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Tam van tran biography of abraham

tam van tran biography of abraham
Also found in the collection are the FVPPA's extensive correspondence with government officials, political leaders, non-profit human rights organizations and others, including: Richard Solomon, Assistant Secretary, U.

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Refugee Program Criteria, November State, The Newsletter, U. Department of State, FebruaryNo. Committee for Refugees, October Department of State, OctoberNo.

Committee for Refugees, May Employment Opportunit with Fairfax County, Vol.

tam van tran biography of abraham

Office of the U. Coordinator for Refugee Affairs: House of Representatives, Directory, July 30, Bound Congressional Record of the th Congress, 2nd Session, Bound Congressional Record of the th Congress, 1st Session, Bound Congressional Record, th Congress, 2nd Session, House of Representatives Report, th Congress, 2nd Session, Blank Application for Employment, Undated.

Problem Area 3," Booklet, Undated. House Judiciary Committee, Dirctory, Undated.

Department of Economics

Map of Falls Church, Virginia, Undated. Senate Judiciary Committee, Directory, Undated. English Translation of Two Poems: List of Vietnamese Political Prisoners and U.

tam van tran biography of abraham

List of Current Political Prisoners As of: List of Former Political Prisoners As of: List of Current Political Prisoners Received from: List of Former Political Prisoners Received from: List of Vietnamese Political Prisoners, September List of Vietnamese Political Prisoners, October Compilation of Newspaper Articles.

The Orderly Departure Program in Chronology of Events, Letter Draft to Mark O. Letter Format to Mr. Translation of Nhan Dan paper no. Compilation of Newspaper Articles and Press Releases. Special Issue Reporting Events ofMay Viet Nam Article, Mr. Information about Head of Household in the U. Form for Dewey Pendergrass, Director, O. A Draft to be Published in Newspaper: Re-education Center Detainees, Undated. Picture with Statement "Due to present conditions List of Vietnamese Political Prisoners, Undated.

Political Prisoner Registration Form, Undated.

Tam Van Tran

Letter to Jackie B. Request for Training Verification, Undated. Thank You Letters for Donations, Undated. Handout on Non-Profit Organization, Undated. Letter Draft to Congressman and Senator, Undated. Draft of Letter to President Reagan, Undated. List of Commando-Special Forces P. Caught beforeUndated. List which needs Letters of Introduction, Undated. Representative Cases of Concern, Undated. Auctions Sell Search Clear. Pin It on Pinterest. Description Manuel Neri began exploring the human condition in gestural, explosive sculptures, drawings, and prints in the early s in San Francisco.

During this period, artists associated with the Bay Area Figurative Movement, including David Park, Frank Lobdell, Elmer Bischoff, and Richard Diebenkorn, were combining their interests in Abstract Expressionism with their renewed interest in the human figure. Neri was a key contributor to the movement; his early sculptures closely parallel several seminal paintings by Park and Bischoff.

Civil War Nurse uncredited. Gene Kevin Hames Jr. Union 1st Artillery Sgt uncredited. Senator Nolan's Guard uncredited.

tam van tran biography of abraham

Silver Soldier 1 uncredited. On loan to the museum from a private collection in northeast Ohio, this painting offered visitors to the inaugural installation of the contemporary galleries a glimpse of the complex interconnections among styles and ideas during the fertile decades of the s and s in the United States.

When the owners decided to sell the work at auction, the museum organized an aggressive bid in order to ensure that it would remain in Cleveland for future generations of visitors. Finally, the Contemporary Art Society generously supported the purchase of two works by emerging artists: Tsumi Tse Luxembourg, b.

Video projection, high definition with sound, 6 minutes 49 seconds, looped musical score: Inspired by the new science of psychoanalysis and its ambition of exploring the irrational world of the subconscious mind, Tanguy began painting his iconic dreamscapes in This composition depicts a series of mysterious forms floating in a dark, dreamlike landscape, providing the collection with a paradigmatic statement of the Surrealist movement at its height.

Gifts also provided notable additions to the collection and were integrated into the displays of European painting in the final run-up to the east wing opening. Muriel Butkin, a longtime supporter and friend of the museum. Caillebotte, an original member of the Impressionist group, was one of the few major Impressionist painters not previously represented in the collection. Among the spaces in the new east wing is a gallery devoted to works by Cleveland artists.

A masterpiece by the Cleveland School of Art graduate, the painting depicts a young African-American man standing on the roof of a decaying brick building, his head turned to look back into the distance. Mother-of-pearl, gold, silk, Notable gifts included a group of European ceramics from Henry Hawley and jewelry and other objets de vertu from the estate of Muriel Butkin.

Howard and Cara Stirn made an extremely generous gift of 55 objets de vertu, including gold boxes used variously for snuff, pastilles, or powdernecessaires used for writing or groomingperfume or scent bottles, writing implements, cigarette cases, and other objects composed of gold, various other metals, and precious and semi-precious stones.

Most of the objects of this type already in the collection were acquired for their painted miniature panels or fine goldsmithing; the Stirn collection adds the important dimension of precious and semi-precious hardstones.

Larry Fink American, b. Portfolio, gelatin silver prints. Gift of Mark Schwartz and Bettina Katz Under the direction of Tom Hinson, curator of photography, additions to the collection covered the full scope of the medium—from its origins in the mid 19th century to the present day. The collection also gained a number of important images by Cleveland photographers, including Cleveland Arts Prize winner Andrew Borowiec. Jade nephrite Severance and Greta Millikin Collection While curators involved in the east wing installation focused on acquisitions that would assume important positions in the reinstalled galleries, other curators continued to develop the collections in their care through targeted purchases and gifts.

tam van tran biography of abraham

Carved 4, years ago, blades like this were associated with the sophisticated jade tradition developed in the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age Qijia culture of northwest China, in what are now Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

Acquired at auction, the blade was formerly part of the Sackler family collection and exemplifies the kind of work that is highly coveted by collectors for its elegant aesthetic and supreme technical accomplishment.

The most remarkable addition to the Asian collection in came in the final meeting of the year, when the museum acquired a Yuan dynasty triptych through private sale. In anticipation of the debut of the new galleries of medieval art this summer, Stephen Fliegel, curator of medieval art, acquired an exceptional example of Frankish metalwork, a brooch featuring a fantastical animal turning back to grasp its own tail in its mouth.

The brooch belongs to a small subset of Frankish jewels conforming to a form that takes its inspiration from a hexagram motif known as the Seal of Solomon, and later known as the Star of David. In the realm of illuminated manuscripts, the museum also added a remarkable book of hours that serves as an important benchmark in the shift from the handmade books of the Middle Ages to the printed texts of the early modern period. Produced around by Guillaume le Rouge after the advent of the printing press, the book features printed text pages interspersed with hand-colored illuminations.

Brocaded Velvet Cushion Coverlast quarter s. Turkey, Istanbul or Bursa. Brocaded velvet; x 66 cm. Louise Mackie, curator of textiles and Islamic art, also made several notable acquisitions. Bungee Jumper Frances Black charcoal and black and red pastel, 78 x 56 cm. Black charcoal, black and brown pastel, with light touches of blue and pink oil? Mark Fox American, b. Ink, watercolor, acrylic, marker, gouache, graphite pencil, colored pencil, and crayon, Severance and Greta Millikin Purchase Fund She leaped at the opportunity to acquire a major work by Samuel Palmer, an English romantic artist renowned for his work as a watercolorist.

Taking advantage of a new space in the contemporary galleries devoted to the display of prints and drawings, Lemonedes also collaborated with curator Paola Morsiani to acquire several contemporary drawings.

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