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Aniseh al assad biography of donald

aniseh al assad biography of donald
In , he was re-elected by a nearly unanimous majority for a second term as president. The young couple were separated during their first year of marriage while he was away on service, and she waited for him, pregnant, in her home village of Bustan. A first son, Bassel, was born in and died in a car crash in

Bashar al-Assad

She had been drawn to his ambition, and inhe took part in the coup that brought the Ba'ath Party to power in Syria, then a second coup in after which he became defence minister, on his way to the country's presidency. She was the mother of five children who grew to adulthood: She had three other sons. Maher, born insurvives her; Basil, born in died in a car accident in ; Majd, who was born in and is said to have had mental health problems, died after an illness, of which the nature is not known, in She is said to have favoured first Basil, then Maher, over Bashar for the presidency, but was thought to have been overruled by her husband, who wished the position to go to his eldest living son.

aniseh al assad biography of donald

The death of Basil, for whom she had envisaged a military future, is said to have made her deeply depressed, and Bashar's personality has suffered, observers say, from a dearth of approval from his mother.

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aniseh al assad biography of donald

Aniseh Makhlouf, the mother of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has died at the age of 86, the presidency said Saturday. Makhlouf was born in to a powerful and wealthy family from the coastal province of Latakia.

aniseh al assad biography of donald

She married Hafez in and rarely appeared in public after he became president in He controls the mobile phone network and other lucrative enterprises, and the protesters behind the uprising saw him as a symbol of corruption.

Hafez Assad ruled the country with an iron fist from to his death in Aniseh, who married him inaccompanied him throughout his entire career, from his appointment as defense minister in to his taking over the presidency four years later.

aniseh al assad biography of donald

Aniseh gave birth to five children. He was enrolled in the military academy and intensively trained to succeed his father. He came into power in after the death of his father.

aniseh al assad biography of donald

Although his early initiatives contributed to a brief period of relative openness, his regime changed course within months, using threats and arrests to extinguish pro-reform activism. In recent years his government faced a major uprising in Syria that evolved into a civil war, and despite international protests, he has continued to demonstrate tremendous disregard for human life in his efforts to hold onto power.

In spite of promising to be a transformational figure who would propel Syria into the 21st century, he failed, and has instead followed in the footsteps of his father.

aniseh al assad biography of donald

Pictures Of Bashar al-Assad. He is the second son among the five children of his parents.

Aniseh Makhlouf: Matriarch of the al-Assad family who encouraged her son Bashar to crack down brutally on his opponents

His father was a politician who eventually rose to become the President of Syria. He had an older brother, Bassel, who later died in a car accident.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: Exclusive Interview

After graduating from high school he enrolled to study medicine at the University of Damascus in Inhe traveled to Western Eye Hospital in London, England, to obtain a post graduate degree in ophthalmology.

Bashar was summoned to Damascus by his father, Hafez, who systematically started preparing Bashar for succeeding him as the President of Syria. He entered the military academy at Homs, and was quickly promoted through the ranks to become a colonel in just five years.

aniseh al assad biography of donald

During this time, he served as an advisor to his father, hearing complaints and appeals from citizens, and also led a campaign against corruption. On June 10,Hafez died and a few days later, Bashar was elected for a seven-year term as the President of Syria.

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