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Eason jamie biography of william

eason jamie biography of william
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She was more determined than ever to make a name for herself in the fitness industry. Her hard work paid off, and she walked away with the award after being 14 other female models at the Olympia Weekend. This was the start of an illustrious career in fitness for Jamie. By the time she was 32, Jamie had become the face of a leading bodybuilding website. She began posting training plans and motivational tips that she had picked up through her journey. Before she knew it, she had become an online sensation, with millions being inspired by her story and advice.

Jamie enjoys working multiple muscle groups at a time, incoporating cardio a few times during the week. She is a strong believer in lifting heavy weights to achieve a great physique. However, unlike other athletes, Jamie only trains 5 times per week, allwoing her body to rest and recover for the other two.

eason jamie biography of william

Jamie is a big believer that a clean diet is key to transforming, maintaining and developing your body. She eats clean all-year-round, without any cheat meals, because she feels that giving into temptation once would lead her on a slippery slope off track. She plans her diet around lean proteins, vegetables and complex carbs, as well as setting herself specific times to eat her 6 meals everyday.

Meal 1 6 a. Meal 5 6 p. However, she is grateful to her personal trainer and nutritionist for helping to turn her life around when she was at her lowest point.

Jamie has taught us to never give up, regardless of what cards you are dealt in your life. After a short time as a Houston Texans cheerleader, she was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to a desk job where her inactive lifestyle and poor nutrition took a toll on her body.

She continued to work out and improve but wasn't completely satisfied with her results. After consulting a nutritionist, she was put on a proper diet that completely transformed her body. Eason was first discovered at a fitness competition in Austin, Texas.

She received a pro card after her first fitness competition in at the Hardbody Entertainment Model Search at the Olympia. As a spokesperson, Eason has been dubbed the "female face" [12] of Bodybuilding. Jamie also has authored several workout plans and routines that are followed by millions of people on bodybuilding. Health through pregnancy has also been another topic of fitness Eason has discussed. In terms of losing baby weight in a healthy manner, Eason stated:.

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Jamie Eason

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eason jamie biography of william

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eason jamie biography of william

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eason jamie biography of william

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eason jamie biography of william

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eason jamie biography of william

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