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Emeka onono biography for kids

emeka onono biography for kids
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emeka onono biography for kids

American Nightmare investigates the human tragedy behind the global financial crisis. The film follows reporter Emeka Onono to the eye of the storm in Cleveland, Ohio.

Television in 2017

Emeka discovers a wave of foreclosures sweeping across the city, casting OAPs, and children on to the street. He traces the money trail back through mortgage lenders to brokers, bankers and investors.

emeka onono biography for kids

In th words of social justice campaigner Mark Seifert, "there's blood on the streets of Cleveland, but the only place anyone cares about in this country is Wall Street". Combining gripping personal stories with archive and expert testimony, this film unveils the impact of the worst banking crisis since the Great Depression.

Inside the Commons was filmed with unprecedented access and for the first time, going where cameras are normally forbidden.

emeka onono biography for kids

A look at how history still haunts modern Argentina. Simon Reeve goes on a journey through the spectacular landscapes of Argentina.

emeka onono biography for kids

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History rediscovered - Emeka Keazor at TEDxEuston

All By date Available now 0 Next on 0. Sex and Religion in Manila Seyi Rhodes reports on moves to introduce free contraception in the Philippines. Manila to Mindanao Looking at the Philippines, with its sublime scenery and political turmoil.

Istanbul and Anatolia Looking at the rich history and landscapes of Turkey, and some of its problems.

emeka onono biography for kids

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