.

Jibril Rajoub

Al-Ahmad also added that "there should be a consensus on its form," meaning that there should be agreement between Palestinian Arab factions if and when terror tactics should be used and which tactic should be used each time: HamasFatahterrorismreconciliationJibril Rajoub. Related Stories At least 23 dead in attack in Somalia Haniyeh blames Israel for attempt on Hamas official's life Senior Hamas official survives assassination attempt 'I'm going to carry out a terror attack' Fatah-Hamas talks hit a snag ISIS operatives accused of planning attack on Indian synagogue Fatah continues campaign against Balfour Declaration Salomon family: Demolish murderer's entire house Hamas leader: Our differences with Iran are history Abbas rules out militias in Gaza.

jibril rajoub biography channel

During his tenure, he was accused of torturing and abusing Palestinians deemed to oppose the Oslo Accords, particularly members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement. Rajoub defended his actions, saying that security cooperation with Israel aimed to achieve peace.

Rumours circulated that Rajoub was planning to succeed Arafat, whose health was deteriorating.

Israeli football cannot continue as a vehicle to legitimise racism

Four months later, Rajoub was dismissed from the PSF for failing to protect the buildings from the attacks. He returned to the spotlight several years later, not by assuming any security post or arresting Palestinian activists, as he had in the late s, but through sports.

He has served as head of the Palestinian Football Association and head of the Palestinian Olympic Committee since However, he did not stay away from politics for long.

jibril rajoub biography channel

He has also used his political clout to advance his sports agenda, including the organization of regular sports tournaments in the West Bank and Gaza and the participation of the Palestinian national team in several international sports events. He famously said on Israel TV in January that he prefers the world to see young Palestinian men and women wearing shorts instead of being covered up or wearing the hijab. He later surprised the Palestinian people and FIFA member states when he withdrew the suspension motion on 29 Maythe same day FIFA delegates were due to vote on it, in return for assurances that FIFA would form a committee to monitor Israeli violations against Palestinian sports.

jibril rajoub biography channel

It did not even reflect the US policy or the doctrine they employed in the past. It sounded like a speech of a student leader in a university, rather than the speech of a leader of a superpower. In Juneas head of the Palestine Olympic CommitteeRajoub called a request for a minute of silence to remember the 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists in " racist ". Rajoub told Hezbollah -affiliated television network Al Mayadeen "until now we have not had nuclear weapons ", he declared, "but in the name of Allah, if we had nuclear weapons, we'd be using them.

jibril rajoub biography channel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 10 March New leaders declare 'revolution ' ". The New York Times.

Palestinians abandon bid to have Israel banned from FIFA

On the contrary, Uefa rewarded Israel with the U21 European championship — a move Palestinians believe is a political tool to whitewash the Israeli occupation of Palestine. If Fifa is willing to follow its own norms, there can be no question that Palestinians have the right to play.

jibril rajoub biography channel

The Israel FA not only remains silent when attacks against Palestinian sports are committed, but is complicit with the occupation, having accepted five teams from Israeli settlements internationally recognised as illegal under international law. This is also illegal under the Fifa charter, though Israel continues to be treated differently. We need actions in order to foster what football should be:

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