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Jonathan wilkinson biography

jonathan wilkinson biography
Playing for the Newcastle Falcons in England. He had already turned down a chance of a place at Durham Uiversity and it looked to be a wise choice as he quickly became England's youngest player this century on his debut v Ireland. Why have stock prices for many clean-tech companies, including BioteQ, been so depressed lately?

Wilkinson was nominated as the Liberal candidate for North Vancouver in the federal election in June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

jonathan wilkinson biography

Retrieved 3 November Current Members of the House of Commons of Canada. Retrieved from " https: Year of birth uncertain. But it never seemed to be able to get to the next stage where it was selling five, then 10 and 15 and 25 [systems] It really needed somebody to think about commercialization.

jonathan wilkinson biography

How hard is it to take over the reins from a former CEO who was the company's founder? The key challenge for a new CEO is to look at the business through a fresh set of eyes and try to determine how it might be taken to new heights by thinking about it differently.

We have an opportunity to create significant value by going in different directions with the same technology. It is a challenge in that people are used to doing things in a particular way, but … there is an openness to change.

Jonathan Wilkinson

You need to take advantage of [that]in the first six to 12 months that you are in the job. What do you like about the clean-technology business? It is important to get up in the morning and make a buck for the shareholders, but it is also important for me to make a contribution in some way that is beyond simply financial results.

How is water technology different from other clean-tech plays? Much of the clean-tech space is focused on carbon-dioxide mitigation technologies, [but]water is more tangible for the average person.

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You can't feel CO2, you can't touch it, you can't really tell what its impact is going to be. But people understand dirty water. The whole issue is increasingly discussed in the context of population growth and urbanization and the scarcity of water. Also, regulatory change is going to drive the need for industry to clean their discharge, or to find ways to better utilize water within their existing processes.

Will the oil sands be a key market for BioteQ in the future? It may be, [but]our focus primarily is mining at this stage, [although]we are doing more work recently in power generation.

Oil and gas is something we are exploring. Where are the big international markets for industrial-scale water purification? The big markets for metal recovery and metal-removing technologies are in North America, South America and Australia. We have an operating facility at the largest copper mine in China, but there aren't many large mines in China.

Why have stock prices for many clean-tech companies, including BioteQ, been so depressed lately? There has been a general flight to large-cap stocks, particularly dividend-paying companies, and the clean-tech sector is largely small and medium-sized companies. With the collapse of natural gas prices over the last few years, and the failure of the global process to put an effective price on carbon emissions, a lot of investors have become concerned about the prospects for many clean-tech companies.

Also, a lot of the firms had a tendency to overpromise [on]the speed and the size of their growth.

Jonathan Wilkinson (politician)

At BioteQ, we have to create a better understanding with investors as to why water-technology stocks aren't driven by the things like a price on carbon.

And we have to show progress that is financially based — revenue and cash flow growth, not simply technical achievements.

jonathan wilkinson biography

How did studying at Oxford make you a better manager? At Oxford I learned how to think analytically. Oxford's system … [involves] tutorials where you are one-on-one with a professor. It forces you to work and to really think and understand what you are doing. The way that I am able to think through problems in a critical and analytic way is a product of the two years I spent at Oxford. Does your background in the NDP raise eyebrows among your executive peers?

jonathan wilkinson biography

There are times when I have to explain my roots. It was a mix of farmers, small business people, teachers … a much broader tent than what existed in other provinces, with much less of a strong union bent.

jonathan wilkinson biography

It was the party of balanced budgets, as well as social progress. Richard Blackwell has reported on Canadian business for more than three decades. At the Financial Post and the Globe and Mail he has covered technology, transportation, investing, banking, securities and media, among many other subjects.

Currently, his focus is on green technology and the economy. We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons. For more information on our commenting policies and how our community-based moderation works, please read our Community Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions. The Globe and Mail hide navigation.

BioteQ's Jonathan Wilkinson a business oddity, but no fish out of water

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When I'm practising my mind actually tries to put me off by telling me to look at some guy who's walking his dog behind the pitch. Just as I am trying to kick, my mind is sort of trying to put me off!

I think I might have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character trait. And certainly in England it's clear that football is so important. There's no doubt that the guy's got to have something special to get through all that intrusion to perform every week like that, so I'm more than happy to be labelled with that tag. Members Members of the Order of the British Empire. Commanders of the Order of the British Empire. Audible Download Audio Books.

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