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Shikhar ghosh biography of albert

shikhar ghosh biography of albert
Shikhar Ghosh and Thomas R. Ghosh, Shikhar, Thomas R.

Shikhar has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 20 years. He has been the founder and CEO or Chairman of eight technology-based entrepreneurial companies and was the past Chairman of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and The Indus Entrepreneurs - two leading entrepreneurial organizations.

Shikhar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Bombay. At BCG he focused on organization and innovation in large organization.

He was elected a worldwide partner of the firm in Appex provided centralized services that enabled independent mobile carriers to operate as a single seamless network. Appex was bought by EDS in It was selected by BusinessWeek as the fastest-growing private company in the US.

Shikhar founded Open Market in Open Market was one of the pioneering companies in the commercialization of the Internet.

Open Market was one of the first internet companies to go public. It was selected by numerous business publications as one of the companies that helped to make the Internet what it is today. After leaving Open Market Shikhar has been the founder, CEO or Chairman of several companies in the wireless, payment, Internet marketing and online retailing industries. He has worked in all facets of the entrepreneurial process — starting companies with technical teams, providing and raising capital with venture capitalists, buying and selling companies, or taking them public and closing down unsuccessful companies.

Shikhar GhoshLynda M. Applegate, Rhea Ghosh and Amar Kumar. Shikhar Ghosh and Stephanie van Sice. Shikhar Ghosh and Thomas R. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Finance Globalization Health Care. Finance General Management Marketing. Technology and Operations Management. Areas of Interest entrepreneurship scaling-up teams. Cite View Details Related. Ghosh, Shikhar, and Christopher Payton. Cite View Details Educators Related.

Eisenmann and Christopher Payton Citation: Ghosh, Shikhar, Thomas R. Eisenmann, and Christopher Payton.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

However, as a result of such immense growth, the startup struggles with various operational and cultural organizational tensions. These challenges are described from the perspective of the founders and through the eyes of Deepika Thakur, one of the early employees.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

Byin order to succeed in Saudi Arabia, the largest and most complex market in the Gulf, Olsson and Sheikha recognize the importance of finding a strong leader to head the Saudi operations. They have their sights on a specific German-Saudi entrepreneur, Abdulla Elyas, but he has so far declined both of their initial proposals to join Careem.

Finding themselves at a crossroads, Olsson and Sheikha must figure out how to address several critical organizational issues, decide how to bring Elyas on board, and ensure a robust strategy to maintain its leadership position in the region. Ghosh, Shikhar, and Alpana Thapar. Pivoting the Business Model Shikhar Ghosh and Christopher Payton In Julyafter 18 months and eight unsuccessful product launches, the CEO of Yabbly has agreed to sell his company to a larger, well-funded startup, providing a return of capital for his investors and a home for his team.

Two weeks prior to the scheduled closing, the team launches a final experiment based on the results of a customer interview. After creating a quick landing page and announcing the product launch through social media channels, the company finds significant customer interest. With only two weeks of promising data, the CEO must decide whether or not to abandon the planned sale to pursue the new product, and if so, what terms he should offer new and existing investors to finance the next phase of product development.

Stay, Pivot or Exit? Ghosh, Shikhar, and Sarah Mehta. Customer acquisition was becoming more difficult and repeat purchase rates lagged behind Shutterfly, the industry leader. New hires would help to integrate new products and grow marketing efforts, but several experienced team members wondered whether virtual collaboration could continue to work with an influx of new people.

Stanton, Christopher, and Shikhar Ghosh. Berger's idea was to create Dinr, a company that would offer an upscale food ingredient delivery service in London. A customer would choose a recipe on Dinr's website and would receive all premeasured ingredients the same evening at their doorstep. Contrary to many existing similar companies, Dinr would not require a weekly subscription, but would operate one-off orders like other traditional food delivery services.

Berger had already carried out an alpha test of the service and completed an in-depth survey of potential customers to explore the market. Most of the feedback was positive, which confirmed Berger's intuition about this market opportunity.

Shikhar Ghosh

Yet, making the decision to leave his corporate job and become an entrepreneur was not easy: Was Dinr a good business opportunity? Would it be attractive to outside investors? What were the risks involved? Ghosh, Shikhar, and Kristina Maslauskaite. My First Start-up A. Cite View Details Purchase Related. Exercise February Jim Sharpe: Fuller, Shikhar Ghosh and Christopher Payton In this exercise, you will examine the cash flow implications of different operating model assumptions and the effect that this has on financing decisions.

Turbo Tax PersonalPro - A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs Shikhar GhoshJoseph Fuller and Michael Roberts The case tells the story of a product manager within Intuit who develops an idea for a new product that spans two of the company's existing business units—professional tax software, sold to accountants, and the consumer focused TurboTax product.

The new product —TurboTax Personal Pro—connects consumers with professional accountants online, allowing them to have their taxes prepared by a professional. The cycle of product development transpires within the larger, corporate context of Intuit, where founder Scott Cook has been attempting to transform the enterprise into a leaner, more innovative company.

The case describes in detail the lean startup methods used by the new product team, and how their attempts bump up against the existing, entrenched systems and processes of the larger enterprise.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

Business Models for the Genome". Ghosh, Shikhar, Joseph B. Fuller, and Christopher Payton. His startup, a question-and-answer application for shopping decisions, had benefited from a strong showing at the SXSW Accelerator competition and had a dedicated and engaged user base. However, Leung knew that the current growth trajectory would not lead them to the milestones needed to receive an additional round of financing.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

Leung must decide whether to continue pursuing user acquisition experiments, explore other product ideas, or begin searching for a potential acquirer to achieve a "soft landing" for his team and his investors.

Together with a friend, he developed software to solve this problem—while also working towards the goal of founding a company that would be "the best place to work. Roberts and Christopher Payton Citation: Ghosh, Shikhar, Michael J.

Roberts, and Christopher Payton. My First Start-up B. Ghosh, Shikhar, and Ali Huberlie. The need for a revolution in clean energy is driven not just by environmental consequences of energy use, but also by the need for energy security, to address growing concerns about a crisis in the balance of payments, and as a potentially important source of domestic jobs. Our premise in this note is that a key aspect of such widespread change is that these issues cannot be "solved" by a single technology. Rather, technological changes will have to be pervasive and will require a whole range of different products and processes to come to market.

Some of the technological progress will come from incremental innovations that do not depend on venture capital. Nanda, Ramana, and Shikhar Ghosh.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

Fuller, and Shikhar Ghosh. Fuller and Shikhar Ghosh Steven Carpenter reflects on the successes and failures of his recent venture, Cake Financial. Carpenter had just sold the four-year-old startup and was at work on a new business plan.

But first, he wanted to understand why Cake Financial, a service that allowed users to access their brokerage accounts on one platform and also see how other users were investing, had not been widely adopted by customers despite positive receptions from technology and financial observers.

The startup had also received financial support from prominent angel investors.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

Carpenter asked himself what he should have done differently with the technology supporting the platform, and how Cake should have better targeted customers and responded to their unique needs. He also wondered whether he had made the right decisions about when, and from whom, to seek funding at various stages of the company's growth. Getting Sales in Motion Frank V. Cespedes, Shikhar Ghosh and Matthew Preble In latethe management team of Myomo, a startup which had designed a unique myoelectric arm brace for patients with dysfunctional arms, was deciding which of the three sales models the company had tested to pursue as its sales strategy going forward.

Each model had its own unique merits and risks.

shikhar ghosh biography of albert

The team planned to fully examine each strategy to determine how to best get the brace into the hands of those who needed it most, the patients, and identify which one enabled Myomo to grow.

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