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Piccinini patricia biography of donald

piccinini patricia biography of donald
Siren Mole; Excelloephala Parthenopa, The weirdly wonderful "Skywhale" to haunt the sky.

Piccinini has an ambivalent attitude towards technology and she uses her artistic practice as a forum for discussion about how technology impacts upon life.

piccinini patricia biography of donald

She is keenly interested in how contemporary ideas of nature, the natural and the artificial are changing our society. Specific works have addressed concerns about biotechnology, such as gene therapy and ongoing research to map the human genome The ABC described the work as a "hot air balloon in the shape of a tortoise-like animal featuring huge dangling udders made from four hectares of nylon".

In The Flesh

In she presented as part of a group exhibition titled Menagerie at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. In a interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Piccinini said of her work, "It's about evolution, nature — how nature is such a wonderful thing, we're just here to witness it, it's not here for us — genetic engineering, changing the body.

Patricia Piccinini

The thing about this award on some levels is that my work It's beautifully made, strong, aesthetic, so people are interested in that and it draws them in, and then they get interested in the idea. It takes a while to get to the idea.

piccinini patricia biography of donald

So this award says, "We get it, we get what you're trying to do, we've gone beyond the surface, we can see that there are ideas underneath, and these ideas are about the opportunity for connection". At the centre of this system is the belief that human health is more important than anything else, he is the embodiment of the Towards Zero vision.

Meditations on the continuum of vitality piled curls and cascade of hair by Patricia Piccinini.

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Meditations on the continuum of vitality complex curls by Patricia Piccinini. Fruiting Bodies Reclining by Patricia Piccinini.

piccinini patricia biography of donald

A Gentle Accumulation, The Osculating Curve, The Big Guy, Study, Bedroom, Kitchen, Metaflora Stone Mountain Metaflora Twin Rivers Mouth Fruiting Bodies Reclining The Shadows Calling Performance, Car Fungus Ardent Swarm Dauber wasp Swarm Scarab The Welcome Guest, The Fitzroy Series, Perhaps the World is Fine Tonight, A Deeply Held Breath, The Strength of One Arm, The Long Awaited, Thicker Than Water, Natures Little Helpers, The Young Family, Still Life With Stem Cells, Game Boys Advanced, The Breathing Room, Siren Mole; Excelloephala Parthenopa, This is the spot.

Adhesion tests for Swarm.

piccinini patricia biography of donald

Infestation in my studio.

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