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Paul chun pui biography of martin

paul chun pui biography of martin
Maintain a stable structure, as the saying goes: Fat Pig - Commissioner of Police [9] [10].

The Internal Power of the Mind - June 30, Wing Chun is not a Fighting Style. The Internal Power of the Mind. A New Era of Wing Chun. Make the Punch Count: Power Development Part 1. Internal Wing Chun Signatures.

The Book of Wing Chun, Vol. The Art of Self-improvement. Keeping the Art Alive.

paul chun pui biography of martin

Remembering Koo Sang Sifu. Fight Like a Physicist: Awaken the Wholeness Within. Continuing the Ip Man Legacy.

paul chun pui biography of martin

Living the Gung Fu Life. InChun was the director of Earthan animation short film about a giant robot shooting at some buildings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the University of Florida professor emeritus, see Paul Chun professor.

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This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Chun. Retrieved Dec 24, Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Best Supporting Actor The Lunatics.

paul chun pui biography of martin

My Favourite Powerhouse Actor now named: The Legend of the Condor Heroes. The Return of the Condor Heroes. He can even be seen in the partly made in H-K US production, The Sand Pebbles in which he has a small part as a young militant student having the dubious honor of being killed by film's star Steve McQueen during a fight.

paul chun pui biography of martin

This foreign production It is an exception in his long filmography, as the rest of his career is done only in Chinese films. Unlike his brother David Chiang who starts working in Hong Kong Mandarin cinema at about the same time, Paul Chun first appears in Cantonese cinema by playing in more than a dozen films between and It is only once the Cantonese film industry collapsed that he joins the Shaw Brothers where his talents as character actor are used in all sorts of films: He also appears in the first films directed by his brother David Chiang as a determined police inspector in The Drug Addicts and a goofy gangster for Mad World Of Fools.

Towards the mids, Paul Chun leaves the Shaw and goes for several years to Taiwan a great producers of K-F movies at the time. At the turn of the 80s, he himself produces a film The Legend of the Owl where Chiang both stars and directs, and whose screenplay was co-written by the youngest of the family Derek Yee.

With the collapse of the Taiwanese film industry in the early eighties, Paul Chun returns to Hong Kong where he swiftly revives his film career as the colony's cinema is in full effervescence.

paul chun pui biography of martin

From there, he portrays mostly his token roles: Actually, what Paul Chun generally embodies are authority figures who are either feared or loathed because they abuse their power and are totally unscrupulous the corrupted cop in Lee Rock for instance, the obnoxious trafficker in Wild Searchthe shady businessman in T Kidnap Of Wong Chak Fai.

He even sometimes combines those characteristics to play on this double scale simultaneously as the sinister and comical king of gamblers in All For the Winnerthe producer in Viva Erotica. However, we can sometimes find him playing with more subtlety more benigh and friendly patriarchal figure although they tend generally to be most uneffectuel the overprotective uncle in In The Line Of Duty 3 the wise elder of Fist Of Legendthe compromised policeman and father in China Strike Force. This said, even if he constantly gets back to them, Paul Chun isn't limited to this type of roles.

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He can also play many other kinds of characters, from the funniest to the subtlest. Among his most noticeable performances, we can remember the priest in search of redemption in To Hell With The Devil or the fay opera actor in Peking Opera Blues which will get him an award for best supporting actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards. He gets some of his best parts by working with his half-brother Derek Yee who knows perfectly well how to use Paul's acting talent in giving him demanding parts.

The Sand Pebbles Cho-jen. Show all 13 episodes. Hung 'King of Gamblers'.

paul chun pui biography of martin

Inspector General as Pui Chun. Final Episode The Lawyer. Ci xiong da dao Inspector Cameron Chuen.

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