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T ara korean band biography template

t ara korean band biography template
For this occasion all members from both groups participated in the release and promotions. Retrieved 12 June Jiyeon i love u so so much.

You'll know if you watched all their variety shows.

t ara korean band biography template

From there you'll also know that all the fake 'evidences' of the bullying scandal were not true. It's sad that the victims are these girls who's very special to me. I know you'll be on the limelight again. You're all talented, remember that.

Queen's will always be there for you so please be with us also and never feel down with those haters. Produce more beautiful music!!! BulagPipiBingi Dec 30 4: Jin-A Dec 14 4: Oricon Style in Japanese. Archived from the original on October 8, Archived from the original on October 17, T-ara's Best of Best Jewelry Box Japan Tour Discography Songs Videography Awards and nominations.

Gaon Digital Chart year-end number ones. Retrieved from " https: On July 7th, T-ara's sexy and mature concept was revealed. A 2nd batch of photo's was revealed but it was received negatively; Netizen's called T-ara "ugly", however T-ara became in demand. Various endorsement deals were offered to the group but T-ara's management turned the deals down, focusing on their debut. The MV for " Keojitmal Part.

Their debut performance was on July 30, at M! Countdown where they performed " Norabollae? The digital single was released on September 14th, and they promoted the song throughout September.

t ara korean band biography template

For this occasion all members from both groups participated in the release and promotions. T-ara became the official endorsers of "Nonghyup Apples" and signed a CF deal with the company. A 15 second version of the CF was released on October 25,while the 30 second version was released on October 26, T-ara was appointed as the Ambassadors for Science for the upcoming Science Museum to be erected in Pusan on November 6, They also became Ambassadors for the Japanese anime Evangelion: Breaking on November 12, Core Contents Media announced on November 20, that T-ara would would make their come back with their debut mini album; they also released the photo shoot for the mini album.

On November 23, the release date for their mini album was announced to be on December 4, A representative of Core Contents Media stated the album would have a different style from their debut, and hit producers Bang Si Hyuk and Shinsadong Tiger would be participating in the album. However, the mini album was extended into a full length studio album titled Absolute First Albumthe first Korean album. It was announced that T-ara's title track, between " Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom " and " Bo Peep Bo Peep ", would be chosen by the public on various music portal sites.

On November 29,the MV's for the songs were released. Nevertheless, their album received good sales, selling over 25, copies in the beginning of its release.

t ara korean band biography template

They continued their 1 wins, collecting their second "Mutizen" at Inkigayotheir third again at Music Bankand their fourth at Inkigayo. After ending the promotions for " Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom ", at the end of January, it was announced their come back in February 23 with the unreleased song song " Neo Ttaemune Micheo ", and the re-release of Absolute First Album as a repackage album.

On July 16,one year after their debut, it was announced that a new member joined the group, Hwa Youngand a change of leader from Eun Jung to Boram. The new member, Hwa Young, has a twin sister, Hyo Youngwho was first scouted to be a member of T-ara but was placed in the mixed group Coed School. Core Contents Media announced that Hyo Min would be taking over the leadership for the album and their Japanese promotions on June 14, It was also confirmed that the group would release their second full-length Korean album in July.

Rumors of the group possibly switching their members and the overall concept of T-ara surfaced online on March On April 5,their agency announced that two members who were previously trainees under the label will be added to T-ara's line-up in July, transforming T-ara into a nine member group. On April 6, Core Contents Media reported through a press release that any prideful members would be removed as well, showing a possibility for not only an addition of two new members but a exchange of old members as well.

On July 3, T-ara released their fourth extended play, Day by Daywhich charted at number five on the Gaon chart. The title track, " Day by Day ", was released as a single on the same day, peaking at number two. The first comeback performance for "Day by Day" was held on July 7,on Music Corewhich was backed by a person orchestra and featured the stage debut of the group's eighth member, Areum.

Roly-Poly (T-ara song)

On July 25 and 26, T-ara held a concert in Japan, with Hwayoung only performing one song due to a leg injury. After the concert, one member of T-ara tweeted a general message about determination, and four of the other members agreed with her. Subsequently, Hwayoung and her sister, Hyoyoung, tweeted about a "bad person," which gave Korean netizens the impression that there was a conflict within the group.

It was later announced that there would be no changes to T-ara's upcoming comeback; however, their agency took the statement back and announced that their comeback would be postponed indefinitely. Their Day by Day extended play re-issue, Miragewas eventually released on September 3, On September 10,it was announced that the group would release a best of album in Japan consisting of all of their Korean singles to date excluding "Day by Day" and "Sexy Love" in celebration of one year since their Japanese debut.

In October, T-ara released the Japanese version of "Sexy Love" and shortly after, the group departed to Japan to promote for their upcoming single.

Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups You Need to Know

T-ara released their sixth Japanese single " Bunny Style! To promote the single, the group held special showcases in 10 Japanese cities, starting on February 20,at the Sapporo Factory Atrium and ending on March 9,at the Seagull Square in Nagasaki. This is a shortened form of 'T-ara Brand New 4', signifying the transformation of the four members.

T-ara performed at the Nippon Budokan on July 13,to celebrate the release of their second Japanese album Treasure Box due August 7, T-ara released the music video "Painkiller" as a digital single song. Jiyeon appeared as the main character in the music video. On July 10,it was confirmed with a video released by Core Contents Media that Areum would be leaving the group to pursue a solo career "towards the beginning of next year".

At their Budokan Concert, it was announced that Qri would be the new leader of T-ara. The album was released according to the date on which the movie will premiere. Their concept for this comeback and music video according to theater concept with retro style. They also release a repackage album named Again which contains the best songs from their album, Again. The group also released a ballad version of "Do You Know Me". T-ara was ranked 7 as the group with most 1 hit songs on digital music charts in the past decade despite debuting 4.

t ara korean band biography template

This album included an English version of "Sugar Free", which was the first song T-ara had recorded in English. On October 13, T-ara signed a management contract with influential Chinese entertainment company, Longzhen Culture Development.

t ara korean band biography template

In order to be close with fans and spend a meaningful time with them, the concert was small with seats. On December 27, T-ara held their concert in Shanghai as the beginning stop of their — China tour. On January 9, the group arrived at the airport, where problems occurred which resulted in scheduling changes. Nevertheless, the group's mini-concert, which took place on October 10, drew in more than Vietnamese and International Fans.

The group released a winter single, titled "Don't Forget Me. The group will appear at the event alongside Sistar and The Black Eyed Peas ' Taboowhich attracted 50, audience.

t ara korean band biography template

It was the first concert held by T-ara after signing with their new agency Banana Plan, who manages their Chinese promotions. The group performed 22 songs and sold out 4, tickets. The next concert on their Great China Tour was held in Guangzhou on December 19, and sold more than 5, tickets - making it the second consecutive sold-out concert on the tour.

t ara korean band biography template

On July 17,MBK Entertainment confirmed that the group will join the summer comeback lineup in the first week of August. It was composed by Brave Brothers, the composer of Hyomin 's solo debut title track "Nice Body", [] and surpassed 1 million views in 2 days. On August 13, T-ara held a press conference for their web-drama "Sweet Temptation" which features a total of 6 episodes for 6 separate stories.

The drama was released on October On June 4, T-ara participated alongside other artists at the Dream Concert As ofthe Dong-a Ilbo newspaper has published many items on the Korean idol stars who have had influence in the last 20 years based on a poll of 2, people in Korea.

T-ara Announces Official Comeback Date As 4-Member Group

T-ara performed twice during the day as the event was divided into 2 parts, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening. T-ara performed their song "Memories" for the first time live. The show consists of 3 experimented celebrity drivers who will give them driving lessons. They also took part in Kpop concert on October 4 and performed 8 different songs, with many Chinese and international fans attending and cheering them on.

The release was followed by 3 fan-signing events. In FebruaryHwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung appeared on a reality show and spoke about the controversy again; with Hwayoung saying her sister was the only person who had supported her during the incident, and how hard everything had been for her.

Soon afterwards a former staff member stepped forwards and alleged that it had actually been the twins who had "bullied" the other members, and released texts that appeared to show Hyoyoung threatening former member Ahreum with physical harm for not supporting Hwayoung's behaviour. Soon afterwards, more and more staffers came forwards with evidence that Hwayoung had been disrespectful to the other members as well as stylists, and had faked how severe her initial injury was in order to get more sympathy.

Hwayoung initially tried to deny the rumours, lashing out at the staffers in return, but eventually admitted that the texts were real.

Members of T-ARA Profile 2016 (SACROSKPOP)

After suffering from an intense backlash, including being removed from several television shows, Hwayoung deleted her Instagram account.

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