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Luci swindoll biography

luci swindoll biography
We have been given a responsibility to live it fully, joyfully, completely, and richly, in whatever span of time God grants us on this earth. You simply skip over the scriptures and accept the knowledge. Apr 04, Kathleen E.

And so, Daddy said, "Honey, did you get your homework done? Laughter Mumbling And so, Daddy left.

I Married Adventure: Looking at Life Through the Lens of Possibility

And after a little while, just after I got ready for bed, he came in. He sat down on the edge of my little half bed there in my little bedroom and he said, "Honey, something has happened that you need to tell me about.

Your mood has changed. Why, I mean, I can't imagine. I mean, what about us? And Daddy was so sweet. He didn't collar me or grab me or slap me or anything. He just said, "Well, Honey, I want to explain it to you. I've never really known. We're right in the middle of a really funny story from Luci Swindoll on today's "Focus on the Family" and let me just encourage you to get a copy of this on CD or the download. You can pass that along and listen again and just be reminded of the joys of life. And you'll find details about the audio and ways to donate to this ministry at www. In fact, we'll send the CD to you when you make a generous contribution to our work today.

Well, let's go ahead and hear how Luci describes the resolution of that story she was just telling, as today's "Focus on the Family" continues. After a bit, Daddy turned. He stood in the threshold of the doorway. I can see him now, a very tall, good-looking man, tears running down his cheeks.

luci swindoll biography

And he said, "Honey, I just want you to know, I love you. And he would sit across the table from me at meals and I'd look at him; he'd wink at me. And I'd think, "Don't wink. Laughter [He'd] smile; "Don't smile. And after three days I needed my allowance. Laughter So, I had to go talk to Daddy and Daddy's sitting in there, reading the evening newspaper. And I said, "Daddy, can I talk to you? He just said, "Sure," put the paper down and was real calm.

luci swindoll biography

I said, "Daddy, I need my allowance. You haven't given me my allowance. And I said, "Daddy, why'd you marry that woman? He said, "Well, Honey, let me tell you something.

He said, "There are a lot of things that we do in life that we think are right at the time. I was crazy about him. But I just went on and on and harangued Daddy.

They're going to be like themselves and you're gonna be like you and that's good. He said, "Christians make mistakes.

luci swindoll biography

Christians do a lot of things that maybe are not becoming at the time, but that is the way we learn. That is the way God grows us up and you need to be tolerant. That little light from that little mirror just beamed in my little heart. And you know since then, one of the greatest things I respect about an individual is, that they are different from me. I remember when I was datin' a guy once and he was so different from me, I thought I'm gonna make him just like me and I did and I couldn't stand the guy. Laughter You wonder why I never married.

luci swindoll biography

The guy was just like me. I think of a Proverb when I think of Daddy, Proverbs I'm sure he discussed it with mother Laughterno doubt. You know, they were very intimate together and I'm sure they talked about it and perhaps prayed about it and prayed for me.

God knows I needed it, but the truth was, he never nagged me about and to this day. I would give anything to have those three days back, but I can't do it, because you cannot retrieve what you've already given away, but you know what I can do. I can be tolerant. I can realize that there is beauty in everybody and it is my opportunity to accept them like they are.

Charles Swindoll

It is God's job to change 'em. It's not my job and I learned that from Daddy. Now, Mother was very, very different from Daddy. As I told you, she's 15 years younger and everything Daddy was, she was not. Daddy was passive and Mother was assertive. Daddy was very quiet and Mother was just a mile a minute.

Mother was like a balloon on a string.

Luci Swindoll

You never knew where she might levitate the next moment. Laughter "Who is that on the ceiling? And Mother had a jillion ideas, you know, all these things popping through her head, things that she wanted to do.

Three days before she died, she got a speeding ticket.

luci swindoll biography

Laughter She died at the age of 63—my age. She got it backing out of the driveway. Laughter I mean, really! She says to us, "I'm going to the store.

She's [going], "Listen, I've got things to do. It's wording is very different and to me not even saying the same thing as other versions of the Bible, such as the New International Version and King Version.

I couldn't wait to read it.

luci swindoll biography

But as I read through the book, I discovered that I didn't learn anything new. Simple Secrets To A Happy Life would be a great read for someone looking for more organization or structure in their lives. I would recommend reading one chapter a day, more like a devotional, instead of reading the book start to finish. Luci's love for others and God shows through this book. I received a free copy of this ebook from BookSneeze for my honest review. Jul 29, Violet rated it really liked it Shelves: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll Contentment, gratitude, generosity, faith, common sense, self-awareness and independence are just some of the themes in this inspirational book.

The stories she tells on herself make the book relatable to life, interesting, and authoritative. Sometimes they add humor. Later she discovered that her friend had anticipated her visit all week, prepared for it at length, and was deeply hurt by her no-show — told in Chapter Two: Excerpted from a review on Blogcritics.

I received this book as a gift from the publisher for the purpose of writing a review. Mar 21, Book Him Danno rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a sweet, easy to read book on 50 things that can help improve the happiness of your life. I found most of them things I could do better and some I could start doing. A few I was on the fence about and may or may not try them in my life. It was a hard book to put down since all the chapters were short and each led into the next.

luci swindoll biography

I think reading one a day would be a great way to really use this book to its fullest. That way you could bring that secret into your life during the day you read This is a sweet, easy to read book on 50 things that can help improve the happiness of your life.

That way you could bring that secret into your life during the day you read about it. Being happy is a choice and I think that Luci makes that clear in the idea that you can improve your own happiness with a few simple steps and ideas.

Make the choice to be happy, or make the choice to be miserable it really is up to each of us to decide how we will face each new day. I would much rather set a happy tone for all seven of us to follow then an unhappy one.

Do you want to be happier? Give this book a try and I think that anyone can find something that they can use between its pages.

Chuck Swindoll

Change is sometimes a good thing ; Jun 12, Julie McComas rated it really liked it. I could sum this review up in one sentence.

Everyone should not just own this book, but read it multiple times. I don't know Luci Swindoll, but I honestly felt like I was sitting on the front porch sipping iced tea, listening to her remind me of what's important in life. It seems that some of the Simple Secrets are things our parents tried to teach us as kids, and as adults we seem to forget or just let slide. When I saw "50 ways to make the most of every day," I wasn't sure I could get I could sum this review up in one sentence. When I saw "50 ways to make the most of every day," I wasn't sure I could get through a book with 50 chapters.

Especially when I thought I had a pretty happy life as it was. There may be fifty chapters, but there's only pages.

Luci Swindoll's Reaction to Sandi Patty and Don Peslis at Women of Faith LOVED

So, don't even think twice! Go pick up this book for yourself, and a friend. You'll both be glad you did! This book IS a simple secret to a happy life.

Thank you Luci Swindoll! I received a copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review. May 30, Laura rated it really liked it. The beauty of this book by Luci Swindoll is precisely its simplicity.

In a modern world complicated by the impulse to be frantically busy and infinitely productive, Luci's wise voice reminds us to slow down and remember what is really important. So is doing work that you love. Luci reminds us to laugh, to keep lists of what we've done and would like to do, to have hobbies, and to approach life with excitement. I'm glad for her perspective as one further down the road than I.

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

Too many days I'm sucked into a false impression of life, spending too much time on social media or in deep theological reflection and not enough time with people. Luci is a vibrant example of the active, joyful life. I wanna be like her when I grow up! May 13, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: I love Luci Swindoll.

She has such joy and faith and she is wonderful in how she shares it with the reader. I always laugh when I read her books and I also learn a lot. Lucy takes the reader through five sections and fifty "simple secrets" for a happy life. The five main sections are: Jan 31, Kimmie Marshall rated it it was amazing.

This was a great book, easy reading, but wonderful, rich advice. Mar 17, Aisha Oaktree rated it really liked it Shelves: Written in short chapters headed by five simple words, "Simple Secrets to a happy life" by Kuci Swindoll is a short sweet reminder of some of life's simplest 'secrets'. Written by a Christian for Christians, it however can be applied to anyone's life. You simply skip over the scriptures and accept the knowledge. For Christians, Swindoll quotes from the Bible showing different scriptures which show why these little anecdotes apply to your daily life.

I personally enyoued reading her personal stori Written in short chapters headed by five simple words, "Simple Secrets to a happy life" by Kuci Swindoll is a short sweet reminder of some of life's simplest 'secrets'. A packrat and caring person. She has learned to trust in God whol-heartedly through ups and downs.

A great look into the life of a favorite from the porch of Women of Faith. Mar 02, Cheryl rated it liked it. I picked this book up at a used book location based on the title because I knew that title was on my wishlist. It was a good read and very upbeat and inspirational, but I kept wondering why it wasn't what I had expected when I put it on my wishlist.

I decided that I had just read incomplete information about it. I was most surprised by the overtly Christian aspect of the book, with the emphasis on the personal relationship with God as a big part of the adventure.

I am a Christian so I was fine w I picked this book up at a used book location based on the title because I knew that title was on my wishlist. I am a Christian so I was fine with the message, but I hadn't expected it. And, as a woman in her 40s who made a choice to be single with no children, I was pleased to find an author who was unapologetic about making the same choices, even as she was being an active Christian advocate. But, again, I hadn't expected that. Reading the acknowledgments at the end of the book solved the mystery.

It was that other book that I had on my wishlist and kept looking for in this one. As for this book, it helped to reaffirm my own life choices and gave me some ideas of changes I want to make and adventures I want to pursue. I know someone that I think will appreciate this book, so I will share it with her. Apr 28, Cait rated it it was amazing Shelves: We both have a love for life, an adventurous spirit, a curious nature and a strong faith in God.

We do have one big difference though. I look forward to the day I meet a wonderful man, fall in love, get married and start a family.

To me, that will be the biggest, best adventure of my life. She reminded me that being single can be an adventure. A great adventure too. God willing, once I meet the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with, I will never be single again.

I should try to embrace this time of my life. I travel somewhere new at least once a year, I try new things and I welcome new experiences. I definitely recommend this book to anyone with a similar spirit.

Aug 16, Lynne rated it really liked it Shelves: I was first introduced to Luci Swindoll as a speaker and writer at the first Women of Faith conference I attended. I loved listening to her speak.

luci swindoll biography

She has a great deal of wisdom and she imparts it with heart and humor. In this book, she quickly moves from childhood through her adult years in corporate America and then on to the chapter of her life that has made her well-known. I enjoyed reading her autobiography, but missed a bit of the humor she shares in her speaking engagements. If I had one criticism of this book it would be that the page design is very busy. I love looking at it, but my eyes aren't what they used to be and I had to read in small chunks.

But it was worth the effort. Jul 07, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Obviously, it's one of Luci Swindoll's, as well.

In I Married Adventure: Looking At Life Through the Lens of Possibility, she shares her delight in once-in-a-lifetime events, such as seeing leopards on an African safari. She also encourages us to enjoy every seemingly-mundane minute. Watching a bird in our own backyard can be just as wo "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Watching a bird in our own backyard can be just as wondrous as viewing exotic animals on another continent, as long as we have the right attitude.

Every moment is a gift from God and He wants us to love and appreciate our lives for the time we have here. May 27, Judi Aaron rated it it was amazing. What a motivating book to stretch myself and my brain! The whole time I'm reading this book I'm praising God for all the opportunities to provide us with fun and adventure and learning, and for His grace to help us grow and forgive us.

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